Globe Magazine – Tabloid Breaks the Story

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To read FOTM’s post on this, published 2 years 4 months before Globe’s, click here!


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0 responses to “Globe Magazine – Tabloid Breaks the Story

  1. Think of all the millions of voters waiting in the checkout line at the supermarket with that headline leaping out at them! Brilliant!

  2. FINALLY! Globe is 2 years 4 months late, after FOTM posted this story on May 27, 2010. But I’m not complaining! The more, the merrier! 😀

  3. I wish more people knew of, Kevin DuJan’s site. So much info. on Obama’s gay life!

  4. Sadly, this changes nothing.

  5. UH-OH…what will acmedinnerjacket have to say?

  6. It’s the Chicago way…

  7. too true doc’s wife those who would vote for the empty suit/chair will vote for him come hell or high water you just can’t fix stupid

  8. A gay man goes to a Gay bath house! Where else can they have fun, privacy and exotic care?


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