Georgia rolls out redesigned license plate featuring Confederate flag

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Liberals’ heads explode in 3, 2, 1…
confederate-license-plate The Confederate battle flag is making a return appearance to Georgia license plates. The specialty tag devoted to the Sons of Confederate Veterans will return after a minor redesign.
The state is saying as little as possible about this. Governor Deal is out of the country. And the state revenue department, which issues license plates, is only saying that it has had “positive conversations” about the plate with the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV).
The Confederate battle flag “was something that we couldn’t change,” said Dan Coleman, spokesman for the Georgia SCV. The SCV fights on behalf of the Confederate battle flag as a symbol of Southern heritage.
When a white supremacist shot and killed nine African Americans in Charleston SC in July, that state’s governor ordered the battle flag taken down from the grounds of the state capitol. In Georgia, Gov. Nathan Deal ordered a redesign of the state plate that honors the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
Coleman says the redesign will eliminate the background Confederate flag, while keeping the foreground Confederate flag. “The governor did what he said he would do: Take that backdrop off it. We can live with that,” Coleman said.

Sen. Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta)

Sen. Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta)

But the move angered people who want the state government to stop using the battle flag, saying it’s identified nowadays as a symbol of white supremacy. “This governor had a chance to bring people together. And I think he muffed it,” said Sen. Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta). Fort says Gov. Deal should have followed South Carolina’s lead and eliminated the battle flag symbol. “What that Confederate flag symbolizes is just so hateful and so mean-spirited that to say that ‘we’ll compromise by only slapping you once’ is not acceptable,” Fort said Thursday.
Georgia’s new Sons of Confederate Veterans specialty license plate is expected to be available to paying customers in the next few weeks.

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  1. Good for Gov. Nathan Deal!

  2. Governor Nathan needs a big huge “Thank you for doing the right thing!” We need a whole lot more people like him.

  3. It’s been said that driving is a “privilege,” but every motor vehicle owner should have the right to certain plates, among them Confederate plates and PRO-LIFE plates. The sooner the ACLU GOES TO HELL, THE BETTER!!!

    • Steven . . . . . you do have a way with words. I whole heartedly agree with you regarding the ACLU. They have done more damage in this country. Better they go to Hell post haste!

  4. Yes!! God Bless Them.


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