Green Peace co-founder now admits no scientific proof of man-made global warming

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Greenpeace co-founder: No scientific proof humans are dominant cause of warming climate

A co-founder of Greenpeace told lawmakers there is no evidence man is contributing to climate change, and said he left the group when it became more interested in politics than the environment.

Patrick Moore, a Canadian ecologist and business consultant who was a member of Greenpeace from 1971-86, told members of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee environmental groups like the one he helped establish use faulty computer models and scare tactics in promoting claims man-made gases are heating up the planet.

“There is no scientific proof that human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) are the dominant cause of the minor warming of the Earth’s atmosphere over the past 100 years,” he said.

Even if the planet is warming up, Moore claimed it would not be calamitous for men, which he described as a “subtropical species.”

Skeptics of manmade climate change say there is no evidence the Earth is warming. A UN report on the scientific data behind global warming released in September indicated that global surface temperatures have not increased for the past 15 years, but scientists who believe climate change due to man is occurring say it has merely paused because of several factors and will soon resume.

The 2,200-page new Technical Report attributes that to a combination of several factors, including natural variability, reduced heating from the sun and the ocean acting like a “heat sink” to suck up extra warmth in the atmosphere.

Moore said he left Greenpeace in the 1980s because he believed it became more interested in politics than science.

“After 15 years in the top committee I had to leave as Greenpeace took a sharp turn to the political left, and began to adopt policies that I could not accept from my scientific perspective,” he said. “Climate change was not an issue when I abandoned Greenpeace, but it certainly is now.”

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0 responses to “Green Peace co-founder now admits no scientific proof of man-made global warming

  1. Thank you, TD, for this super important post, which, of course, we’ll never see reported by the benighted liberal news media.

  2. I recently got most of the members of my Meeting for Worship upset when, as we went round stating what we felt was most important about global warming and human-made pollution, I said that we over-emphasise our role in what are really huge, very long-term processes.

    Humans do contribute to these events, and our pollution record is very poor, but we are not the main drivers in what is nothing more than normal planetary and solar system activities. The sun is the single most important aspect of all this, yet how much coverage does it get in any media, outside of a few scientific journals read only by a few thousands, at best.

    As a pre-teen I studied astronomy and read Dr George Gamow’s popular works, which made me start thinking in terms of 100,000 years at a time. Yet most people today feel a century is as much as they can handle, so fifty years of human-made pollution seems to be the end of the planet.

    I told my fellow attenders & members that I’d recently read that Mt Pinatubo’s eruption emitted pollution equivalent to thirty years of human-made such, and that it was only one of many large volcanoes that can erupt at any time.

    “The effects of the eruption were felt worldwide. It ejected roughly 10,000,000,000 tonnes (1.1×1010 short tons) or 10 km3 (2.4 cu mi) of magma, and 20,000,000 tonnes (22,000,000 short tons) SO2, bringing vast quantities of minerals and metals to the surface environment. It injected large amounts of particulate into the stratosphere – more than any eruption since that of Krakatoa in 1883. Over the following months, the aerosols formed a global layer of sulfuric acid haze. Global temperatures dropped by about 0.5 °C (0.9 °F), and ozone depletion temporarily increased substantially.[7]”

    I suggest we keep this in a more cosmic balance, take a longer view overall, and accept the fact that we’re never going to control volcanoes or the sun.

  3. This is definitely a keeper! A celebration is in order (seriously)! A National Holiday should be enacted asap, “RECLAIM & CELEBRATE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT DAY”! (I always knew that was a crock!)

    And ladies, start having babies en masse! Everyone else, blow a lot of hot air! … including all the cows in the pastures, feel free to “relieve pressure” as often as you like!

    Flashes From The Past: Horrid propaganda piece from 8/7/2009 NYT “green” blog:

    “Having Children Brings High Carbon Impact”:

    And from 12/10/2006, they’ll blame ANYTHING to forward their fake “carbon taxing” agenda ($$$):

    “Cow ’emissions’ more damaging to planet than CO2 from cars”:

    (If they would let the poor cows graze on green grass as they were designed by their Creator to do vs. stuffing them in stalls & feeding them starchy feed, they wouldn’t have any gas in the first place!)


    Great stats on those volcanos, josephbc69. Saw a PBS show awhile back re Krakatoa, whoa! Presented as a story reenactment, it was soooo surreal, scary, awesome, solemn, beautiful, all at the same time. Very moving.

    • 😀

    • Yes, Krakatoa was by far even more deadly than Mt Pinatubo. And while it ‘disappeared’ for a while, an Italian photographer spent 2012-2013 making a video of its RENEWAL, as it arises from the sea once more, next to its ‘sister volcano’. You can find this on YouTube.

      But wait: There’s nothing ‘abnormal’ about these titanic events. They can occur once in a century or back to back, it’s up to the Creation to decide, not us. Having seen that program, and knowing that Krakatoa created the first ‘nuclear Winter’, can you imagine if three such events occured one year apart? These odds are NOT unlikely, by the way.

      Krakatoa’s dust cloud circled the Earth for three years, created great sunsets, and lowered temperatures so much that tropical crops failed, and we still do not know how many MILLIONS starved as a result. And that was ONE volcano, okay?

  4. Thank you Trail Dust for this interesting post. It is uplifting to know there are honest and courageous scientists.

  5. Glad to see one of the “green meanies” reformed some and was honest. TPR points out some things that the “green” movement is actually about… that is Eugenics any way they can get it (including famine, such as with the “cows” presenting mroe threat than cars). Now I like being a clean fellow, not dumping pharmacidal compounds into the air or water etc. but the fact is, despite the perverse fantasies that the luciferian pop cult of science entertains, mankind is actually *Not* God, and will never be, nor are they qualified for that position, the best they have are dirty tricks mking them no better than their father the devil.

    Funny thing though, the “green meanies” and the corporate polluters, are both working for the same side, that of evil. As I came to understand a couple years ago, evil isn’t just aiming at man, it is targeting everything in creation, and using mankind’s capabilities to do it’s dirty work since it cannot do so directly… the devil wants to make his “own creation” that he can call himself god of, and he’s using the puppets of evil and those who are ignorant of his grander scheme to achieve these ends. Hence G.M.O. food, animals, and trees, things like Virtual Reality (as opposed to real reality) and robotics (and a slew of other things I won’t name for the sake of brevity), a desire to turn deserts into jungles, forests into deserts etc. shows through in many “progressive” ventures. All of which are aimed at destroying original creation, in a vain attempt for the devil to make his own world.

    In a nutshell what we have here is nothing short of a war against not only God, but all of creation as well. Such is the insanity and hubris of evil.

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