Tough on crime: Seattle tells business owner to clean up trash left by homeless or receive a fine

A homeless RV van that crashed into the West Seattle Health Club, causing $300,000 damage/West Seattle Health Club Facebook photo

You gotta hand it to the progressive bureaucrats in Seattle. They have figured out a way to continually get elected by NPC citizens who approve of politicians stealing and abusing their taxpayer dollars.

Deedee Sun reports for KIRO that a business in West Seattle, which has a lot of trash being dumped on its property by homeless people, is being told by the city of Seattle to clean up the trash or pay a fine. From the report:

The West Seattle Health Club blames homeless people and a group of RV residents who live nearby. But now, the city is telling the club — clean up the trash, or pay up.

The health club says it can’t believe the city is putting that responsibility at their doorstep.

Most of the trash is in the bushes and brambles behind the health club. “You can see all the garbage that’s all in there,” said Jason Davis, the club’s facilities manager.

“There’s a whole barbecue, TV stand, a nightstand down there, clothes, a bike,” Davis pointed out. There’s also plastic bottles, entire bags of trash, shoes – you name it.

“All of this comes from the homeless and all the RVs we have around here,” Davis said.

“It’s very frustrating. Especially when I walk around my building and have to clean up human feces and everything else,” he said. Davis said he and his staff also find needles every day.

On Wednesday, a city inspector came by the property after someone complained the blackberry bushes were encroaching on the sidewalk. KIRO7 found the complaint online. The complaint doesn’t mention the trash.

But the inspector, with the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspection, who came by to examine the bushes, noticed the garbage, and said the club needs to clean it up. If the club doesn’t, it will likely face a fine.

“It makes me very angry,” Davis said.

The club says it’s been dealing with the trash problem all year. After the nearby residents kept filling up the club’s dumpster, Davis said waste management brought a bigger dumpster.

The club’s vice president of operations, Dan Lehr, said its trash bill has increased by $500 per month. The club has installed a 7-foot fence to prevent access to the dumpsters.

Now it says the RV residents started have throwing trash around the fence and into the bushes behind the club.

Now the club is facing another big expense – cleaning up that trash. “It’s not our fault. You (the city) are allowing the RVs to be there,” Lehr said over the phone.

Plus the club is still dealing with the aftermath of a van that crashed into its building two weeks ago, setting one wall of the club on fire.

The club says it was a van-turned-RV and had been parked nearby for months before it crashed through the wall and put the club’s pool room out of commission. The damages from that are topping $300,000 and the club is still working on repairs. The pool will be closed for several more weeks.

“We’re dealing with increasing costs every day,” Lehr said.

The Department of Construction and Inspection said the club is responsible for the trash dumped on its property because municipal code requires owners to maintain their property. It gave the example, if someone dumps a couch on your front lawn, though unfortunate, you are still responsible for getting rid of it.

The department said if a trash problem is due to a specific issue “it can be discussed” and there may be other resources, but it wasn’t clear as of Friday afternoon if any of those resources would be available to the West Seattle Health Club.”

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Skid Marx
Skid Marx
2 years ago

Comrades, please refrain from defecating or throwing debris on the huge Lenin statue in the Fremont area of the glorious people’s republik of Seattle.
Enjoy the legal weed but please do share because what is yours also belongs to the collective. Forward!

2 years ago
Reply to  Skid Marx

Brilliant, Skid—-I say—-“Let them fly their FREAK FLAGS” and let it all hang out. They feel empowered enough since Obama/others to “out” themselves against the “regular” business man/woman…or the “regular” conservative American…to whip them into subserviance….make them/fine them into cleaning up after their coddled classes of some thing or another….which means, to me….an UNWRITTEN regulation by order of threatened punishment/fine…….But—-just TRY to take the next step—make them SHARE what is “theirs” (given to them by the STATE via taking it away from others……) and you would get the next REVOLUTION over BREAD and CELL PHONES!!!!!

2 years ago

I think I’d be tempted to hire some ex-cons to beat the dog crap out of any of them found littering. Then I’d get some more ex-cons to clean it up, load it into a dump truck, and deliver it to the City Council. Dump it right in the doorway. The savings of $500/mo. would go a long way toward paying the ex-cons and some may even do it for free. It’s either that or get some bikers, like at Altamount. I just don’t get why these idiots can’t see the consequences of their own actions. Just keep voting Commie… Read more »

Skid Marx
Skid Marx
2 years ago
Reply to  Lophatt

At this point I am just hoping that Trump will buy enough time for the deplorables to get to the bunker in the desert or mountains.
Some of those places have been ruined by Californicators and my fweewings trump all of your rights feminists. It is a shame that we will all have to go down with the ship due to policies that we didn’t support or vote for. How about that demockracy!

2 years ago

Since I am a MIDDLE SCHOOL teacher…the Demorats continually remind me of my little “charges” of ages 11-13: They want everything FREE without working for it; if they don’t get what they want due to laws/rules against it or just general good manners….they call you a racist or disrupt you and everyone else in your class; they want it to feel good, look good, & be guaranteed forever (or at least the rest of the “grading period”); if they are slackers at their duties to themselves or others (grades), they call in the “big guns”…in my kids’ cases…it’s their helicopter… Read more »

Jackie Puppet
Jackie Puppet
2 years ago

I was gonna suggest that the club owner collect the garbage & deposit it at the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspection, but I like Lophatt’s suggestion better.