George Soros, Open Society Foundations, Reddit

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Note from Dr. Eowyn:

Deplorable Patriot was a moderator on a pro-Trump Sub-Reddit thread, “Great Awakening”, which was recently banned by Reddit. Happily, “Great Awakening” relocated the same day to VOAT (here and here) and 8chan, where Deplorable Patriot continues to serve as a moderator.


We now know that George Soros and the Open Society Foundation have been linked with Reddit employees in a mission to suppress Trump support groups on Reddit.

Current director of policy at Reddit, Jessica Ashooh.

Jessica Ashooh is believed by some to be responsible for the account “arabscarab,” which has been leading the charge to shut down the Q Anon movement on the Reddit platform — The Great Awakening, the second-largest pro-Trump subreddit. Ashooh started working for Reddit after an executive stint at the George Soros-funded Atlantic Council, which is also reportedly funded by the Chinese.

We also have a D list Free Lance reporter, D list rating being a gift on my part.    Click link below tweet to see where he admits to being connected to the Clinton Foundation in the comment section.

Rob Rousseau:

“I don’t always love working at reddit but personally getting to shut down the qanon sub because they were getting too close to exposing the truth was pretty special.”

This is the same guy who said:

“I would rather my daughter dated a member of  MS-13 than a member of the Republican Party”

Here is additional information that I have discovered

Various techniques to attack Trump support groups have been discovered and made public in the recent past. That is a whole conversation on its own so I will not get into that. I would just like to add one more method to the list. It’s a tool to assist individuals with their effort to take down various subreddits and individuals. This tool is called the Soros Enhancement Suite (SES). Information to what is in SES is limited; access to the information is at a location on Reddit that is private — “Invite only”. I know of its existence because of the following screenshot.

This is what you will find on the page. Here is the link:

Request for feedback: SES upgrades and release planning from TopMindsOfReddit

Now we know that technology linked to Soros is actually a reality. We also know with absolute certainty that r/TopMindsOfReddit is promoting it. But who is using the technology? We’ve heard rumors that there are people who get paid to disrupt pro-Trump subreddits. These individuals often brag about what they are doing and how they receive payment from Soros. When we confront them, they claim they are “joking and it’s irony.” Whatever. The following screenshot is part of what I have discovered. What you see here is a ledger that dates back 8 months. It’s a pay ledger which shows payments and members who received payments. Notice the Open Society Bot. Bots are portable AI’s that can be programmed to do various tasks.

Here is the link to the ledger:

Now we have have proof of transactions being made and some of the individuals paid. I should also tell you that if you read the page, top to bottom including all comments, you’ll see more than enough evidence to support my claims. This applies to all screenshots I’ve provided here.

You might ask, “What are they paid with?”. Let me introduce you to the “Sorosbux”.

This is what you will find on page.  Here is the link:

Introducing SorosBux, a centralized decentralized pre-mined fiat cryptocurrency for all your shilling needs. from neoliberal

 Here is the page that links you to everything:

In the comment section you will  find “If your payment is overdue, write an email to

Updates regarding CTR payments, and general reminders about getting paid from neoliberal

You will notice that it mentions to get a “waves” account to withdraw your funds. I followed their instructions and set up an online wallet. These are some of the various way to cash out at “Waves”.

Here is the link to set up a Waves account:

That about covers it.  There is definitely some there there.  I believe this says just about all you need to know.  This is what I was able to release.  I have a whole lot more information that takes us deeper into the rabbit hole.  Please have a good day.

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Deplorable Patriot

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20 responses to “George Soros, Open Society Foundations, Reddit

  1. Fascinating account, Deplorable Patriot!

    So that old goat, George Soros, is paying people with the cryptocurrency Sorosbux to comment and foment trouble on AltMedia sites like Reddit (and no doubt on blogs like FOTM as well), and succeeded in taking down the “Great Awakening” subReddit.

    Some of us have asked this question many times: Why aren’t wealthy conservatives doing this? — creating rival alternatives to social media sites like Facebook, and paying people to troll leftwing blogs, website, and chat forums?

