Gillette goes woke with “The Best Men Can Be” campaign

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Get woke, go broke.

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30 responses to “Gillette goes woke with “The Best Men Can Be” campaign

  1. Well, the American Psych Association did declare war on “traditional masculinity,” calling it toxic. /Sarc

  2. Debby Reiner is the person responsible for the Gillette #MeToo campaign:

  3. Well, I just bought my LAST Gillette Mach 3 package of 12 cartridges, and this makes me mad on two counts:

    First, as I’ve aged the shape of my face has changed and my skin is a touch thinner than it used to be. So I’ve had to change blades and brands a number of times. The disposable 25 cent razor was a godsend to me at the time, but once I hit my late 30’s, I couldn’t use them anymore—I think it was the angle of the blade in the razor. They just didn’t feel right. Then I moved on to the Schick Quatro. Absolutely no good: The blades were so good, they actually shaved my skin off (the top layer of it!) So I finally found the Gillette Mach 3. The handle was perfect, the angles were perfect, and the three blade combo was perfect for my face. (You will notice I have a goatee, and this is because I cannot shave my chin or mustache at all—too many nicks).

    So what brand do I use now?

    Second, Reiner is going the same way as J.C. Penney, Starbucks, et al. The Old In-Denial Trick: “Well, this time it will work!” Uh-huh. Just like the latest generation of lemmings who believe socialism will work “this time!”

    As I’ve said before, the War On Men actually predates me, I believe. It won’t quit now. And the more I think about it, I know Dr. Makow is right: We have the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion in the house, in full effect, and they’re going to deconstruct everything in sight, necromancer intellectual locusts that they are! I’m sure Ms. Reiner doesn’t even know that and doesn’t even care, Xanax-head that she very well could be.
    But this really gets my goat: People telling other people to confront and control yet other people. Uh-Huh. Where did I experience being on the receiving end of this? (It was Boys Town. Actually, it’s a great woman’s trick: Almost every NYC mother does it to her sons, more or less). EXCUSE ME: You got a problem with that guy over there, YOU handle it. Fight your own battles! (Hey, Gillette, why don’t you shave my face for me??) Yes, Gillette is now pushing CODEPENDENCY, vicariously via Reiner. IT WON’T WORK WITH ME!

    Well, now the feminists can claim true equality: With Ms. Reiner, we finally have LADY MEATHEAD. (It was only a matter of time….)

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      I lucked out after NOT enjoying all the 3, 4, and 5-blade fiascos.

      I finally went with (on a lark) the grey 10-disposable razors (2-blades each) pack for a DOLLAR from the dollar store, and they work better than any other stick I’ve tried. It’s the angles. I brush, rinse with alcohol, and wipe them down and they last a good while. The “glide strip” generally fails before the blades! I use a beard trimmer on my mustache and chin areas to avoid the nicks. It just leaves a film of stubble… The newer “solo” type versions cut really close without the nicks of a blade. Anyway.

      The ad here made me chuckle with its, “Because the boys watching today…” ending. I’m thinking the implication is that they’ll actually become the women of tomorrow? Or something in between.

  4. Please look at the ad on dollar shave club. Two men kissing, no thank you. NOT an alternative!!!

  5. Everyone who ever used a Gillette product should write them to say they not only don’t appreciate being demonized and insulted but that, as a result, they will never buy anything from them again in their natural lives.

    I remember when they used to sponsor the prize fights. Why would they hire a Femi-nazi to make soy-boys out of their customers? Screw all these social engineers. I have absolutely had it with these self-appointed monitors of social standards simply demanding that the world change in their image.

    Who do they think they are and what gives them the authority to demand such things? Most of us know who’s behind all this and why. These creeps should be chased through the streets. How DARE they?

  6. Folks,

    A couple of years ago for Xmas, my brother gave me a set of Harry’s shaving stuff; the box included the handle, handle holder (something no other razor has!), blades, and gel. The guys who founded Harry’s bought a modern, German factory where the blades are made. I like Harry’s, and they’re a FINE alternative to Gillette products. Check ’em out!

    For the chap using the Mach 3, Wal-Mart has discounted, generic blades that’ll fit that razor; a set of five will set you back less than Gillette blades will. They’re pretty good too. The only downer is that the refill holder (the thing that holds the blades) does not fit into the Mach 3’s base like the Gillette refills do. That’s minor when you consider that: 1) you can boycott Gillette; and 2) the blades are a lot cheaper.

    For shaving cream, there’s Barbasol. There’s Edge shave gel. There are other brands too. But whatever you all do, do NOT buy Foamy! That’s a Gillette brand…

    • Jackie,

      The only thing I saw on Harry’s website was a survey/study of men’s attitudes broken down by region. At first glance, it looked like Gillette’s stunt, but it wasn’t. Though I didn’t have time to read the whole thing, it looked interesting actually…


    • I looked for that page, and it doesn’t exist. The only thing I saw on Harry’s website is a survey/study on men’s attitudes on various issues broken down by region. They looked at what was most important to men in the south, the northeast, etc. Though I didn’t have time to read the whole thing, what I did see was interesting.

      If you have Gillette handles, what you CAN do is go to Wal-Mart and get generic (i.e. store brand) blades that will fit Gillette razors. They have them for the Mach 3 and I think the Fusion. Giant used to have generic blades for the Mach 3 also; they appeared to be the same as the Wal-Mart blades, but sold under a different name. Those blades are good, and they’re CHEAPER than the Gillette blades.

  7. Textbook Freudian paranoia on display here—it looks like with the usual minority proxies, and with the associated psychotic grandiosity of assuming they can reshape human nature to serve Jewish interests. Remember, no matter what words we use, they know what we’re really thinking. Can you imagine going through life like that, as a psychotic loser no matter how much money you’ve tricked off your victims?

  8. I have one Mach 3 blade remaining.

    Once I use it up, Girllette can kiss my four decades as a customer goodbye.

  9. It’s also yet another assault on & stereotyping white men, most of which is false. While the board room scene may be true, because there’s more white men on boards thanks to the “good ol’ boy club” where they’re made directors of each others’ boards; the other scenes are blatantly racist against YT.

    The young white guys ready to hit on a pretty girl as she walks by, and stopped in his tracks immediately by some black dude saying “don’t go there”, is patently fake & FALSE.

    If anything, the opposite is true. Blacks, and hispanics, are far, far more likely to hit on women just minding their own business, because if their “macho” culture. They’ll stop in the middle of the street to talk to some girl, never mind traffic behind them, because it’s all about them. It also happens on social media quite a bit, too. My daughter will occasionally tell me about some random minority kid hitting on her through her FB/Instagram/Snapchat accounts – they’re hardly ever white guys.

  10. ”’Please look at the ad on dollar shave club. Two men kissing, no thank you. NOT an alternative!!!”’

    Yep–I went there and almost got sick…ewww!

    My husband uses fusion and will have to continue as hard as it’ll be after seeing this pervasive ad.
    But, they last him about 5 months for one cartridge.

  11. Even women are calling out Gillette for selling pink Venus razors:

  12. To express your displeasure with Gillette directly:

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  14. WTH do these companies think they are in business for. As soon as someone in a company of mine proposed a social engineering trajactory or political stance, I’d have security escort them off of the property. You want to piss somebody off? Start in on reliegon or politics.

  15. All you need to ruin a successful business is to put a Harvard grad at the helm.
    As for me, I am very satisfied with Harry’s shaving products.

  16. Barbasol (shaving cream) had the perfect response to Gillette’s ad before it was even created:


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