Global Warming Nazis

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In case you didn’t get the point of that shocking 10-10 “No Pressure” Global Warming video, this video spells it out in black & white blood & guts. 

If the Left get the power, that’s what they’ll do to global warming skeptics and dissenters — as the Left have done in every country where they attained total power. [See the 20th century histories of Russia, China, Cambodia, and the continuing madness of North Korea.]
H/t beloved fellow Will and HotAir.

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0 responses to “Global Warming Nazis

  1. remember the millions who were murdered or sent to Siberia ( which meant usre death for most), by Stalin.

  2. sort of reminded me of scanners where that guy could explode other people’s heads with his intense concentration. next it will be lets burn all the books so there are no ideas out there that are not 100% government approved. the news media is already controlled by someone. next will be the control or limit of the internet.

  3. Can’t watch this anymore. These are SICK people…

  4. Didn’t Bill Ayers and company figure they were going to kill about 25 million less-than-ethusiastic folk “come the revolution” in order to consolidate what they sought? Those wacky leftists…

  5. Nazis…

  6. I think Ed forgot to take his ACME, De-luxe, In-Home, Do It Yourself Lobotomy Follow-Up booster shot.
    LOL – Just a wild ass guess on my part. 🙂


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