George Clooney gives anti-Trump speech at César Awards: ‘Don’t let hate win’

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Trump won. Get over it.
Via Yahoo: While he’s not nominated for an Oscar this year, George Clooney did take home the French equivalent of the Academy’s golden statue at the César ceremony.
Touted beforehand as “the most charismatic actor of his generation,” the Ocean’s Eleven star and his wife Amal, pregnant with their twins, brought Hollywood glamor to Paris at the Salle Pleyel on Friday. Dressed in his signature black Armani tuxedo and bow tie, Clooney looked dashing next to his wife, who showed off her baby bump in a fitted white gown tapered with an ombré of ostrich feathers.
The father-to-be was honored with a career award at the ceremony, along with French film legend Jean Paul Belmondo, who also received a Lifetime Tribute during the evening.
After a lengthy clip real of his greatest hits, Clooney was called onstage by host Jerome Commandeur. Greeted with a standing ovation, Clooney thanked the crowd saying, “Merci, merci” several times. Commandeur then invited Oscar winner Jean Dujardin, Clooney’s Monuments Men costar, to present him with the César d’Honneur. The former costars embraced, and Clooney, excusing himself to the audience for his “horrible” French, asked Dujardin to translate for him.
The duo proceeded to bring down the house, as his former costar gently ribbed him by purposefully mistranslating his speech, adding words like “handsome” to Clooney’s description of himself. The speech also got political, with Clooney cautioning the audience, “As we stand here today the world is going through some pretty momentous changes, not all for the best.” He added, “As citizens of the world we’re going to have to work harder and harder not to let hate win.” At some point during Clooney’s measured words, Dujardin added on his own, “Donald Trump is a dangerous for the world.”
As for his expectant wife, Clooney gushed, “To my wife Amal, there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not proud to be your husband. And I am excited about the years to come, and particularly the months to come. I love you very much.”
Clooney was in France last May for the world premiere of Money Monster at the Cannes Film Festival. His next directing project, Suburbicon, is slated for release later this year.
The César Awards is an annual ceremony recognizing the top achievements in the French film industry and is comparable to the American Oscars. Last year’s honorary César — an award named after the French sculptor who designed it — went to  Michael Douglas. Past honorees have included Scarlett Johansson, Sean Penn, Johnny Depp and Sylvester Stallone.
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0 responses to “George Clooney gives anti-Trump speech at César Awards: ‘Don’t let hate win’

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Not [A]nother actor acting stupid…………

  3. Another reminder that Clooney, in real life without scriptwriters, can’t actually produce something like this:

  4. Oscar’s awards are tonight and there’ll be politics galore. Be sure to boycott it!

  5. Clooney has a booze business that needs cheap labor. It’s about the love of money, not the love for his fellow human beings.

  6. Added to my NO GO list.

  7. I never “got” these award shows;traditionally,the more awards a show or actor got,the more worthless it turned out to be.I guess I’m not good at the kind of “group-think” that attracts their fan-base.
    A noteable exception was “Titanic”,which won a lot of awards,as did many of its actors,and I liked it a lot. Of course this was before actors were using their movies,and their individual success in them,to attempt to control America’s political thinking,and the Titanic’s story has always fascinated me anyway.

  8. Gee…I wonder how many illegal immigrants/refugees George and Amal have living with them? I’m sure that with their vast wealth, they must have at least hundreds.
    I hope France keeps the big fat hypocrites!

    • Amen to that! They are just another couple who thinks they are “above all the riff raff (peons,) yet they spout spout all this love thy neighbor rhetoric . . . yet they do not personally act on it . . . that’s just for the rest of us to follow. I would love to see their exclusive mansions and palatial hideaways overrun with the Muslim hoards of invaders . . . then let’s see what they have to say.
      On the other hand, we have seen Trump follow through with the promises he made while on the campaign trail. He is showing by his actions that he actually loves his fellow countrymen, and he is trying to shore up their personal and family interests.
      Now, guess which of these men truly “loves his neighbor?” It certainly is not the suave Mr Clooney. I would flush him down the toilet in a nano-second! I find him rather odious, and completely repulsive!

  9. The inhabitants of ‘Bubblewood’ just love to love themselves.

  10. he should just stick to acting and leave politics alone….

  11. I am not sure where he comes up with the hate statement. We have a President that loves his country, his family and the freedom of opportunity to be the best we can be. The only hate we have been shown comes from he left.
    Ole George is being led around by his you know what by a wife that doesn’t see life as we do.

  12. George’s political views are irrelevant to real Americans. I have to admit, when he was in his 30’s, I thought he was rather handsome, but aging has done him few favors. At 55, he looks 65. Maybe he’ll still be around to see his in-vitro induced children graduate from college.

  13. Could he be suffering from NPD?
    Dr Drew Pinsky recently teamed with Dr. S. Mark Young to conduct the first-ever study of narcissism among celebrities. In the process, they discovered that a high proportion of stars suffer from traits associated with clinical narcissism—including vanity, exhibitionism, entitlement, exploitativeness, self-sufficiency, authority, and superiority.
    Links –
    The Mirror Effect: How Celebrity Narcissism Is Seducing America
    Narcissism and celebrity
    Narcissistic Personality Disorder Symptoms

    • “they discovered that a high proportion of stars suffer from traits associated with clinical narcissism”
      No surprise there, but it’s still good to get empirical confirmation.

    • I recall Nassim Taleb making the statistical point in his Fooled By Randomness that stardom is the result of a selection process that in fact guarantees mediocrity over merit. Blatant mediocrities like Clooney and the rest are therefore legitimately distinguished as “stars” only by what sets them apart from other untalented mediocrities, which is the former’s narcissism, hedonism, and that hypocritical humanitarianism belied by their personal lives. This stratagem of Satanic evil is somewhat different from that faced in the age of the Christian martyrs under the Roman Empire, but it is the one we’ve been privileged to meet in spiritual battle. Let’s not lose sight of this spiritual privilege, meet them in battle, and so drive these evil bastards back into that hell of self-gratification they hope to drag us into with glitter and lies.

  14. I didn’t know the meaning of charismatic was ahole.

  15. Oh, George, you didn’t marry a good American girl, shame on you, instead went outside and married someone far from our beliefs all to get recognition as a man of the world. You smart fellow, George. So start traveling to those countries left behind, donate money to the needy americans, Forget the glamour, the lush living, get down to earth. Bet your kids are going to be born in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, aren’t they George?

  16. His wife looks like a tranny to me. Yeah, I know “they” say she’s pregnant with twins.

  17. Amal – a male.

  18. George’s cousin died last week of throat cancer… Rosemary’s son, Miguel Ferrer. Gotta weigh on his mind. Maybe his comment on hate was RE: ISIS? It was his French translator-friend who made the Trump remark. But yeah, George has gone far & away from his mid-western roots.


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