Girl, no: Lena Dunham contemplating a movie of Hillary's memoir

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Your womyn lost. Get over it and move on.
From Hollywood Reporter: Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner’s Lenny Letter celebrated its two-year anniversary earlier this month, a span which has featured stories from Jennifer Lawrence, Gloria Steinem, America Ferrera and model Ashley Graham. But the duo is focused now on digesting the story of one Hillary Clinton in her new book What Happened.
Dunham has to get her surroundings set first. “We will for sure read it,” Dunham tells The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s something where I need to get into bed with a hot water bottle and read it; it’s not like a casual train read for me.”
The reason why she craves distraction-free time to consume Clinton’s campaign tome, which moved more than 300,000 copies in its first week across all platforms, is because Dunham stumped hard for the Democratic nominee. “After you work on the campaign for 18 months and invest yourself in the way we did, it’s something you want to read when you have time to reflect on it.”
When queried on whether the book would make a good TV or film adaptation, Dunham jokes, “Great question slash suggestion,” with Konner adding, “Call HBO; we’ll have to see if Danny Strong is available.” Strong penned 2012’s Game Change about Sarah Palin joining the John McCain 2008 presidential campaign.
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0 responses to “Girl, no: Lena Dunham contemplating a movie of Hillary's memoir

  1. Lena Dunham should pack her things and leave this country with Rosie asap.

  2. Lena should be locked in a room with Killary and Slick Willie forever.
    Imagine what those three degenerate perverts would do to each other.

  3. What’s the title, ‘Satanic Loser”?

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  5. Actually, Lena’s on to something here: IS HILLARY DEVOLVING JUST LIKE LENA HAS? Point to ponder. And “‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be w’shed.”


  7. Well, that should be a real barn burner of a movie. Total ticket sales, about 25. To cover family members.

    • Well yeah. Read the copy above about her book selling 300,000> copies the first week. That’s not what I heard. It seems the “liberal” press views truth as a rather flexible concept.
      Just think of how hard one has to grasp to even suggest that Hillary Clinton should have been elected. It makes my head hurt. To whore for the Demon Rats is the same. They may as well hang signs around their necks that say “Yeah, I’m a Whore!”.

  8. 3 minutes??…..There isn’t three minutes worth of good to say or portray about hillary. They could fill a 6 part, 2 hour episode, documentary, about her crimes against…well…every thing.

  9. LOL – Can you spell BOMB?


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