Georgia woman shoots at suspected home invader: “I got something for you”

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From Fox News: A 79-year-old homeowner in Georgia reportedly fired off two shots during an attempted home invasion earlier this month.

The actions taken by the unidentified woman to ward off the intruder before responders could arrive at her residence on Feb. 12 were captured on her 911 call, ABC News reported Wednesday.

The woman was reportedly heard on the audio of the call, obtained by the outlet from Jackson County Emergency Services officials, confirming that someone “tried to get in the back door.”

In the midst of the alleged break-in, the woman shouted to the suspect, “I got something for you” before shooting a weapon, according to ABC News. She later reportedly fired off a second shot after the individual managed to get inside and up to another floor of her home.

“I’m waiting on ya. When you come down them stairs, I’m gonna blow your damn brains out. I’m waiting,” she shouted before taking the shot, according to ABC News.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office shared a Facebook news release on Feb. 13 and confirmed that during the encounter, the homeowner “fired two shots toward the direction of the suspect.”

“The homeowner heard someone trying to get in a window and went to her back door to look out, at which time a black male was standing there,” the sheriff’s office said. “The homeowner was armed and advised the suspect not to enter her house. A short time later, the homeowner heard glass break in the upstairs part of the residence.”

While authorities did not disclose the home owner’s age or identity, WXIA reported her to be 79 years-old. The sheriff’s office did not immediately return Fox News’ request for confirmation.

The suspect – who was identified as Hans E. Rogers – was apprehended by authorities and charged with home invasion and burglary, according to the news release.


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12 responses to “Georgia woman shoots at suspected home invader: “I got something for you”

  1. 79 and feisty. Luv this!

  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Have to wonder, in to day’s current atmosphere, if they might not try to portray her verbal warnings to the fool as challenges or threats to provoke the intruder just for the purpose of;…….well,….may be I should not give them any ideas.

  3. Hey, “Jussie” should have hired HER for his little hate hoax.

  4. they forgot to charge him with stupidity.

  5. This happens more often than not but you don’t hear about people using firearms to thwart an attack and had not been for the gun the victim would have been hurt they only report the bad statistic on weapon use and about half of their numbers are on suicide not being used in a crime. They classify suicide as a crime I guess that is their type of thinking. So the other 2 million times a gun was used was to defend someones life but not going to hear about that its not news.

  6. It’s one thing for a drug addict to break into someone’s house or apartment if no one is home. That’s bad enough. But it takes a special kind of GALL to break into someone’s house knowing that someone is home. How in God’s Name do these punks live with themselves?

    This lady did the right thing. But one must make sure he lives in the right jurisdiction: Had this lady lived in New York City, the police would have had to arrest her if her gun was unlicensed. Plus, New York State law (since Rockefeller, 1965) states a homeowner MAY NOT shoot at just any intruder: The intruder has to take a specific life-threatening action. Long Story Short: If you’re ever in a bad situation like this, HAVE GOOD AIM. And MAKE SURE the intruder falls INSIDE your door. Remember: There are grand juries out there, filled with LIBERAL MORONS!

  7. I’ve been packing heat since 1999. I don’t leave home without my Glock or a 38. Even though my Wildlife Sanctuary is very rural and pristine, our valley is not without its problems, from outsiders coming in looking for homes of the elderly to rob. At one time, this was a type of Mayberry, USA, but those days are in the past. Still, our community is calm and peaceful, but has the potential for robberies and home invasions. Even at night, with my nearest neighbor, being 1 mile away, my doors and windows are locked and my dogs are very alert. I wouldn’t hesitate to defend myself or loved ones with a gun or rifle. I jokingly tell people that I have a backhoe, ammo, and a forest filled with hungry coyotes and bears. Before I moved here, in the city of Jonesboro, AR, there was a punk who broke in on an elderly woman (in her 80’s). He was trying to choke her to death, but near her couch, she kept a revolver and shot him. He died before the sheriff arrived. She was not prosecuted because she was in her home, and he would have killed her. Her only regret is that the punk got blood all over her nice couch. If they had tried to prosecute her, a lot of angry citizens would have protested it. She was affectionately known as “granny”. Leeann

    • Me too. In this case it was a “mercy killing”. Anybody stupid enough to keep coming after that warning was too stupid to be in the burglary business. It is mind numbingly insane for people to actually push to be made helpless.

      No one has a right to enter your home uninvited. If they get lead poisoning as a result of pushing that issue, so be it.

  8. Wished I had been there to see it!!!!

    • No kidding! Once you tell a burglar that you’re home and they keep coming, it’s time to reload. I doubt he’s there to sell a vacuum.


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