    • Deplorable Patriot

      Thanks. Dr. Eowyn. I have asked the same question about wealthy conservatives. I can answer half that question. That half being that wealthy conservatives are in on it. Until Trump we have been a one party system with the public being fooled into thinking It’s a two party system. We have to remember that the left has control of just about all media. On top of that they cheat, lie and have no morals, etc. The conservatives act like they are above those tactics and use that as an excuse of why they don’t take action. Nice guy finishes last. The funny part is many of the conservatives are exactly like their counterparts. As far as the rest of the wealthy conservatives, I have not a clue.

      • Hegelian Dialectics
        When I watched what the “Neo” (New) Conservatives, did to Pat Buchanan in the 92 & especially the 96 elections, I realized these new conservatives (RINO’s) were Globalist liberal Democrat communists masquerading as Republicans.

        The Neocon ideology comes from Irving Kristol, who has a memoir titled “Memoirs of a Trotskyite”

    • I don’t understand why Soros (and others like him) are allowed to practice sedition here and elsewhere with no consequence. I know that he is a Rothschild agent, and therefore protected, and I know that he is the “face” of several “color revolutions” around the globe.

      It is also obvious that these efforts are highly organized but sometimes sloppily run. We know from the work of “Veritas” that they have paid help all over the place. I, for one, do not believe this is “Soros'” money.

      There is an opaque fifth column here that is actively staging a coup. After the “9-11 Movie” we were given all manner of excuses for the attendant loss of rights and the establishment of special agencies to combat “terrorism”. While spending much money and losing many liberties, we now see people like these operating more or less in the open.

      So, my question is, has the New Odor fully taken over? Why aren’t they challenged? Why aren’t they arrested for sedition?

      • Have to say I too am surprised Lophatt, that nobody has ever sent a lead parcel his way, why is it that these creepy devil worshipers never seem to get nailed like that? You’d think at least some of their hireling thugs they exploit would’ve been gyped enough to just be absolutely fed up, and try something painful at some point… and yet we never hear of such things in any media or by word of mouth.

  2. Soros is old. We can wait him out.

    Nice find and great research. The normies are not educated enough for a red pill this large. Give it time. I believe that DJT is getting ready to unload both barrels, then people would have to be willingly ignorant to not see the truth.

  3. I would suggest avoiding 8chan for your group, though, as there is a problem with pedophilia on most *chan type boards/forums, if the 8chan you’re talking about is then it “lolicon” in it, if you mean then you might want to look at this story: thought I should offer a caution as being associated with that would be bad.

    • Deplorable Patriot

      Yes, I agree with you about 8 chan. It’s not the best place to be. The thing is that the servers cannot be controlled like most on the internet. If the internet goes down, we will still be up and running. There are no pedophiles on our boards. I’ve never seen any cp since I’ve been using it. As long as you stay on the boards that you are there for, you will be o.k. 8 chan is not the problem. The problem has been people that use 8 chan. 8 chan promotes free speech. Pedophilia is just about the only thing that is not allowed. We currently have 2 other spots on VOAT. VOAT has a lot of racist groups. Does not have anything to do with us. VOAT is also a free speech server. To have free speech you get the good and the bad.

    • The pedophilia and the story were planted as part of a successful effort by Soros’s people to get 8chan kicked off its registrar. 8chan had fortunately bought a new domain name the same day, and /baphomet/ caused enough trouble for the registrar that they reversed their decision. 8chan overcorrected and will now ban legal images like the Virgin Killer and Nirvana Nevermind album covers, but the media is not going to report that.

      Some of the idiots involved in the reporting part of the effort used their real names: Dan Olson, Israel Galvez, Peter Coffin, David S. Gallant, Faruk Ates. 8chan received the reports and retweeted them so people would know who was doing this. Someone calling themselves “Madam Plumpette” was also involved, and a troll called Teridax started the attack by writing a blog post that the others adapted.

      They are going to do the same thing wherever a new opposition board is set up, whether it is on 8chan or not.

