Gliding With Hawks

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Parahawking over the skies in Nepal.
Birds of prey fly with paragliders guiding them to thermals in exchange for food.
I suggest watching this in full screen mode!
H/t my dear friend Bill O.

The pilots of Parahawking are Veso and Scott Mason. Brad and Kevin are the magnificent birds.
Here’s a longer video that gives you more background info:


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0 responses to “Gliding With Hawks

  1. Birds evolved from snakes that repeatedly jumped from trees? Seriously? Those evolutionary biologists are just so darn imaginative! LOL

  2. I cannot imagine how awesome it would be to fly with a hawk. I actually do want to get my nerve up enough to parasail this summer but I don’t think the seagulls will come too close. I do have hummingbirds that divebomb as I rehang our feeder. They are impatient to get to the sugar water. When this clip closed you could also open up the dolphin playing with bubbles video. I could watch that all day. Thanks. God is glorious, isn’t He?

  3. absolutely amazing although i had to mute the annoying noise that some may consider music.


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