German Shepherd saves life of veteran with cancer

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A young German Shepherd is being hailed a hero for saving his owner’s life after their mobile home caught fire in Pasco County, Florida.

The unidentified man awoke Saturday morning to hear his one-year-old dog Trooper scratching and barking at the door. When the unidentified man opened his bedroom door, he noticed the living room was on fire and filled with heavy smoke.

The two made it out safely and are uninjured.

Port Richey fire fighters arrived a short time later to extinguish the flames; the home, and everything inside, was completely destroyed.

Trooper’s guardian, a veteran who has been diagnosed with cancer, acknowledged his companion’s life-saving actions on Saturday morning. The police shared the following via a news release:

The owner stated that if it was not for Trooper he would not have made it out alive, and even though he has lost all of his belongings he was so thankful for making it out with his best friend.

Sources: AP (via NBC Miami);

Good dog!!!



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  1. This dog could be the poster child for unconditional love.

  2. Angels come in all sizes, shapes, and forms.


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