Georgia demorat pushes “testicular bill of rights” to parody “heartbeat” abortion bill

Because nothing is funnier than ridiculing a baby’s heartbeat.

From Fox News: A Georgia state lawmaker is drafting legislation banning vasectomies and requiring men to get permission from their sex partners before obtaining a prescription for Viagra or any erectile dysfunction medication. The legislation would also restrict men’s access to pornography and sex toys.

State Rep. Dar’shun Kendrick (above), a Democrat, says she proposed the legislation to parody a restrictive new abortion bill, known as the ‘heartbeat’ bill, which was approved by the state’s House of Representatives last week. The legislation bans most abortions after a doctor can detect a heartbeat in the womb, which is usually during around 6 weeks into pregnancy.

Kendrick tweeted part of an email she sent to legislative counsel directing them to draft a bill she calls the “Testicular Bill of Rights.”

“You want some regulation of bodies and choice? Done!” Kendrick tweeted Monday.

The legislation would also classify sex without a condom as “aggravated assault” and require paternity testing before 8 weeks of pregnancy as well as make it mandatory for expectant fathers to start paying child support immediately. The proposed legislation would also implement a 24-hour “waiting period” for men to purchase porn or adult toys.

Kendrick told Fox 5 in Atlanta the bill is designed “to show how ridiculous it is that any state government should regulate what people do to their bodies.”

“Some people are going to love it and some people are going to hate it, but at the end of the day, I am a staunch, pro-choice Democrat that was elected by 54,000 people to come down there and fight for them. That’s what I’m doing is fighting,” said Kendrick.

As for the ‘heartbeat’ bill, it now moves to the state Senate, which has a Republican majority.


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Georgia demorat pushes “testicular bill of rights” to parody “heartbeat” abortion bill
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Dr. Eowyn

And that’s precisely why I call Democrats, Demonrats.

Private Parts Laws
Private Parts Laws

Once again a ban on male genital mutilation (politely called “circumcision”) is left out of these Genital Rights bills while women enjoy strong protection of their private parts (female genital mutilation is illegal in the US) yet they are the ones always screaming inequality, so watching a woman in Congress, a minority no less, try to make a point on these matters of murdering babies as this one has failed to do by any sense of logic is a bit laughable at the stupidity but more sick and disgusting.

Larry Folds
Larry Folds

Our bodies are already regulated by government. This witless lawmaker must be as stupid as stupid can be. I have never understood how so many women could agree on committing murder and think it good for themselves and society.


That was quite a “turn of phrase”, linking “my body” to murder . Of course the trick here is convincing everyone that the infant isn’t “alive” until YOU say it is. Somehow men are to be subservient. Why is that?

I suppose a man could make an argument that they didn’t want to support a child because it made his body hurt and, after all, it was HIS body. Imagine reducing life to a political statement.

Women who believe this crap need some sort of religious intervention.

Lou Minati
Lou Minati

From my conservative male perspective:

I do not enjoy talking to liberal women. Therefore,
I do not have liberal women friends. Therefore,
I would never date a liberal woman. Therefore,
I would never feel the urge to have sex with a liberal woman. Therefore,
I would never get a liberal woman pregnant. Therefore,
A liberal woman would never get the opportunity to abort MY child.
Or even worse, give birth to and indoctrinate MY child.

I consider all of this to be part of the natural selection process of desirable characteristics for the human species. So there!

Steven Broiles

STUDY Kendricks’ stare. STUDY it for five minutes. THIS is the exact same stare of the Leftist, specifically, of KARL MARX. That stare that renders the judgment, “I have already made my decision and I have already won.” It is the Stare of Satan.

If we want to win, we must become masters of subtlety. Study this stare and how WICKED it is.