George Soros is in charge of your vote counting!

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‘Expert’ giving seal of approval actually Soros-linked activist

author-image AARON KLEIN

Scytl, the foreign-headquartered company that recently purchased the leading U.S. electronic voting firm, wants the public to know it can be trusted in the election process.

To back its claim, Scytl issued a press release last week boasting that the company continues to receive “industry expert recognition” for its election technology breakthroughs.

soros_415x275WND has learned the firm vouching for Scytl has links to billionaire activist George Soros.

WND recently reported Scyrl acquired the software division of a non-profit election organization tied to Soros’ Open Society Institute…


This is a long article, and deserves your time. What I think we should take away from it is that the fraud that put Obama into office twice is fully in place to make a joke of all future elections. But please, VOTE ANYWAY; don’t give away our country for free.   ~TD 



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0 responses to “George Soros is in charge of your vote counting!

  1. I want to do everything in my power to stop this! No more… Soros doesn’t get to count my vote!

  2. This was rumored during the 2012 election. So now it’s a done deal. Why would the Republicans allow this?

    We’re doomed. 🙁

  3. Robert McElhaney

    Soros possibly one of the most evil men on the planet and most likely responsible for the fraud that got Obama elected both times.Soros is a evil,evil man.Doubt it read his bio

    • Soros trolls were all over the blogs connected to conservative news sites during the recent elections. It was known that he was paying many of them to obstruct conservative opinion.

      We also heard about this vote management company connected to him. It was chilling when word came out. I think the only thing we can do is sound the alarm. And pray, of course.

  4. How can we allow a wanted man have anything to do with our elections. He is a nazi sympathizer who turned in jews during the war. Think about it, these machines are not only used for federal level elections but also state and local elections. Petition your states to ban these machines to assure a fair and legal election. Look at what happened in 2012. As far as I’m concerned, if they insist on using these machines every voter should get a receipt copy of their ballot from that machine to keep the corruption out of our elections. Voter fraud was so rampant in 2012, it reminded me of some third world dictator countries. Look at what we have now destroying the country and our freedoms.

    • This subject is so serious that we may want to make a page and category out of it on this blog. Bill, your suggestion that we apply pressure on all government levels to ban these machines is spot on. We need to expose this thing, and start driving our “representatives” crazy until they dump these vote stealing machines into a landfill.

      The honest vote is the one thing that enables the peaceful transfer of power. When the veracity of the vote count ceases to be trusted, the only recourse that remains is submission or bloodshed. We need to work and pray that these two outcomes can be avoided.

      • Perfectly written sentiments that I share 100%.

        How is it that in other countries which have paper ballot elections they manage to count votes w/o these diabolic devices?

        Even in Kanada –I’ve sat as an observer in elections in both Kanada and the US, although I was paid in the US!– where ballots are counted by hand, it’s done in a timely enough manner.

        What’s the hurry? We’ve already waited four years!

        As Occam and Einstein both observed, “Do not multiply beings beyond necessity.” The simplest solution has the least number of parts to go wrong, so let’s rely on observed hand-counted votes, else we continue down this terrible tech error.

  5. Anyone who trusts this creep about anything is already doomed toast.

  6. Romans 1:16
    King James Version (KJV)
    For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

  7. Soros is a WWII Nazi sympathizer and is responsible for assisting the Nazi war machine destroy Jews, and is now counting American votes. What is wrong with this pic.

  8. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Watch the vote counting! Bring back paper and pencil, count them here, by Americans!


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