George W. Bush’s love-fest with Michelle ‘Big Mike’ Obama

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In July 2010, in an article in the American Spectator, “America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution,” Boston University Professor Emeritus made the trenchant observation that the real divide in America is not so much between liberals and conservatives as between the bipartisan political ruling class vs. the American people.

Whereas the majority of the American people are religious (Christians) and patriotic, the bipartisan “regime class” — stripped of their lip-service rhetoric — are irreligious, arrogant and contemptuous of the American people, and love neither America nor her people.

Read an excerpt of Codevilla’s long article here.

We saw another display of that bipartisan ruling class at RINO Sen. John McCain’s funeral on September 1, when former president George W. Bush, 72, behaving like an impish schoolboy, snuck a piece of candy to a beaming Michelle “Big Mike” Obama, as their respective spouses, Barack and Laura, smiled indulgently.

Who knew that a funeral is an occasion for jovial frivolity?

Wes Walker of Clash Daily points out this isn’t the first time George W. was cozy with Big Mike:

(1) Big Mike hugs George W. during the inauguration of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, September 24, 2016:

(2) George W. kisses Big Mike, then the two hold hands and sing to one another at a memorial service for five slain police officers in Dallas, July 16, 2016:

And what was Big Mike doing with his hands in the laps of Barack and George W., as all three and Laura Bush grin as if they’re in on some private joke? What was so amusing at a memorial service for slain police officers?

Wes Walker observes:

Dubya must have finally paid off his Progressive Penance by opposing Trump’s nomination. Because it wasn’t so long ago that he was a racist, war criminal and literally Hitler.

For eight long years, the Obamas didn’t have a single nice thing to say about Bush. And now they’re best buds? He must not be the world’s most hated racist anymore.

Maybe it had something to do with Bush having joined the #Resistance.

George W.’s coziness with Michelle O. has not gone unnoticed.

Donald Francis Draper tweeted:

That tweet elicited these hilarious responses:

Michael L Arnold: “Bush gives Michelle a big boner”

Heather Terveld: “He likes men.”

NoMoreWhoresDC: “Broke Back Bush and the Tranny”

Ole George W. must have a thing for swinging nuts.

What’s that swinging in Michelle Obama’s pants?

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28 responses to “George W. Bush’s love-fest with Michelle ‘Big Mike’ Obama

  1. Bush has always been an establishment globalist.

    Look how he and his family treated and are still treating Donald Trump.

  2. I’m afraid that’s the way I read it. Most believe that there are two parties in opposition and we get to “choose” during an election cycle and our side “wins”. I’m afraid that isn’t true.

    It is indeed a “class” thing and these Controller-appointed quasi-competitors are all in it together. Not a shred of difference between them. It’s like watching Worldwide Wrestling. One match “The Mad Bomber” wins, next match, it’s “Uncle Sam”.

    I will say it again. They don’t work for us. If we ever want a country again we need to take this back. Clearly the system as it stands does not allow us to do that. I don’t trust any of them.

    I am not going to call them stupid. I may call them immoral and selfish and arrogant, etc., but they are not stupid. Anyone who was not stupid could do a better job. We either have to elect people who are not beholden to The Controllers or we need to just shut it down and let them run it from Jerusalem.

    • Sundance, at The Conservative Treehouse, has a name for what you describe: the DC Uniparty. It was so bad that I’d stopped voting after 2004. When Donald Trump got in the race, I made sure my registration was good and that I voted. For the first time in many years, I had something to vote FOR and I exercised my right.

      I don’t know how we elect people not beholden to The Controllers unless we have some serious campaign finance reform. People on our side were exstatic about the Citizens United decision, but it was just as bad for us, the people. It was Citizens United that enabled Wall Street to fund the US CoC, which funded K Street, which in turn funds the GOPe. Citizens United enabled the rise of the big donor class, which is what REALLY controls and drives elections. The reason why Donald Trump can do what he does is because he’d already MADE his own money, so he didn’t need them; he wasn’t beholden to anyone. But how many billionaires are there out there?

