Germany considers law to invalidate Muslim refugees' underaged marriages

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I’m sure the Muslim men will immediately comply.
Afghan child brides
From Fox News: The German government is preparing legislation to outlaw child marriage, an accepted practice among the country’s more than 1 million Muslim refugees. The proposed bill is likely to become law because it has the support of the Social Democrats and the Christian Democratic Union, which are the majority parties in the country’s ruling coalition.
This legislation reflects a larger cultural clash between Western democratic values and those of traditional Muslims. Some Germans see their core beliefs coming under siege. These differences are leading to a rise in Islamophobia and acts of violence. According to a government report, hate crimes soared by 77 percent between 2014 and 2015, with 1,050 recorded cases of arson against refugee homes in 2015.
Germany’s 4.7 million Muslims comprise 5.8 percent of the country’s population, according to the Pew Research Center.
There are 1,450 known Muslim couples in Germany in which at least one spouse, usually female, is underaged. In 361 of these marriages, at least one partner is under 14. The legal age for marriage in Germany is 18. The number of such marriages may be much higher, according to Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster.
The proposed legislation would deny legal status to any marriage in which a partner is under the age of 16 and would require a hearing in family court if a partner is between 16 and 18.
According to Deidre Berger, director of the American Jewish Committee’s office in Berlin, the abject poverty and insecurity of life in the refugee camps in the Middle East are driving Muslim families to push their daughters to marry younger for protection. Berger believes almost half of the marriages in the refugee camps involve children under the age of 16. “A law that would annul these marriages leaves the young women very vulnerable, and some already have children,” said Berger.
A recent court ruling in Bamberg, Bavaria, upheld the legal status of a marriage between a 21-year-old Syrian and his 15-year-old cousin because the marriage had taken place in Syria and was legal according to that country’s laws. The proposed legislation is designed to invalidate such marriages in Germany.
Berger’s concerns are shared by Thomas von der Osten-Sacken, the co-founder of Wadi, a Frankfurt-based non-profit that fights for human rights and the development of a democratic civil society in the Middle East.
“Often the young mother’s own parents are dead, and she is badly traumatized and in need of help,” he said, adding that, in some cases, it is better to keep the family intact, especially when the young wife has a child.
Critics of these marriages include conservative Christians and feminists, who view such marriages as oppressive and demeaning to the underaged brides. A new political party, the Alternative for Germany, has achieved remarkable success with an anti-Muslim message. “No one who comes here has the right to put his cultural values or religious beliefs above our law,” said Minister of Justice Heiko Maas, a Social Democrat whose ministry drafted the bill.

Minister of Justice Heiko Maas

Minister of Justice Heiko Maas

“Children should be in school, not in marriages,” Piotr Malachowski, spokesman for the Justice Ministry, told Fox News, noting that these young girls are not mature enough to make an informed decision whether to wed, and that many of them are in forced marriages.
According to Malachowski, Germany has the right to define marriage according to German law, even for unions that are legal in other countries. He gave as an example gay marriage, which may be acceptable in one country and not another.
Women’s rights groups are also adamantly opposed to such marriages. “Girls that are married early are robbed of their childhood,” said Monika Mitchell, an official with Terre des Femmes, a Berlin-based women’s rights organization. “And they are more likely to drop out of school.”
According to Mitchell, the lack of schooling makes it harder for girls to get jobs and more likely for them to be totally dependent on their husbands.
In Muslim countries the marriage of very young girls is common, says Seyran Ates, a German woman of Turkish origin and a practicing Muslim, possibly inspired by one of the Prophet Mohammad’s first wives having been only 9 years old.
Ates, a lawyer and human rights activist, said there is nothing in Islamic theology that supports the young marriage of girls. She has braved attacks by Muslim extremists because of her work on behalf of women. “Since the Iranian revolution in 1979, we have had a dark century for all of Islam, and no enlightenment,” she said. “Look at the relationship between men and women in Europe and North America 200 years ago … that’s the condition we have in Muslim society today.”
The lack of democracy in Muslim societies, she explained, made matters worse since there are few opportunities for women outside the home. Ates is not optimistic about greater freedom for young Muslim women in Germany. She pointed out that most of the imams in Germany’s 2,500 mosques support child marriage.

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0 responses to “Germany considers law to invalidate Muslim refugees' underaged marriages

  1. Maybe sanity is returning to Germany….

  2. The germans were stupid for letting em in in the first place. If they don’t want to live under the laws of Germany, let them leave. Go back to the crap-Hole they came from. They seem bent on changing the law/lifestyle where ever they go instead of adopting the customs and laws of where they settle. That’s the problem in the US. The word diversity has its derives its origins from divide (or divided). United derives its origin from unite or come together. America is/was great because people came together under the laws of nature and the laws of God. I doubt isLAME can improve on that.

