Global Cures – Harvard Prof & Cancer Research

I have an old People Pharmacy interview (show #781) where the hosts discuss alternative cancer research with Vikas P. Sukhatme, MD, Ph.D. (Professor at Harvard School of Medicine) and his wife, Vidula V. Sukhatme, MS.  They have a cancer research foundation Global Cures  to look at “orphan drugs” and other options for the treatment of cancer and organize clinical trials.   Unlike the pharmaceutical companies that choose to do clinical trials based on drug profitability expectation, Global Cures has  a non-profit business model based on the health of the patient.  If you or a loved one has a concern about cancer treatment, their research may be of great benefit. 
I’ll try to do a transcript of their 1 hour  interview and post it later this week.
Meanwhile, here’s the link to the audio of the interview:

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Am I understand this right medications designed and published by others, the money from donations and the government. The legal question of clinical trials for patients will be free too or Global Cures/ Harvard will only get money for these tests?

Neela K. Sheth
Neela K. Sheth

Why is this treatment modality not getting more publicity? Is it because orphan drugs, meaning something like aspirin, or advil are cheap and used everywhere, and so, will not be useful for cancer. Think outside the box, guys! Who knows? I believe there are experimental cases where they have proved their efficacy, for example in reducing the incidence of colon cancer.