Global warming hits the Pacific Northwest!

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Day three home, snow-bound (I’m not one to drive in the snow!).  Ventured out today and walked to the grocery store (I needed milk).  We’ve got about 5 inches with 5 more predicted for tonight, then again on Wednesday!

Outside my front door

Snow is pretty draping the trees

A white blanket!

Baby kitty doesn’t really like it though!

Update (Tuesday): Day 4, stuck at home.  View from my front door as snow comes down again!


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0 responses to “Global warming hits the Pacific Northwest!

  1. Picture post-card pretty! …that is, until the snow starts turning into sludge. LOL

  2. It is beautiful there. Glad it is not at my house-I know all about being snowed in.

  3. looks like Christmas DCG! kitty doesn’t think he wants to stick his paws out there. lol! yeah, “The Fat Sex Crazed Poodle” is getting desperate as the Communists are losing their grip,he needs to bleed the sheeple while he has the chance. He needs to take all his buddies and move the hek out of the U.S.A- they are definitely not happy in the land of the free.

  4. ha, rub it in!! 🙂

  5. Global warming was a myth created to enable cap and trade. Statistics were falsified and manipulated. One of the goals was to destroy the coal industry in the US. Environmentalists prohibit oil production and natural gas retrieval. Our country could be energy independent. Our earth does experience shifts in temperature which can be severe but are not manmade.
    I believe in keepiing our earth clean and in protecting our water and our natural resources but regulations must be delegated with common sense, something that is missing from this administration.

  6. Terry,
    Did you see that you won our latest Caption Contest? You get yet another year’s free subscription to FOTM !!! LOL 😀

  7. More like jealous!

    • No worries..snow is manageable! Today is getting very ugly as ice storm settles in. Tons of trees falling down and knocking out power. I’m staying off roads again today.

  8. Seatle or surrounding area’s was having about 6″ of snow. They actualy CLOSED the schools,for what? I live in Central B.C. the temperature went down to — 39 c grade,the night — 36 before. It is colder than Alaska. At minus 30 school buses stop running. Kids love it as they don’t have to go to school. Lakes are frozen over with more than 2 feet of ice. I personal measured for you guys it as 27 inch. This is what you call WINTER.
    Open Minded

    • Here in this area we rarely get snow and folks just plain don’t know how to drive in it. We also have LOTS of hills and not enough resources to plow, sand, clear streets. This vid explains alot…(notice the folks putting chains on the rear wheels of their front wheel drive vehicle!)


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