      • I’m not saying I have the solution. I’m just saying if anyone ever wants a real solution they have to start by looking at reality, not fantasy. If we spend our lives looking for a secular savior we’ll die disappointed.

        I like the term “D.C. Uniparty”. That about sums it up. All I’d add is that they are merely wholly-owned subsidiaries of the global “uniparty”. It’s currently headquartered in Jerusalem or New York.

  3. Are we sure it was a piece of candy and not his room key?🔑

    • lol yep!

    • That was a good one Lophatt- but then I haven’t seen any that weren’t good!
      Let me know when you figure out how to get those memes posted again. I tried after another persons kind and detailed instructions here, but still failed to have anything show up but the link or worse, nothing at all. Someone said that there may be something on my computer that keeps them from posting, but it’s all beyond me.

  4. Hey, looks like Georgie is moving to the other side, and I mean the “other side” hummmmm. As “black and white” anything is possible in this day and age.

  5. Saw this video today.


    • The “Hillary” at the McCain funeral has a thinner face and jawline.
      The problem I have with some of the alleged Hillary-double assertions is how they can fake her very distinctive voice.

  6. Birdies of a feather, globalist perverts stick together. Yeah, Dirty Dubya was probably passing her the room arrangements for a menage à trois.

  7. My “awakening” took place about 10 years ago, though I can remember seeing a picture years earlier of Bush 41 & Clinton laughing together about something, and the circumstance they were together was some tragedy (I can’t remember if it was Katrina, something in Haiti…). Whatever it was, it just struck me as being so fundamentally wrong that they should be together like this.

    If W & Bathhouse Barry were together like this during someone else’s presidency (hypothetical – neither Trump nor Hildebeest were elected), I’d think the same thing. But both have their deep disdain for President Trump, which brought them together.

  8. Anyone who wants to know what Bush 43 is all about, can read my last major essay published on the internet, “The ghost of George Carver is haunting Bush 43”.

    The footnotes indexed at the end of it will give you leads on just who these people are and connections they have to one another.

  9. Mrs. 44 got junk.

    Hilly got a double.

    W’s a RINO

    Mrs. 43 can only laugh.

    What a freak show.

  10. Bizarre.

  11. Eowyn: “lyrebird”

    • He probably asked him if he wanted to arm wrestle. I understand that Sparky is partial to young black boys. I know he liked Guckert too. Maybe it was the hair.

  12. Birds of a feather flock together

  13. Well, it took me long enough to figure it out: We’ve been ruled by SEXUAL & MORAL DEGENERATES for over 100 years.

    What I don’t understand about the Bush Clan is this: For people of room-temperature IQ, HOW IS IT that they have been so well-connected?
    And as far as the Obama’s go, HOW IS IT that these “ghetto crack whores,” so to speak, get a seat at the table? (By “ghetto crack whores,” I am speaking of a “brand” or archetype and I am being metaphorical or figurative—although I’m sure they’ve both done cocaine).

    Well, I guess they should have their fun. McCain is in HELL, I am certain of it. The Bushes and Obamas will get there soon enough. GOOD.

    • Well, if you’re really asking, Obongo was groomed by his and his mom’s handlers at the Company for years. When Central Casting gave them the nod they trotted him out.

      That’s how it works. Nobody gets there for free. It’s a rigged game. The Bushes are old school blood liners. They gave the nod to Clinton. Poppy and Willie are as thick as thieves.

      Obongo is only different in that they probably don’t like it but their owners made the decision. There’s no doubt that he advanced the Plan.

      Currently The Plan is still advancing. Jerusalem is still in charge. While they’re screeching about Russia, Russia, Russia, they’re lifting our wallets. It’s all in the script.

  14. Wasn’t there hints that Georgie boy had a thing for Condoliza Rice when he was President?
    I think so!


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