“Glamour” magazine to cease print operations, move to digital only

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Imagine my distress…

Condé Nast publishes left-wing propaganda. Good riddance to this garbage at the grocery stores.

From Fortune: Condé Nast announced Tuesday that it plans to shut down print operations for one of its glossy publications. The 80-year-old Glamour magazine will publish its last print issue in January, before shifting to a digital-only operation, the New York Times reported.

“This is my plan, because it makes sense,” the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Samantha Barry, said. “[Digital is] where the audiences are, and it’s where our growth is. That monthly schedule, for a Glamour audience, doesn’t make sense anymore.

Last year, Condé Nast scaled back Glamour‘s publication frequency from once every month, to just 11 issues a year. Condé Nast last year lost a reported $120 million, which prompted its decision to cut the magazine’s monthly publishing schedule, and also sell three of its other titles: Brides, Golf Digest, and W.

Despite the decision to cut its print magazine, Glamour has maintained a stable 2.2 million paid subscriber base over the last three years, according to the Times. Barry added that the magazine might continue to publish special issues moving forward, including its annual Women of the Year award, and topical issues about money and power. The web magazine will remain free until further notice.

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8 responses to ““Glamour” magazine to cease print operations, move to digital only

  1. They have no one to blame but themselves. They took a once good magazine and made it into something worse than a rag. I haven’t read it for years, they have nothing of interest to me. Most magazines,these days are nothing but one big printed advertisement. You have to look long and hard to find anything worthy of reading. Not something I want to spend my money on.

  2. When I was in my 20’s this mag was the go to publication for fashion, makeup and hairstyling. Everybody read it. Now I think the only thing keeping them alive is doctors who subscribe to it for reading material when you are sitting in their waiting rooms. The demographic it was created for reads nothing but Facebook and twitter these days

  3. Thanks for the good laugh at the photo of those four women who no more “own” their look or body than do trained seals at the zoo, and forget the body image because they couldn’t even tell you who authors their thoughts.

  4. Good riddance.
    There’s a cleansing going on. The slutty lingerie company Victoria’s Secret is also in trouble.

  5. Some info about Newhouse and the jew’s Conde Naste.

    “The Newhouse empire of Jewish brothers Samuel and Donald Newhouse provides an example of more than the lack of real competition among America’s daily newspapers: it also illustrates the insatiable appetite Jews have shown for all the organs of opinion control on which they could fasten their grip. The Newhouses own 26 daily newspapers, including several large and important ones, such as the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Newark Star-Ledger, and the New Orleans Times-Picayune; the nation’s largest trade book publishing conglomerate, Random House, with all its subsidiaries; Newhouse Broadcasting, consisting of 12 television broadcasting stations and 87 cable-TV systems, including some of the country’s largest cable networks; the Sunday supplement Parade, with a circulation of more than 22 million copies per week; some two dozen major magazines, including the New Yorker, Vogue, Madmoiselle, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Bride’s, Gentlemen’s Quarterly, Self, House & Garden, and all the other magazines of the wholly owned Conde Nast group. This Jewish media empire was founded by the late Samuel Newhouse, an immigrant from Russia. The gobbling up of so many newspapers by the Newhouse family was in large degree made possible by the fact that newspapers are not supported by their subscribers, but by their advertisers. It is advertising revenue–not the small change collected from a newspaper’s readers–that largely pays the editor’s salary and yields the owner’s profit. Whenever the large advertisers in a city choose to favor one newspaper over another with their business, the favored newspaper will flourish while its competitor dies. Since the beginning of the 20th century, when Jewish mercantile power in America became a dominant economic force, there has been a steady rise in the number of American newspapers in Jewish hands, accompanied by a steady decline in the number of competing Gentile newspapers–primarily as a result of selective advertising policies by Jewish merchants. Furthermore, even those newspapers still under Gentile ownership and management are so thoroughly dependent upon Jewish advertising revenue that their editorial and news reporting policies are largely constrained by Jewish likes and dislikes. It holds true in the newspaper business as elsewhere that he who pays the piper calls the tune.”


  6. To cease printing operations to go digital means they’ll be going out of business soon, the models have now gone au naturel, they no longer need to be GLAMOURus, the cheaper looking the more in tune with the times and no need to retouch those takes.

  7. Boo-Hoo. This will be the last stop before it’s deep-sixed, unless they can find a way, month after month, to “go viral” on YouTube for one thing or another. They have out-lived their readership…….and they didn’t see it coming (this, in an age where UGLY is worshipped…where black is the new “red,” where tattoes and concentration-camp-thin models no longer are idolized in a post-corn-syrup-based-sweetener-world that has fattened us all up? Where women saturate the working world/market to the degree that we DO NOT CARE about the fashion BS that this rag tries to tell us is “glam”…..b/c we will NEVER EVER wear it to work, and after work…we do NOT go out in those ridiculous outfits anymore; we stay home and watch cooking shows…..blah blah blah. They are going out of mainstream business for the same reason that Hillary Clinton LOST the 2016 election: they have NO connection to or NO earthly idea about their public/consumer.

  8. Well, well, well…

    Now Glamour is a day late and a dollar short, now that they’ve chopped all the Amazon rainforests down! And too late again! They’ve already published photos of the marvelous Michele Obama and her bovine figure! GAACCCKKKK!!!


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