Get Ready for More Hope and Change

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Obama ’12 launch likely next week

Via Politico, President Barack Obama plans to announce his reelection campaign early next week in an electronic message to grassroots supporters, Democratic sources tell POLITICO.

Obama launches with a recovering economy and a weak, fractured Republican field, but with chaos in the Middle East that adds unpredictability to an environment that points to likely reelection. Obama’s campaign, which could raise $1 billion or more, will be based in Chicago, just a few blocks from the headquarters of his historic 2008 race.

The most likely day for the campaign to file registration papers with the Federal Election Commission is Monday, but officials are not committing to a specific date in case some transcendent event in the world would overshadow the kickoff. Obama aides want to tell their supporters first, and so are not encouraging preview stories by the press.

Yes, we are going to be faced with the possibility of another four years of “hope and change”.  Let’s look at what the current hope and change brought us:

I’m sure you can think of a few more to add to the list.  The Republicans better get their act together and provide a true leader for the Presidential Campaign.  Our country cannot afford any more hope and change.

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0 responses to “Get Ready for More Hope and Change

  1. Candance Moore

    Don’t forget three wars in the middle east, GM losing money, no Freddie Mac reform, and the most embarrassing election for his party in history.

  2. It’s very simple.
    This nation might still manage to survive one term of the Kenyan Comrade Chairman.
    There is no way in Hell it will survive two.
    And never, e-v-e-r underestimate the stoopidity of the average American sheeple voter, and that includes the dead ones in Illinois.

  3. That 8.8% unemployment is a lie. It doesn’t include all those that are no longer collecting unemployment because they have been out of work for so long. It also doesn’t include any of the private contractors. Nor does it include those who have simply given up looking for a job.
    The hope was a lie, and the change was for the worse.
    My concern is : Will there be a single opposing candidate that conservatives will be able to support, or will the conservatives (or the opposition looking to create a problem) make a stupid move by having two candidates to split the vote? It’s usually been a GOP candidate and an Independent candidate who have succeeded in making it a mess. (Ross Perot during the Clinton years) Will the GOP liberals use the Tea Party to split the conservatives?

  4. lowtechgrannie

    I’ve heard rumors that he’ll run a soft campaign. His radical labor buddies want to stage a “revolution.” They don’t want to revolt when their own side is in power so he’ll lose in a squeaker and they’ll be able to revolt against the evil Wall St-loving, big business-loving Republicans. I’ve read that theory on a couple of other blogs, can’t remember which ones.

  5. Just say No!

  6. Thomas Morato

    I say bring it on… I believe 65% of Americans are fed up with the fake tele-propagana leader and can’t wait for 2012. However…
    Only problem, were going to see another Ross Perot election moment and the Dems are counting on it! A staunch conservative Republican will get the nomination but the media will push a physically conservative populist that will draw some republicans and many Independents thus handing the Dems (and puke… Obama) the office for another 4 years.
    Maybe a chance of being wrong about that… but really think this next election is going to be another American disaster waiting for all of us.

    • I agree Thomas. The media will do everything in their power to reelect O, including bashing any repub or independent candidate. Sigh…

  7. Thomas Morato

    Little goofy… but makes the point(s)…

  8. Well said, Steve. Now that this fraud has begun his 2012 campaign, it is up to:
    1. The Democratic Party of each of th 50 (not 57) states to certify that he’s eligible;
    2. The DNC to certify he’s eligible;
    3. The RNC to scrutinize the certification documents of 1 and 2, and hold their feet to the fire;
    4. The useless media to do what they criminally failed to do in 2008: investigate Obama;
    5. Each state legislature to amend their state’s election law requiring that every POTUS candidate must be constitutionally eligible before s/he can even get on the ballot;
    6. Congress to do what the Congressional Research Office itself admits it failed to do in 2008 — make certain that every POTUS candidate indeed is a “natural born citizen”;
    7. The Supreme Court to do its job — INTERPRET the Constitution where there is ambiguity and disputed language, i.e., what “natural born citizen” means.
    Going through the above 1-7 process is the legal peaceful way. If the above 1-7 shirks their duty, then American citizens have no other recourse than extra-legal methods.

  9. What does the Fellowship think of Pawlenty as a candidate for President?


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