  3. if the german govt forbids underage marriages then they basically invalidate islam in germany…the backbone of islam is adult males forcing and controlling girls to do their sexual bidding…pedophilia. Without the brainwashed, raped, illiterate, and physically controlled chattel (“wives”) islam cannot reproduce sons to carry on the next generation of terror against children, animals, and others.
    What will be the consequences for those who “marry” children?
    How will the german govt enforce their law upon a community of men who already disregard their laws when it comes to kidnapping, rape, and murder of their own citizens?
    If this legislation is made law, I wonder how many muslims will return to their homeland so they can legally rape children?
    How many europeans are moving to muslim countries to help “diversify” their population?
    I believe this legislation is a step in the right direction…but they need more than “steps”. Germany needs to ‘leap and bound’ by kicking islam out and protect their borders and citizens first.

  4. I do hope for Germany, France and England to wake up before it’s too late. We must pray for a great turning to God in Europe, because that is the only thing that can rescue them.

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  6. The only reasonable action for Germany, as I can see, is to offer each migrant $10,000US to voluntarily go back to his country of origin and resettle there. It may cost Germany 40 billion USD, but it is worth it. Germany should foot the bills as it created the problems. Germany should pay up and give the country back to Germans.
    This had also been the deal between Australia and its “boat migrants” coming from countries far away from it.

  7. It won’t matter what laws Germans pass now. They have welcomed the Muslim culture into their country. Muslims will soon become a majority population, and Islam will dominate. All existing German laws will be invalidated under Sharia law. Welcome to Deutschlandistan.

  8. If “Islam” can not or will not comply with the Laws of the Host Country, than it must be banned from that country or the country ceases to exist as the Legal Authority.
    That’s it in a nut shell. Do you want your country, or do you want “Islam”?
    Their “religion” teaches them that they do not have to obey “Man’s Law” only Sharia, and they can not MEANINGFULLY swear any oath that conflicts with Sharia, the Quran, or the Hadith.
    A Muslim can not be a sworn citizen of any western democracy or republic because it is actually “against their religion”. They are “apostate” if they accept the “Law of Land” over anything their Imam says.
    Islam is much more than a “religion” in the sense that Westerners view religion. And far more complicated. Any quote from the Quran can be superseded by a quote from a later section, and the Quran is NOT organized in a “timely” fashion. The Quran or Koran is supposedly their “Bible”, but if you don’t know the time of the quote it may be meaningless, except to fool someone that is not familiar with entire thing and the history of Mohammad and what was “revealed” when.
    Protestants think Catholicism is complicated. Islam is far more complex because it is put together to deceive any non-Muslim in any dealings with Islam. So much so that many Muslims seem to not understand their own “religion”, and try to interpret it as they want to believe, or want you to believe, at that moment. This leads to frustration, and makes it easier to “Radicalize” the would-be Muslim, as well as makes it possible for a Muslim to “honestly lie to a kafir (non-Muslim) about anything.
    If you don’t understand this, don’t feel bad. As Christians we believe in one Law from one God for everyone. The idea of an “Ethical Duality” or a “Duality of Ethics” is simply dishonest.
    And it is.

    • Longknife 21 . . . . you have brought up the quintessential reason why Muslims should not be admitted to the USA, or other Western countries . . . “they cannot meaningful lee sware allegence to the United States of America, or whatever document governs other Western nations. As such this should disqualify them from doing anything other than visit our country, and that is if they have a darn good reason to be here visiting. Period. End of Story.

  9. When you have grown men(??men??) marrying children there is only one reason as I see it. They are not men enough to please or satisfy a real woman so they pick a “CHILD” that doesn’t know anything about sex. That way he FEELS like a real man when he has sex. It is all about EGO and tiny penis’s !!!

  10. Islam was banned from the United States in 1952! Semper Fi.

  11. How did a madman maniac get to lead the stupid people and somebody not kill the COWARD? He NEVER fought in the front lines he ALWAYS brought up the rear, maybe that is why he became GAY, staying back with the rest of the Cowards. Semper Fi.

  12. Has anyone seen the repercussions of marrying cousins and close relatives? It is REAL scary not counting the born dead and fits of RAGE that inbred people have. That is what is wrong with the black population in America, 20 fathers that breed 15 to 30 women for 300 children then their generation are doing the same thing breeding their cousins, 1/2 brothers and sisters and who knows else, and they think that is OK? I THINK NOT! So that makes each generation gets worse. NOW, You see the problem?
    Semper Fi.

  13. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  14. It is more like the March of death for these young girls. How many die in their early days of marriage? Many haven’t even had their first period. Making them little girls, not women. This is nothing but legal pedophilia in their sick twisted minds.
    We get what we deserve when we let them into our countries and allow them to take four wives. They have bragged, they will take our country by the thighs of their women. And we support them.
    Do I think Germany is serious about taking their country back? Not yet, Merkel is tossing out bones to appease the masses because she is running again.

  15. DCG, I shamelessly stole that Mooooooooooooooooooooooooslim pic. 🙂


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