Generation Snowflake: College students don’t know where to buy a postage stamp

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Today’s younger generations are clueless about many, many things.

Many do not know how to change a flat tire, check the air pressure of tires nor the condition of tire threads. With the advent of Uber and Lyft, many don’t even want to own a car.

Many don’t know how to change a blown fuse, read a map or a compass, cook a “real” meal without a microwave, chop wood or stop bleeding with a tourniquet.

Due to having their heads buried in their smart phones, they even struggle with face-to-face communication.

Now it appears they can’t figure out how to send in an absentee ballot because they don’t know where to purchase a stamp.

From a WTOP report:

“A Fairfax County focus group this summer found many college students who have gotten an absentee ballot simply fail to send it back because a U.S. Postal Service stamp seems to be a foreign concept to them.

“One thing that came up, which I had heard from my own kids but I thought they were just nerdy, was that the students will go through the process of applying for a mail-in absentee ballot, they will fill out the ballot, and then, they don’t know where to get stamps,” Lisa Connors with the Fairfax County Office of Public Affairs said.

“That seems to be like a hump that they can’t get across.”

The focus group included college interns from across numerous county departments.

“They all agreed that they knew lots of people who did not send in their ballots because it was too much of a hassle or they didn’t know where to get a stamp,” Connors said.

“Across the board, they were all nodding and had a very spirited conversation about ‘Oh yeah, I know so many people who didn’t send theirs in because they didn’t have a stamp.’”

Read the whole story here.

Maybe someone should develop an app to teach kids some basic life skills.


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24 responses to “Generation Snowflake: College students don’t know where to buy a postage stamp

  1. How did young Americans become so stupid so quickly?
    God help us.

  2. I blame their parents. And, if need be, their parents before them. We are living in the early era of idiocracy.

  3. I’m sure the NEA is still proud of themselves despite any shortcomings.

  4. CogitoErgoSumantra

    “…they don’t know where to purchase a stamp.”

    Well, I recently went to the local P.O. to buy some stamps and to mail a letter. It was after hours, so I went to the machine where you stick a dollar in and it spits out a stamp. But it had been replaced by an elaborate, computerized behemoth.

    It asked me to place the envelope on a scale. It weighed it. It asked me to input the zip to which it was addressed. It asked the street name, then the address. It asked me to verify the location it had determined.

    It then asked me how I’d be paying for it. It asked for my CC# and secure code. It asked if I wanted certified mail, a signature, insurance, or delivery to a specific individual. It tallied up the costs. It asked if I’d like to make any additional purchases (I did- bought more stamps). It printed the stamps (metered for the letter + forever stamps for later) and spit them out. It printed out the signature-required stamp and spit it out. It told me where to place each on the envelope, along with a diagram. It told me to place Priority stickers on both sides of the envelope, aided by diagrams. It then told me where and how to deposit the envelop in a special drum next to the machine.

    I found this all very protracted and strange; it took maybe 15 minutes or more for what previously would have taken me 15 SECONDS at a window, or maybe a minute with the old machine (although I’d have forgone the extras). And it was all done by AI and a fancy big computer screen, full color, motion, etc.

    Next time, I’ll just hit up the hardware or grocery store and do it the old way.

    • Yep, they don’t know where to get stamps, but they know where to get marijuana, get high on electronic cigarettes, they know how to be nasty, disrespectful and obnoxious and listen to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, that’s right, they are snowflakes that landed on sh…t and don’t know how to get out of it. “I want my mami”!

  5. It isn’t entirely their/our fault, or the fault of parenting. I listened to an inspired Christian on youtube (haven’t seen any bad doctrine from him so far, and will keep looking just in case) recently, who had this one guy report on just exactly what chemtrails are made of.

    Aluminum and other toxic metals. As someone who has dealt with what Alzheimers can do, watched the deterioration process up close, seen what Aluminum-based flouride “mouthwash” can do to ones’ own mind… it is obvious our very brains are in factually under continual and DEADLY assault.

    Ignoring social engineering, many of us younger gens are suffering from acute physical damage from these chemical extermination protocols, as well as electromagnetic systems, which were recently declassified, and something for all FOTM members to research. Will try to provide a link below on it.

    As we approach the End, the enemy is attacking our physical bodies just as hard as they do our hearts, ensuring that even if we overcome the social engineering, to whatever extent, we are mentally and physicalled crippled or handicapped regardless.

    For instance, the murderous vaccine nightmare ensures many children become Aspergers, i.e, high-functioning autistic. Electronics effect such people in more direct ways than people with undamaged brain development, and so many of these children are glued to their cell-phones because of this. They cannot help it so long as they exist. The solution is to take those things away from them by force. Otherwise, they will keep going back, alas, as I often do to my computer. As many of us do, nowadays.

