Getting off the Dead-End Road

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If Prosperity is the Question, Is Secession the Answer?

By Tom in NC
I, like others here at Fellowship of the Minds keep close tabs on what goes on in our country/government. I can’t help but think that our federal government is hopelessly and completely corrupt and unfortunately a hand full of true conservatives are not going to be able to drain the sewer that is Washington DC.
There are entirely too many sheeple in this country that have no clue what is going on outside of  Lady(gag me)Gaga, Jersey Shore and American Idol, if there was, a man like Obama would never have even been considered presidential material outside of a few far left loons. Our country has been sleeping for the past fifty years and the progressive disease of liberalism is now thoroughly entrenched in every aspect of our culture and it has been taken over by the lowest of the low in human beings…LIBERALS
Now as I see it our country is on a dead-end road and our only real hope is to try to get a segment of the states to secede from the union. We need to put more of our efforts into getting Conservatives into local and state governments so we can cut the federal government out the equation through secession. We have to get tough, we have to make this decision and follow it through. We can’t keep up this status quo any longer.
The federal government is killing this country as a whole and while I would hate to see this country fragment itself, I also hate to see this country destroyed from within by politicians that are seeking to socialize it and if means certain states breaking away and prospering instead of following the lemmings over the cliff, then so be it. My wife and I are willing to drop everything and move to any state bold enough to take that first step.

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  1. May I be the first to say, “Welcome to Arizona”.

  2. Been there and liked it, the only thing that could make better is a completed border wall and a giant slingshot to shoot the illegals back into Mexico.

    • …and a strict immigration policy to prevent Leftwingers and parasitic free-loaders from the remaining 49 states of the once United States of America from moving into the newly independent New America.

  3. How can I contribute to the New American Order?


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