George Soros is a leading shareholder in Netflix

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Red Pill reports for The Goldwater, March 28, 2018, that Susan Rice, Obama’s national security adviser and UN ambassador, has been hired to Netflix Inc’s board of directors, “but most Americans seem to forget that George Soros is a leading shareholder in the company.

Red Pill is right.

Soros indeed is a leading shareholder in Netflix, through his privately-held investment management firm, Soros Fund Management, which he’d founded in 1969.
According to Wikipedia, Soros Fund Management’s president and deputy chairman is one of George’s demon spawn, Robert Soros. But according to Business Insider, on June 26, 2017, Robert Soros, the 53-year-old eldest son of George Soros, stepped down as deputy chairman and president of Soros Fund Management but remain an owner at the firm. Robert will start his own venture capital firm, Soros Capital.

Soros Fund Management (SFM) has large investments in transportation, energy, retail, financial, and other industries, as well as in public equity and fixed income markets worldwide, foreign exchange, currency, commodity markets, and private equity and venture capital funds.
According to Soros Fund Management‘s latest portfolio, as of December 31, 2017, SFM owns 71,500 shares in Netflix. At the current price of $285.77 per share, the total value of Soros’ shares in Netflix is a whopping $20.43 million.

Soros Fund Management has tentacles all over the U.S. economy and the world. George Soros, via his Soros Fund Management, also owns shares in these well-known companies and many others:

  • Inc: 2,472,188 shares.
  • Time Warner Inc: 361,842 shares.
  • Target Corp: 558,460 shares.
  • Urban Outfitters Inc: 1,023,055 shares.
  • Gap Inc: 998,391 shares.
  • Halliburton Co: 642,500 shares.
  • CBS Corp: 450,000 shares.
  • American Eagle Outfitters Inc: 1,278,162 shares.
  • Aetna Inc: 199,000 shares.
  • General Motors Co: 600,109 shares.
  • Comcast Corp: 700,000 shares
  • Bank of America Corp: 264,600 shares.
  • Microsoft Corp: 57,700 shares.
  • Visa Inc: 21,900 shares.
  • Tribune Media Co: 128,175 shares.
  • Monsanto Co: 174,729 shares.
  • General Electric Co: 42,900 shares.
  • Southwest Airlines Co: 9,300 shares.

Interestingly, Soros Fund Management had sold out its shares in Facebook Inc., well before the eruption of the current scandal engulfing Facebook.
Soros Fund Management portfolio Facebook shares

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41 responses to “George Soros is a leading shareholder in Netflix

  1. Always good to see lists of companies to avoid.

  2. one of the reason i dont like netflix,and all the libtards stuff…anyway,wondering how long we have 2 wait,2 c this garbage evil in jail

  3. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.
    I don’t touch Netflex.

    • Jurist . . . . How can women possibly be that hungry for association, or companionship that they would be sucked into such an evil plot.

      • today’s “feminists”….”woman power” means being sex property

      • Beats me, Lulu. I suspect it’s not either motive you suggest. Instead, today’s young women live such hedonistic lifestyles that, I believe, the real goal is excitement. 50 Shades, etc. They are so used to pleasure and stimulation that they need to get into worse and worse stuff just to feel something.
        I once read the account of a 40-year-old man who’s a lifelong sex addict. He laments the change in young women these days. He says that in the past there was some courtship and romance required, but the girls these days just want to jump right in the back seat of the car and they demand to be choked and slapped. Even though he’s a pervert, he’s disgusted.
        Our nation has rejected Christ, so now we reap savagery.

  4. Dr Eowyn . . . God Bless you for posting this excellent article today. In yesterday’s news, I did see where Netflix had hired Susan Rice to sit on their board . . . . I spent about 15 minutes thinking about “can I live without having a subscription to Netflix?” After my thinking time was up, I called Netflix, told them I was cancelling because of their action of taking on Rice (I object strongly to her, because of her role in trying to persuade the American people that the reason our four brave American men were killed in Benghazi was because of the stupid film that supposedly criticized Mohammed.) I can only hope that there will be other people who will follow suit.
    Reading that Soros had holdings in Netflix only confirmed to me that I did the correct thing in kicking them to the curb.

