Geniuses: San Francisco school district gives teacher raises, not sure if they will have revenue to pay for them

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Proposition G (also called the parcel tax) in San Francisco was approved by voters in June 5, 2018. It authorizes San Francisco to levy an annual parcel tax of $298 per parcel of taxable real property in the city for 20 years with revenue provided to the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) to fund educators’ salaries, staffing, professional development, technology, charter schools, and oversight of funding.

As a result, on June 27, the San Francisco Board of Education authorized raises for 3,600 teachers in the amount of a $5,500. They started receiving their raises in late August. (I don’t know which taxpayer fund the checks are coming from.)

And as is typical in big government, bureaucrats did not take the time to review the fine details. Actual monies collected from the parcel tax are in question as to 1) when the revenues will be available and 2) if they’ll be available at all to pay for these raises.

In a report from the SF Chronicle they note:

“The first property tax mailings that would include the Prop. G parcel tax have not yet been mailed to homeowners, [Mayor] Breed said, and the first payments on those taxes aren’t due until December. On top of that, both Breed and the Board of Supervisors have to approve and transfer the funds once they’re collected.

“Neither body has appropriated and transferred SFUSD any funds for this purpose,” Breed said.”

They mayor questioned the “fiscal prudence” of raising wages before the money generated by the measure has even been collected.

There’s also a separate legal challenge to Proposition C – related to commercial rents and education initiatives – that is tied to another suit (known as the Jarvis lawsuit). Read about the whole mess here.

The outcome of that Jarvis lawsuit could have an effect on the parcel tax and whether or not it is an illegal tax. It could in effect, depending upon the outcome, kill the revenue stream for these teachers’ raises.

As a result, the city cannot authorize parcel tax funds to pay for teachers’ raises which they are already receiving.

And that, my friends, is how big government works.


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6 responses to “Geniuses: San Francisco school district gives teacher raises, not sure if they will have revenue to pay for them

  1. Big government works cause they suck it out of the little people, that is the taxpayers.

  2. The madness, the madness of it all!

    We need to check in some way how many minimally rational people are left in our society, as the crazies, looney, and simply silly seem to have begun to preponderate.

  3. Thank heavens for the Howard Jarvis Group: it single-handedly got Prop 13 passed way back in the day (essentially capping property tax for an entire generation of Californians), and it continues to fight to keep Prop 13 viable. Taxation is theft; if anyone else tried to pull this crap on us, we’d never put up with it. “But it’s the GOVERNMENT,” they say. “The money helps all of us,” they say. Well, I say, “B.S.”. We Californians are Taxed Enough Already!

  4. Then they can pass some other ridiculous (and onerous) tax or fee in an attempt to “fix” the problem they created………….. FFS!
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  5. They’ll just round up some illegal aliens (remember, they can vote in school elections), and pass a tax to pay for it. They’ll do it since they don’t work or pay taxes anyway. Remember “kill YT”.

  6. Michael J. Garrison

    If the cancers I have after being stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina haven’t made me a complete idiot yet….then I propose the following (if the teachers want a better wage):
    It was reported just a week or so ago, where people who scoop poop off of San Fran’s sidewalks make 185,000 dollars a year. So change your profession….

    ……and stop shoveling the poop of Common Core.


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