Get Bent: Hypocrite Dorsey tries to justify banning President Trump from Twitter

Yeah, not buying the BS Dorsey is selling.

Remember, they really think you are STUPID.



If you are still on Twitter, I would suggest de-activating your account (I did back in 2016). STARVE THE BEAST.


Better than Drudge Report. Check out Whatfinger News, the Internet’s conservative frontpage founded by ex-military!

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Steven Broiles
1 day ago

Looks like Jack has been hitting the magic mushrooms again.

But forget his own madness: To deny the President the ability to communicate with the American people constitutes a National Security threat, and it endangers the public! It can be construed as a seditious act!

Bill steamkoch
Bill steamkoch
1 day ago

Even Cracker jack Jack Dorsey admitted this is a slippery slope, ( Not his words ) but this stifles debate on the open internet and in general discussions. And that’s exactly what the ( Elite Scum ) want. This woman the other day some Black actor in Hollywood dug up her Dead cat lucifer to do something spooky. People commented called it Black Magic, Vodoo. She said She is getting it mounted on a Wall after seeing a Taxidermist. Next day She said all you criticized me Are Racist. I kid you not. This is where we are. Divide conquer… Read more »

Bill steamkoch
Bill steamkoch
1 day ago
Reply to  DCG

Prescription of largactil should fix her behavioural probelms. Just to be on the safe side a double dose maybe necessary.

1 day ago

Saw a picture of J.Dorsey (with long beard) strolling along the beach w/Sean Penn with a rug on his head on several Twitter posts yesterday.

1 day ago

The New Book Burners

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