    On the topic of social interaction, that too is a sign of the extinction protocol damage. The increasingly Autistic-inclined, with damaged psyches thanks to the heavy metal pollution, are simply not equipped to emotionally handle it.

    A factor often left out is the documented and self-confessed Mk.Ultra style programming, which I am convinced affects ALL Americans, possibly Humanity worldwide. It is this programming against which we Awakened Ones in the truth community fight daily when reasoning with our awakened relatives and friends. There is no telling how badly some have been affected by this, nor to what extent the successor mind engineering programs have evolved. It For instance, the information released (and the link above should tell the story, or at least mention it), was by apparent accident to a request on ANITFA to the unconstitutional Fusion Centers (Spy Centers). Apparently someone wanted to reveal the truth about how ANTIFA is created, by implication of how the info was leaked.

    That aside, there is the social engineering problem. Add standard human sin, a culture that supports sin, particularly narcissism, a particularly awful form of narcissism that revolves around not promoting one’s ego, but disparaging it to the point of suicidal nihilism (I have suffered from this and see it happen in others), and we have the culture we do now.

    And that doesn’t include what the demonic forces are doing. My personal life was afflicted badly by them, and we all know CERN’s activities are likely making this FAR worse as days go by.

    Truly, my complaint about fellow members of the newer generations is not basic life knowledge. That can be easily acquired when it is necessary, and, unfortunately, technology will ALWAYS provide what amounts to a cheat option whereby coming into that knowledge is as easy as finding a google search terminus.

    It is the causes of this snowflake psyche that horrify me, and where it is leading. The tragedy is that, those who have this psyche are indeed as fragile as snowflakes, but are so because of the intricate psychological engineering and damage. Once that’s destroyed, they become violent and barbaric, lacking all moral restrained. The military, included its poorly disguised domestic force, snatch these broken men and women up first and foremost.

    May the Lord Jesus Christ rescue our hearts and strengthen us, for the days of desolation are nigh at the door, and they will not stop to knock. One minute, all will seem well, and then the next terror will catch aflame the walls of our houses, and torment beneath our feet. Patient Endurance and the True Messiah’s deliverance are our only hope.

    A note on Qanon: he has finally “confirmed” Aliens. This proves Trump is still operating within Satan’s plan. For we Christians should all know on here what “aliens” truly are, and that they do not come from distant stars, but from Hell. The consolidation of the US will soon complete. The Commander of Chaos will right the damage done by his pathetic rivals, and ensure for the Dragon a strong instrument and throne to do his wicked will.

    Three wars did our enemies “prophesy”. Two have passed, and been carried out to the letter. The third, which is to destroy Christendom, is already underway. Its first acts are done, and now it seems the next is being well laid. I did not want to believe it, I prayed it could be stopped, but what has been ordained will not be prevented. Our nation’s sins are not blotted out.

    May the Lord Jesus have mercy on the children of my family for what we, their elders, have done and failed to do. We have reaped for them a righteous calamity. The calm before the storm is here, but it will get calmer yet before the lightning.

    • That’s all very interesting. I don’t see that younger generations are simply “damaged” anymore than previous ones. Many have ALWAYS been joiners. All it takes are joiners and propaganda.

      Schools used to see at least part of their duties as helping to make good citizens. This meant teaching people to discuss their differences and to respect others even if we disagreed with them.

      Further, it was an unspoken given that, in a society, there must be norms. What is acceptable must be understood. Those who choose to live outside of those norms should not expect a warm reception. That is because they represent a threat to the society at large.

      In our day we are in the midst of a deliberate attempt to destroy our history and our civilization. I can see no other explanation. I think I know who is at the bottom of it.

      Regardless of “who” is driving it, we must resist, not embrace, this effort. Why would television be pushing these changes? Why is it necessary to constantly demand acceptance of questionable premises?

      The controllers know that it is too late for some of the population. That is why they are attempting to make us irrelevant. They are focusing their efforts on the young. It shows.

  6. I love watching a group of snowflakes in distress. They are absolutely helpless. I worked for 10 years at a large liberal college and saw many episodes of pure lunacy from them… One perfumed little he-she lost his phone down an elevator shaft when it slipped between the door and car floor. This little freak came totally unglued at the loss of his phone as he was threatening to sue the school and kill himself all in the same breath… I can not count the number of times I saw one trip or walk into something while texting. Sadly this is the future. We are SCREWED!!

  7. I really think that the phones have been the main implement of destruction. Before and ancillary to that were the laptops. It is to enticing to retreat into a world of one’s own making.

    Instead of insisting that they turn them off, we accommodate them. In college, the policies should ensure that interpersonal skills are practiced. I don’t, however, think that college, or even public school, is the place to learn about postage.

    I once had to certify young engineers in government contracting and I was amazed at how little they knew. These were people from good schools with graduate degrees. Most couldn’t string five words together into a coherent sentence. I literally had to do remedial English with them.

