Glass Blowing!

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Last Saturday night, my church growth group had the pleasure of learning how to blow glass!  One of our members, Corey Hubbell, is a glass artist and has his own shop. Thought I’d share some pics with you.

Adding color

Corey put the initial glass on the stick as he didn’t want us to go near the oven, which is heated to over 2,000 degrees!  All glass starts out clear and then you put the “color” on the clear glass ball.

Next I got to put the stick in the other oven to “seal” the color.  You must rotate the stick at all times to keep the shape even.

Creating a master piece!

You don’t actually blow the stick when you are working with it.  You work in pairs and your partner does the blowing while you are shaping it.  My friend Charlene is blowing on my stick while I shape the ball, with some slight assistance from Corey.

My creation below!  This was a lot of fun and we were very fortunate to have Corey share this with us and give us the opportunity to learn how to blow glass.


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11 responses to “Glass Blowing!

  1. I love blown glass,that’s neat DCG-

  2. I have just turned green from jealousy – this is something I’ve wanted to do all my life.

    Lucky you!

  3. Thia is absolutely beautiful!! Something like yours would sell for quite a bit in our mountain galleries.

  4. We have a glass blower in our small village also. He creates beautiful work. Every Christmas I buy some of his ornaments as gifts. I even buy them to give as house gifts throughout the year. His work is exquisite. He also does classes but I haven’t done any yet. Your piece has some interesting colors. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That is so totally cool (or as Steve would say, kule!). 😀

  6. DCG,

    That is awesome.

    I’ve seen it up close, but never actually done it.


  7. Wow! Very nice!

  8. lowtechgrannie

    A budding Chihuly! What fun!

    Where’s his shop? I know about the Pilchuck School up in Everett. Did he train there?

    • He’s in Redmond. Yes Corey trained @ Pilchuck. Cick on his name & you’ll see his bio.

      Doc’s wife, I doubt my creations would sell 🙂 Corey sells the glass ball ornaments for $20!!

  9. My dad was a tube bender (glass blower) and made neon signs ever since the 1940’s until his death in 2008. He even made figurines of glass like this guy but mostly neon. It was always interesting to watch him work. They are a dying breed.

  10. My husband used to belong to an Artisan studio and one of them was a glass-blower. Although watching my husband throw pots on the wheel was cool, watching Tony was fascinating.

    Awesome pics, DCG 🙂 And nice creation!


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