Gloria Estefan Is an Obamabot

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I’m not a Gloria Estefan fan, I don’t own a Gloria Estefan CD, and I will make sure never to buy one, now that I know she’s an Obamabot.
H/t our beloved Steve!
Jackie Bueno Sousa writes in the April 13, 2010 issue of the Miami Herald:

The Estefans may have broken more than a rule when they decided to host a cocktail reception for the president during his visit to South Florida on Thursday. Estefan, along with husband Emilio, also broke a bond that had united them with Miami’s Cuban community, whose members largely oppose the president’s agenda.
The Estefans, for their part, have implied that they’re simply using the opportunity to increase awareness about the Cuban people’s plight. What’s more, they note that they believe in supporting good candidates regardless of party.
They would have a convincing argument except for one very important detail: The event isn’t merely a conversation about Cuba with the president while sipping a cortadito. Nor is it designed to raise funds for a particular cause or candidate they support.
They are hosting a $30,400-a-couple fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee, and, by extension, helping to fund the entire Democratic Party agenda. It’s a proactive, partisan stance that goes well beyond, say, deciding to sing at a presidential inauguration or accepting a presidential appointment to oversee a nonpartisan cause.
Mention the Estefans and many no longer conjure up images of freedom and catchy tunes. Now — rightly or wrongly — many associate the name with Obamacare, abortion, powerful unions, creation of a welfare state.
[…] The announcement that they would host the fundraiser for the president was only hours old when I started hearing friends and relatives talk about throwing away all their Gloria Estefan CDs. Soon bloggers were labeling them as traitors. In one swoop, all the good will they had built with so many followers, all the years of supporting nonpartisan causes such as freedom and human rights, seemed to disappear. In many ways, that’s not fair to the couple, who have done so many good things to help our community.
Yet the reaction also is a reminder that, like freedom, celebrity can be a two-edged sword, best wielded with careful forethought. The Estefans, like all celebrities, have the right to support a particular candidate, to support a particular cause. Just as it’s their right to support a political party.
Not supporting the Estefans in their effort, well, that’s everyone else’s right.
It cuts both ways.

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11 responses to “Gloria Estefan Is an Obamabot

  1. Never as a fan. I think waaaaay back when, there was one song I was okay with. I do respect her calling out Sean Penn over his Hugo Chavez infatuation but that’s about it.

  2. The Angry White Woman

    I wanna know what they’re servin’ up at $15,200 a plate!

  3. Well I won’t be buying any of her CD’s…never again

  4. Of course this is a free Contry; but if the Estefans have no political affiliation, they should be raising money also for the Republican Party. No, anyway No; for a $30,400 per couple while a lot of children starving in Miami, it is a waste
    of time and energy.

  5. Gloria`s father was a “Bay of Pigs” freedom fighter (we all are proud of it)
    Did she forget that the “Democratic Party” abandoned at the final moment our “MARTYRS” in the failed invasion? I hope not


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