Global Jihad: Turkish jihadists in Syria’s civil war

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More cheerful news (not!):

In addition to Pakistanis, now Turks are joining the jihadist “rebels” in Syria’s civil war. And Pres. Lucifer’s CIA is training and arming those rebels!

~Dr. Eowyn

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0 responses to “Global Jihad: Turkish jihadists in Syria’s civil war

  1. America has now become the world’s greatest supporter of terrorism (jihad).

  2. Hey, their brigade uses the jihad flag too!

  3. Turkey is having fears, hogwash. They have been funneling the arms to lybia, syria and the terriost way before benghazi. They are just one of lucifer’s lackeys.

    • A good way to ensure you don’t have jihadists fomenting trouble at home is to export them out. That’s what Turkey is doing. That is, it works until it doesn’t — until the jihadists turn on their government, as in Syria and Egypt and Somalia and ….

  4. Just be sure to send a post card to the person most responsible for rekindling all this.

    All you have to do is address it to Jihad Jimmy, Plains, Georgia.

    It’ll get there eventually.



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