      • I would posit, virigin killer and other such “album covers” are indeed softcore child porn, and the bands in question were either fools to think that was a good idea, or advertising their satanism with “art” as an excuse, as per usual with pedophilia pushers (“art” is one of the most used alibis that these satanist filth exploit for displaying their shlock, “art” is no justification). The bands were probably demonstrating their satanist core, as many modern groups are such.

        I doubt that the pedophilia on the boards was soros-funded persay, given there is enough of a pedophile presence on the internet already which could easily be people acting individually, do you have any evidence to show they were soros-tied, and not individuals, or say coming from tel aviv and/ or mindgeek? (which runs a large swath of porn hosting, and really should be removed and destroyed.)

      • Deplorable Patriot

        The “pedophilia setup tactic” with Soros involvement is a fact. The rest of you mention I also agree with as far as 8 chan is concerned. I’m not sure what you mean when you say “kicked off its registrar” . If you could be more specific to what registrar you are in reference to. I would be grateful. I’m only speaking from what I know to be a fact on Reddit and the sub r/greatawakening in concerned. There was an effort to use pedophilia to take down the sub but I had caught on to it and shut it down. I cannot say that all other mods reacted as quickly as I. I can tell you what the admins excuse was for shutting it down . Here it is word for word,
        “This message is to inform you that this community has been banned effective immediately for inciting harassment and violence, as well as the dissemination of personal information, in contravention of our Content Policy. While we recognize the efforts that the moderator team made to try and stay within the rules, these were unfortunately insufficient and failed to appreciably curb the rule-breaking behavior in the community even after multiple warnings.

        Because of what we believe to have been your good-faith efforts as moderators, we will not be taking disciplinary action on this mod team. However, please note that any attempt to reconstitute this community under an alternative subreddit (new or pre-existing) would be a violation of our rule against ban evasion. We recommend that you please review our Content Policy to ensure that your future participation on Reddit remains within the rules.”
        Where they say “dissemination of personal information”. They based that on screenshots of Facebook and Twitter. A person would post a screenshot of an individual on Facebook. These people would not remove the background which included other Facebook subscribers. The schills would make post that included violence or something like I just mentioned. Take a screenshot and turn it over to the admins. We had maybe 10 active moderators to cover over 100,000 people a day. We caught almost every one of them. Very hard to catch all of them as they post. Admin knew this was going on and who was doing it . Instead of doing their jobs and helping us with the problem, they just let it happen.. Thank you for your reply. If you have anymore info please share.

  4. Good info. And not surprising.

    Words can’t describe how much I despise that man…

  5. Glad to see this being exposed, can’t really say I’m surprised though, reddit seems to have been a propaganda mill for quite some time, I’m not altogether sure who runs it, however. I also note all this “metoo” and political stuff etc. sure has taken focus off of what was originally started with “pizzagate” etc. and the pedophile exposures of the past few years (what ever happened to the monstrous network that saville was part of, what about epstein’s, and before even that, what about the royal order of jesters [a sub-group of the shriners of freemasonry.] involvement with child sex trafficking in brazil? all buried under a heaping pile of political, neo-cold war & celebrity garbage, which may well have been engineered to take the heat off of exactly that.)

    Also I would suggest backing up everything you find onto an external hard drive, upon finding it, and being redundant with copies, and releasing all the data that you feasibly can straight away… surprise leaves the creeps with little recourse or time to delete/change their stories.

    • Deplorable Patriot

      “all buried under a heaping pile of political, neo-cold war & celebrity garbage, which may well have been engineered to take the heat off of exactly that.) ” I could not have said it better myself . I back up everything on the internet and at at least 7 other places. It’s set up so if I go missing, the info lives on.

  6. Wow! Just Wow!

  7. You pointed to the wrong Voat community – you linked to an old Voat community (GreatAwakening) that has been run by shills for quite a while.

    The correct Voat community that was created and Q endorsed by Q in post #2271 is

    QRV (Q Research Voat)

    • Deplorable Patriot

      @sarah Now I see what you are talking about. That was not I but I, will fix it. Thank you for heads up:)


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