Girl put some clothes on!

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Bikini-clad woman kicked out of Walmart says she’s a survivor

Via KOMO News: Sandy McMillin’s story has received international attention after she said Walmart employees kicked her out for wearing a bikini. Her story has also prompted a flurry of online comments. Some viewers applauded McMillin for standing up to Walmart. Others criticized her for her choice of attire.
Sandy McMillin and her sister Karla Vogt went to Walmart (in Eugene, OR – a liberal cesspool) on Sunday to buy sour cream, chips and coffee creamer. The temperature that day hit 90 degrees, so McMillin threw on a turquoise bikini and a pair of shorts. She said five minutes into her shopping trip while in the clothing aisle, a store employee told her to put on a shirt or leave, saying the swimsuit violated health codes.
“I was horrified,” McMillin told KVAL News. “I am embarrassed.” McMillin said employees then escorted her and her sister out of the store. “I hadn’t done anything obnoxious or outlandish,” McMillin said.
Walmart spokeswoman Ashley Hardie told KVAL News that McMillin has it all wrong. Hardie said customers complained and McMillin verbally abused people in the store. But Hardie said McMillin was never escorted outside.
I don’t care how hot outside it is – girl put some clothes on!

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0 responses to “Girl put some clothes on!

  1. Dennis Kolb Sr.

    Walmart had every right to tell ‘Him’ to put a shirt on or leave.
    ‘He’ also violated Walmart’s health codes.
    McMillin said ‘He’ was horrified and embarrassed!..
    Maybe while ‘He” was being obnoxis and outlandish, ‘He’ may have walked past a mirror in the clothing department?

  2. Amen & Ditto! No self-respecting person wants to be “outed” in such a get-up. Gross….

  3. Dave is going to leave this one alone.
    Okay. Perhaps not.
    Inthe case of Anna, I would crawl on my tongue to follow her around Wal-Mart.
    As for the roving buffalo, I’d shoot first, and ask questions later.

  4. In a way it surprises me. Not because I believe it is ok to go to a supermarket wearing a bikini. It isn’t! But Wal-mart is known for letting the strangest dressed people do their shopping there. There is even a site showing the most bizarre attires:

  5. She says Wal-Mart embarrassed her. LOL…If wearing a bikini to the store didn’t embarrass her in the first place then a trivial thing like this wouldn’t either.

  6. Are you sure that was a SHE?

  7. Sandy has malfunctioning (broken) mirrors in her home. She should work with Moochelle and curb the appetite of America’s hungry.


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