Georgetown U. student wants all Republicans to be “put to death”

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Higher education is so mind-broadening and edifying!

Georgetown studentKatherine Timf reports for Campus Reform, July 11, 2013, that this (see above) Georgetown University student, when asked if he supported the GOP’s plan to reduce student loan interest rates, said:

“I don’t think I support anything the Republicans do. I think all of them should probably be put to death.”

“That’s a little harsh,” countered another student.

“No, it’s not,” replied the murderous student.

Here’s the video:

The Left keep insisting they are “tolerant,” pro-“diversity,” care about the “underdog,” and generally warm and fuzzy “bleeding hearts.” And yet, again and again, we’ve seen and heard leftwingers spew the vilest, most hateful, and homicidal threats.

I just don’t get it. [Snark]

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0 responses to “Georgetown U. student wants all Republicans to be “put to death”

  1. Just bring it, you worthless f’ing commie puke.

    Just remember that you red thong-wearing wussies are severely outnumbered – and more importantly, out-gunned.

    Fork you all.

    -Sideways. 😀


  2. Maybe him and that other guy are gay lovers, who knows?

    The state run media has done such a hatchet job of rewriting history and demonizing the very factors that make this country great, that unless one actually goes out and pursues truthful information it’s almost impossible to find.

    As Dennis Prager says: “People perceive the world as the world is reported to them. How could they do otherwise?”

    That’s why site such as this are so important and so urgently needed.

    • Mike, LOL , That was my first thought.

      • Steve, I know we’re not supposed to judge based on appearance, but the guy in the blue shirt does look and sound a little prissy. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

        He also looks a little old for a college student.

        • Mike, either he’s really stupid and like 32 and still can’t graduate, or typical lyb and will be a professional student the rest of his life on our dime. 😥

  3. Pathetic…

    But what do you expect from “progressives”. What an oxymoron.

  4. Hey Einstein , why don’t WE neuter all you scumbag grads of that p.o.s. institution . That way you won’t be able to pro-create another generation of air-heads .

  5. Take heart–all over-inflated “balloons” must eventually burst, thanks be to God!

  6. Ah, yes, “critical thinking”… which means “whatever my crackpot leftwing professor and/or Michael Moore tell me to think” in practice.

  7. The kid may be stupid but what’s the deal with sliming Georgetown, one of preeminent Catholic Universities in the world? Do I detect some anti-Catholic bias here?

    • Where and how exactly in my post did I “slime” Georgetown U.? Why would I, a devout Roman Catholic, have “anti-Catholic bias”?

      Furthermore, your esteem for Georgetown U. is misplaced, or maybe you’re just ignorant and woefully uninformed. The Catholic Church is the foremost institution that has long and consistently stood for the unborn, abortion being identified as an “intrinsic evil” over which there can be no compromise. But the Jesuit-run Georgetown U. invited pro-abortion HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to speak.
      ‘The Exorcist’ author files canon lawsuit against Georgetown after invitation of pro-abort Sebelius

    • joeinvt. Einstein you’re not. Are you new to posting? I take it you are referring to commenter japoa who makes a comment about “that p.o.s. institution .” You should reply to that nimrod, not the author of post who happens to be below and who happens to kick your butt for your ignorance. Sheesh

  8. I have been spending time working on “indexing” the military records from Illinois (up to 1974) for the Family Search Project. This is being done so that those who do genealogical research can find their ancestors. This entails seeing a picture of the current record and entering it online. Some details stand out, one man fought in the Revolutionary War, one woman was a nurse, judging from her age, she probably served during WWII, most were man who fought during the civil war, both for the North and the South. Many of these men died during the years the Civil War raged, including what I think were two brothers, same surname, sent to same cemetery; they died within three days of each other. I have been nearly brought to tears when I get a glimpse of their sacrifices, the shedding of their blood. What the Hell would they think if they saw how this country has become a cesspool of “liberal ideology.” They no doubt wonder–What did we sacrifice for, certainly not for this! Because of current liberal thinking, we are knee deep in debt, our Constitution is in threads, there is little civility by the left towards the rest of society. Our beloved Country is being handed to her enemies on a platter!

  9. Such an open-minded, tolerant and good Democrat!


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