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It really makes me sick to my stomach to do this post.  But the “compassion” evil that flows from the liberals must be exposed.
Upon hearing the news Saturday of our SEALS, I told my lib mom.  She said, “Well that’s to be expected.”  Really mom, that’s your FIRST thought? My first thought was how devastated the SEALS (and all branches) must be over this horrific news.  It saddened me to think of all the family members that were about to receive notifications of losing their loved ones.  I thought of my adopted soldiers in the Middle East and was wondering if they were ok.
Over at the Huffington Post, they were having much more vile reactions.  RightWingNews has compiled a partial list of them. Check out the “compassion” from these kooks:

  • marathon43: They got exactly what they deserved. They voluntarily traveled half-way around the world to kill people who had never done them any harm. They people they were trying to kill killed them first. That’s exactly how things should be. Let’s also remember that our troops have weapons far superior to anything possessed by the people they are trying to kill. Our troops are picking on someone who can’t fight back. That’s called bullying and cowardice. They got what bullies deserve.
  • FoxNewsCreationism: They got a myopic fast tracked American education while being transformed into brainwashed killing machines. I do not called that educated. Men who work in offices are definitely better than men who take up arms and who invade other countries illegally and then proceed to kill the native population. These men are specialized in killing. Nothing more. The are robots who kill for a greedy criminal empire. Also as for brains, I hold three degrees. Speak and write 4 languages. I highly doubt there is my equal in the US military. If there is, there are not many. 99.99 of military personal are just grunts. Even these guys. Anyone that takes up arms and invades another country illegally and then proceeds in killing the native population, is a zero in my book.
  • HUFFPOST SUPER USER mrfreeze: Go ahead and waive those chinese-made flags on your cars, wear your lapel pens and past “I support the troops” bumper stickers on your cars … it’s your blind nationalism that has the blood of thousands on it.
  • ABACADABRA RABBIT: VOTE GREEN PARTY 2012 Do you know how many afghans were killed since 2001? Didn’t think so. Do you know how many females were raped by US soldiers in Afghanistan since 2001? Didn’t think so.
  • Clark Nova: The military is a waste of good men (and women), most of whom enlisted because they couldn’t even get a job at Wal-Mart.
  • NWRICK: The best way to honor soldiers is to stop making more of them.
  • JonB2057: Is this some type of karma??? What goes around, comes around…

Last night at church Pastor Ryan spoke of Our Sacred Savior.  Once you find Jesus you find love. And you have an unlimited capacity to love.  I don’t normally quote scripture (that’s sage’s speciality!), yet am sharing this one from last night.
“Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.”
1 John 4:7-9
These HuffPo commenters are in serious need of finding Jesus.

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You are right. The comments you quoted raised my blood pressure. These people don’t live in the real world. being the wife, daughter, and mother of military, all retired now; makes me glad they are no longer serving. The IQ of this country is decreasing rapidly.

Dr. Eowyn

“That’s to be expected”?
What a “ho hum” statement. Sure looks like whatever progress that was made on her last visit, your lib mom has had a total relapse. Did you ask her why she thinks the Navy SEALs’ deaths are “to be expected”? I’d better stop now, before I write something really rude about your mother….


No one loves a soldier– especially left/libtards– until jihadists are molesting their wife and kids, apparently.


Who in their right mind says, “They deserved it”? If nothing else, they’ve proven, in black and white, how ignorant, ungrateful and hate-filled they are.
God bless our troops as they fight for freedom, including the freedom of speech.
May God bless those families and loved ones with strength and His peace.