    • Auntie, I feel the same way about Netflix. Being 14 year subscribers, the way it has turned so far left and deviant made us have this conversation tonight after reading about Rice and now reading about Soros it is a no brainer.
      Soros seems untouchable and if it were anyone else, they would be in jail. After spending over 30 million for the riots and damage done and businesses damaged and nothing done, say plenty. If they can’t arrest him for inciting, what can they do?

  5. ugh….makes sense…it’s a liberal cesspool aka “entertainment”

  6. Netflix really means “NotChicks”. I won’t be having any of that.

  7. No wonder Obama got a deal to develop shows for Netflix…

  8. If sora$$ has his fingers in it they will use it for an alternate motive he would never let an opportunity to brain wash anyone to bend to his way of thinking with movies or anything he might use.
    This man excretes evil from his pores. And his son isn’t much better lock step with him in line to take the helm and steer his money for demonic reasons.

  9. Co-founder of Netflix, Marc Bernays Randolph, is proud to advertise his lineage from the father of propaganda, Edward Bernays, who was a great grand uncle, as well as being the great grand nephew of Sigmund Freud, the Satanist who said, “If the Americans only knew, we are bringing them the plague!” Rice should fit right in, serving the tribe making billions off stolen cinematic technology for a century now and then using their unmerited profits to wage genocidal war against the American people who accepted them in as their equals.

    • Satanist. Michael Hoffman has another term for them as well. Nevertheless, great info, and thank you for sharing it.
      I boycotted Netflix for a while, because it seemed like all they had to offer were LGBT or holocaust films, both of which I had no interest in. I can’t lie, now, I’ll watch some of their foreign programs (I loved the Finnish show, easy living), but, once again the same issue is arising for me. For example, the show Collateral started off well enough, but that too became an agenda-propaganda film/tv, so I turned it off.

      • Good for you, that’s what has to happen. That’s like cable TV has an “American Hero Channel” (AHC). I call it the “American Hebrew Channel”. Virtually EVERYTHING on there is a Jewish plug. Even documentaries I’ve seen elsewhere have special sections added to them on “The Holocaust”, etc..
        Being related to Bernays would not be something to brag about. That’s like saying “my grandfather was the father of manipulation”. When I took Marketing in college I was shocked at the cynicism and deceptive nature of it. Anything hidden in darkness or pretending to be something other than it truly is is evil.

        • In re: to marketing, I had a friend in the 1980’s, a son of an ad exec, tell me, that they (NYC ad execs) all basically follow mein kampf. Nothing else. I just never forgot it. And yes, he who told me was a member of “the tribe.”

  10. I do not understand why President Trump cannot use the (unconstitutional) Patriot Act and the (unconstitutional) NDAA to declare Soros an enemy of the state and arrest him and seize all his assets.
    We know that Soros funds or owns Netflix and a number of other businesses (here in New York, he also has partial ownership of Dinosaur BBQ). But we also need to know his business associations. WHO ELSE is aligned with him? All right, I’ll put it out there: Is he aligned with Chabad? If this is the case (and I am not stating that this is a fact), then that could explain something.
    At any rate, I am sure that the Old Wizzened Prune is in excellent health and will, in all likelihood, live to the age of 120!!!

    • My suspicion is that he is a Rothschild agent. As such, he is protected. Russia, and I believe Hungary, have so declared him. He has international warrants out on him but I don’t think with any EU countries and certainly not here.
      He is clearly guilty of numerous felonies. He is also a main distribution point for the Rothschild’s manufactured fiat money. If you want an illustration of what happens to people who try to extricate themselves from fiat money look at Gaddafi. In that case Hillary served as an agent.
      It seems Gaddafi had accumulated sufficient gold reserves to have an actual economy. They didn’t want that. No fiat money, no control.

    • Yes. He is (aligned w chabad). Imo.

    • Not to mention the billions Soros gave to colleges in order to have a say in their curriculum. And we wonder what is happening to our colleges.

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  12. I just want to say how proud and blessed I feel to have Mr. Greg Abbott as my governor. He’s definitely one in a million.

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    George Soros ist ein führender Gesellschafter Netflix

  14. Just a tip, the image at top of article makes the rest seem invalid… Should have just used Soros instead of adding that other thing, whatever it is.. Most won’t go any further after seeing that, because it makes it look like fake news and hype. I did check the resources, thanks for posting this.

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    Don’t like Netflix anyway. Amd to sign the Obamas is hilarious! If their series tanks it would send a message that they are not interesting even to their own cult followers..

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