Gloria Steinem: Hanoi Jane’s TDS-infected, pro-abort hypocrite buddy

First it was libtard Sally Field joining Hanoi Jane at her Friday DC protests. She’s a critical part of the fight for green jobs, y’all.

Now feminist Gloria Steinem is the latest to join Hanoi Jane in her environmental protests PR stunts in DC. Apparently she believes we need government action on the environment and a reduction in fossil fuel production.

Steinem lives in NYC. Along with being in DC to get arrested on Friday, let’s take a look and see where the pro-abort Gloria Steinem has been lately, shall we?

According to her Instagram posts, Steinem has been in the following locations:

November 22: In Bellingham, WA at the Mount Baker Theatre for some event associated with Planned Parenthood
November 7: At a women’s center at Vanderbilt University for a Bumble event in Nashville, TN
November 1: A book “celebration” at The Theater at Ace Hotel DTLA in Los Angeles, CA
October 31: Receiving the Freedom Award from The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN

Committed to fossil fuel reduction: Steinem’s book tour travel schedule

And here’s part of the reason Steinem recently traveled across the country:

October 18: On the road again… Then, it was to cover Governor Rockefeller for NYMag; this time it is to promote my new book, The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off! I will be traveling across the country and speaking with friends along the way. The tour kicks off with an official book launch on November 5th at @pioneerworks in NYC, where I will be joined by @ronanfarrow and @vibetheater. Hope to see you there.”

Wonder how much of that fossil fuel production Steinem used in her travels across the country to promote her book?

Typical leftist hypocrite.


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Dr. Eowyn
9 months ago
9 months ago
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

Works. Once in, never out

9 months ago

(((Steinem))) wouldn’t know truth if it bit her on the ass. Reduce production of “fossil fuels”? Sure. It’s been bitter cold here for the past few days but no worries, we have several massive arrays of solar panels. Of course the days are very short this time of year and they are all covered with snow so they are generating a whole lot of nothing. I’d think the sustainable greenflakes would volunteer to shovel them off but no, they’re inside basking in fossil-fuel derived warmth. And charging their devices with same

9 months ago

The geriatric set is gaga for “climate change”. Clearly, dementia has taken its toll, but the good news is that young people are getting more and more turned off by these geezers, so time is on our side.

9 months ago

These worn out whores have nothing better to do but get camera exposure and rattle theIr like followers. They still wear their expense jewelry to special events and enjoy the good life, I’ve jet to see them mixing with the poor and the homeless, it’s all about what they are used to do, showtime.