Girls, would you wear this?

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Designer’s unfortunate derriere-baring dress

Daily Mail UKEtsy is home to thousands of artists and designers and is regularly used as a resource by high-end event planners, movie production designers and other major creatives as well a the general public.  Which is why it is all the more astonishing to stumble upon a vendor’s page that sells a dress whose unique feature is a large hole cut out of the bottom.
Lina Petrauskiene from Paiania in Greece is a dress designer whose range of ‘super sexy’ frocks look totally average from the front and yet unlike anything else you might have seen, from behind.
A grey number posted on her Etsy page might first appear as the perfect work frock. But on closer inspection the product photographs reveal a huge hole cut away from the bottom showing most of the butt crack.
The description for the item, posted by the blonde designer who models the outfits herself reads: ‘This super sexy dress is made of synthetic fabric. It reveals the most attractive part of the women’s body.
Ms. Petauskiene clearly believes her derriere is her best asset but it remains to be seen how many others would brave such a bold fashion choice.  Although the dress is marked as sold, from the 19,334 views on her page, so far she has only won herself 11 admirers and one can imagine who they might be.
A multi-coloured version is more elaborate and the in the sales image, the designer appears holding an orange playfully.  ‘This beautiful very sexy dress is made out of ”cotton jersey” material,’ she explains on the site. ‘This is one more unusual sexy dress from my shop. It is design to flatter the women’s figure and to make her more desirable. It has also a belt made out of the same material.’
And a violet creation takes the cut-out concept even further with a number of large holes across the back, thighs and bottom.
In a series of images, Ms. Petrauskiene strikes dance poses, kneels on a chair and playfully plays with a piece of fruit. 
But for the dress that she calls simply, ‘very sexy black’ (pictured at the top), she retires her role as clotheshorse.  Similar to the others in design, this one also sports an ornamental flower, an accessory she says you can attach to your neck or your hair.  Or the top of your butt crack, apparently.
What woman in her right mind would wear this?  First of all, this is anything but modest.  Secondly, wouldn’t you freeze your butt off?  And what about sitting in public places?  Guys, would you let your wife wear this out in public?
I’ll definitely be passing on her fashions! 

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0 responses to “Girls, would you wear this?

  1. OMG! An up-side-down replay of the 60’s fad of “Topless evening gowns”! My dad’s comment on that “fashion trend” is just as appropriate, here: “It’ll never fly – a man’s imagination is always better than most women are.”

  2. Etsy’s “designer” Lina Petrauskiene thinks she and other women are chimps.
    Female chimpanzees, when in heat, present their rumps.
    Lina Petrauskiene

  3. The article says “super sexy”?? It looks stupid, as though someone made the dress, burned it on the back, and then tried to cover the mistake by replacing said burn with sheer fabric. It doesn’t look sexy at all, just childish.

  4. I see nothing….nothing at all… 🙂
    (just imagine my picture of Schultz)

  5. lowtechgrannie

    I prefer Victorian England where the spicy parts were “plump forearms,” “well-rounded shoulders” and “well-turned ankles”. LOL

  6. Thanks for the “Heads up!” notice on this craziness. But surely this line of nothingness is NOT meant for public display, only at home? There is a very small percentage of women [1%?] who feel so lacking in attention they’d wear this in public, but I doubt very much that a healthy man would want a relationship w/such a one. On the other hand, if a lesbian were ‘on the hunt’ for a new partner, it may be just the thing!

  7. Why are you all so hateful?

    • How is my opinion of a woman wearing a dress with her butt exposed hateful? Am I not entitled to an opinion?
      If you prefer to dress that way, have at it. Doesn’t mean I have to like it.

    If someone placed a wrapped package in front of you, (maybe for you…maybe not) told you “No touching! No peaking!” and left it there for a whole year….would it not drive you nuts? Wouldn’t that wrapped package always be in the back of your mind? Wouldn’t that wrapped package keep your attention even though you do not have a clue what is in it? Would it not keep your attention far longer than if you were allowed to rip it open the day you first saw it?
    *Girls-Girls-Girls*….Think About It!

  9. MAYBE … JUST MAYBE, if folks would only wear fashions that were truly appropriate for THEM! CAn you imagine a cellulite-laced, saggy-cheeked bubble-butt strutting (sloshing) around in that like she was the Queen of Sheba! My mind reels at the very thought of it!

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA! So true!
      My husband and I ADORE waterparks! We try to go at least once every summer….talk about a boost in self-esteem!!! I always start out wearing either a pair of shorts, a cover-up, or a wrap in the water but after only minutes I actually start believing I look as good as I did in college! (Hey- A girl can dream can’t she?)
      I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WATERPARKS! One visit can last a whole year! My hubby said just a couple of weeks ago, “Oh Mir! 3 days in a row in MY sweats….Does my Baby need a waterpark break?” (I was really just behind on laundry. LOL! Shhh!) 😀

  10. Speechless. Why bother with clothes?

  11. I saw this the other day and thought it was so embarrassing.

  12. My wife is a company’s slut and is being asked by her boss to give company to clients or take them to pubs, so this dress is perfect for her as she gives them company in the hotel’s bed so they dont feel neglected.


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