    But, their universities delivered that prize. Just like those I-Phones deliver that instant gratification.

    • I know a teacher who lets high school kids use their smart phones during class. They LITERALLY have panic attacks if they can’t access them.

      It’s scary…

      • Interesting. To me that would be the LAST thing to do. I think they should make them leave them in their lockers or something. Who would want to teach a class full of students looking at their phones?

        I know what you mean though. When I meet with young people (late 20’s early 30’s) they are constantly looking at their phones. It is obsessive. When I have meetings I insist that they turn them off and put them away.

        I find it interesting that I resent them while others seem to love them. I resented answering machines for home phones. I finally got one and soon found that people DEMAND a reply. For the first part of my life it was quite common to simply decide not to answer a ringing phone. From there it really wasn’t a “requirement” to call someone back.

        I still believe that I do not have to respond to a telephone (or an email). People’s sense of privacy has been turned upside down. Also, work times were defined. It was bad form to bother someone with work-related issues when they were not working. Now, a lot of people never stop. That is largely due to the ability to reach them wherever they are.

      • My daughter was able to use hers while in high school. She didn’t panic, but the use of phones in class is virtually everywhere.

    • I fought laptop computers (“Why would I want to be attached to the damn thing?”), cellphones (a devolution in telecom quality from which we’ve yet to recover), and finally, smartphones. I fought with every fiber of my being, I truly did. I saw what this technology was doing to people, and I didn’t want that to happen to me.

      At some point, I saw that I was among a tiny group of people comprised mostly of the aged. Everyone else had instant access to EVERYTHING: GPS that talked to you, 411 “information”, movie schedules (and pre-purchased tickets and seat assignments!), travel itineraries and tickets, podcasts and music, movies and books, parking spot identifiers. Everything. So I gave in. And now, I don’t know what I’d do without it. If I lost it, I’d panic (literally), and I HATE that feeling. I wouldn’t panic if I lost my HUSBAND (I’m not generally the panicky type), but I would over a device? How sick is THAT? And I’m not as hooked as most people are: I don’t walk into traffic, or text while driving (ever), or check Facebook while grocery shopping. But it has changed a great many of my behaviors, and it has hooked me in precisely the way I feared it would: I’m now dependent on the damned thing, too.

      And has anyone else noticed the limiting of content available online? Anyone else feeling like they’ve “seen it all”? They got us trapped in these little boxes, and now the boxes are getting even smaller still…

      • I think you’ve got it nailed. It isn’t the technology itself, its how its used. I am deeply (perhaps insanely?), suspicious of stuff that is “imposed” on us. The harder the push to get us to use it, the greater is my resistance.

        Let’s face it, if I like my life, why do I need an “improvement”? I have all those gadgets on my phone and in my car but I seldom use them. In fact, I doubt if I’ve used but a tiny portion of them at all. Not only that, I’m not interested in finding out.

        I don’t want to “look down”. I want to look up. I don’t want to see someone else’s version of reality. I want to see my own.

        I’m almost pathological about it. I go nuts in stores where they try to gather information. I refuse any “application” no matter HOW easy its supposed to make my life. I’m fine just like it is.

        In other words, to mirror what I think you said, I don’t want to be dependent. I strongly suspect that somebody wants us to be precisely that.

        Look at how many people want to be “enhanced”. They actually see that as a “good” thing. All of it is a form of control.

        As to “content”, I have noticed that it seems more limited. I surely don’t use Google. That is a great example, however. Now that we’re “hooked” they are going to start controlling what we’re “allowed” to see.

      • Yes I have noticed the limiting of content available online. Especially when it comes to researching liberal stuff for my blog posts (i.e., bad/stupid stuff liberals do.) Also, getting accurate firearm statistics and data is hard.

        And getting state legislation information is hard. I think in part due to the politicians making it impossible to find out what they are actually doing..

        It’s like the powers that be don’t want us knowing the truth or something…

      • Another example…On Sundays, MyFoxChicago would run a story with a weekend tally of total shootings. A while ago they switched to doing daily total shooting articles. So you have to search for three articles to get the weekend totals. Wonder why they switched to that?….

        • I agree. Remember during SHES how the once public records became “private”? Many of us complained. It isn’t the particular item that’s important. Once a precedence has been established it happens everywhere.

          None of these things we write about are happening by accident. We are all being squeezed into their box. I can’t emphasize how important I find it that we realize the fact that they don’t ask for permission and they don’t announce what they’ve done.

          The only thing that slows them down is sunlight. The more light we shine on their wicked manipulations the better. If they can control what we’re allowed to see it helps their efforts.

  8. They cannot be blamed, and it doesn’t matter, anyway. Not since Abraham Lincoln invented the internet, at least.

  9. This is what vaccines get you… minimal cranial activity.


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