Gen. McChrystal Resigns; Fired

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UPDATE: Obama fired McChrystal (h/t beloved Fellow Anon).
Toby Harnden, the UK Daily Telegraph’s man in Washington, reports that General Stanley McChrystal has offered his resignation to Obama “after he was summoned to the White House to explain derisive comments he made about the US leader and his administration” which were published in the magazine Rolling Stone. What remains is for Obama to accept or reject his resignation.
Actually, most of those “derisive” (but true!) comments were made by McChrystal’s staff. Indeed, Rolling Stone managing editor Will Dana told Washington Post’s Greg Sargent that all the quotes dissing Obama and his administration came directly from members of McChrystal’s inner circle — people who have been very close to McChrystal for a long time. “These are high level people in McChrystal’s inner circle,” Dana says. “It’s a very close knit group. They see themselves as a real team. They are connected like an offensive line in a football team. These are people who have been loyal to him.”
Here are the relevant excerpts from Michael Hasting’s article, “The Runaway General,” in the July 8-22, 2010 issue of the Rolling Stone, which will be on newsstands this Friday, June 25:

The general prides himself on being sharper and ballsier than anyone else, but his brashness comes with a price: Although McChrystal has been in charge of the war for only a year, in that short time he has managed to piss off almost everyone with a stake in the conflict. Last fall, during the question-and-answer session following a speech he gave in London, McChrystal dismissed the counterterrorism strategy being advocated by Vice President Joe Biden as “shortsighted,” saying it would lead to a state of “Chaos-istan.” The remarks earned him a smackdown from the president himself, who summoned the general to a terse private meeting aboard Air Force One. The message to McChrystal seemed clear: Shut the fuck up, and keep a lower profile.

…[McChrystal] and his staff imagine the general dismissing the vice president with a good one-liner. “Are you asking about Vice President Biden?” McChrystal says with a laugh. “Who’s that?” “Biden?” suggests a top adviser. “Did you say: Bite Me?”
The general’s staff is a handpicked collection of killers, spies, geniuses, patriots, political operators and outright maniacs. There’s a former head of British Special Forces, two Navy Seals, an Afghan Special Forces commando, a lawyer, two fighter pilots and at least two dozen combat veterans and counterinsurgency experts. They jokingly refer to themselves as Team America, taking the name from the South Park-esque sendup of military cluelessness, and they pride themselves on their can-do attitude and their disdain for authority.
…this tight-knit group represents the most powerful force shaping U.S. policy in Afghanistan. While McChrystal and his men are in indisputable command of all military aspects of the war, there is no equivalent position on the diplomatic or political side.

…In private, Team McChrystal likes to talk shit about many of Obama’s top people on the diplomatic side. One aide calls Jim Jones, a retired four-star general and veteran of the Cold War, a “clown” who remains “stuck in 1985.” Politicians like McCain and Kerry, says another aide, “turn up, have a meeting with Karzai, criticize him at the airport press conference, then get back for the Sunday talk shows. Frankly, it’s not very helpful.” Only Hillary Clinton receives good reviews from McChrystal’s inner circle. “Hillary had Stan’s back during the strategic review,” says an adviser. “She said, ‘If Stan wants it, give him what he needs.’ ”

McChrystal reserves special skepticism for Holbrooke, the official in charge of reintegrating the Taliban. “The Boss says he’s like a wounded animal,” says a member of the general’s team. “Holbrooke keeps hearing rumors that he’s going to get fired, so that makes him dangerous. He’s a brilliant guy, but he just comes in, pulls on a lever, whatever he can grasp onto. But this is COIN, and you can’t just have someone yanking on shit.”

What should disturb the American people are not the “derisive” comments that puncture the egos of some politicians. What should concern us is that the media blew this all up into a pseudo crisis that distracts from the really important issues discussed in the Rolling Stone article — which is that the Afghan war is not going well for America. From the article:

When it comes to Afghanistan, history is not on McChrystal’s side. The only foreign invader to have any success here was Genghis Khan – and he wasn’t hampered by things like human rights, economic development and press scrutiny…. But even if he somehow manages to succeed, after years of bloody fighting with Afghan kids who pose no threat to the U.S. homeland, the war will do little to shut down Al Qaeda, which has shifted its operations to Pakistan….  Even those closest to McChrystal know that the rising anti-war sentiment at home doesn’t begin to reflect how deeply fucked up things are in Afghanistan. “If Americans pulled back and started paying attention to this war, it would become even less popular,” a senior adviser to McChrystal says.
…After nine years of war, the Taliban simply remains too strongly entrenched for the U.S. military to openly attack. The very people that COIN seeks to win over – the Afghan people – do not want us there. Our supposed ally, President Karzai, used his influence to delay the offensive….
Today, as McChrystal gears up for an offensive in southern Afghanistan, the prospects for any kind of success look bleak. In June, the death toll for U.S. troops passed 1,000, and the number of IEDs has doubled. Spending hundreds of billions of dollars on the fifth-poorest country on earth has failed to win over the civilian population, whose attitude toward U.S. troops ranges from intensely wary to openly hostile. The biggest military operation of the year – a ferocious offensive that began in February to retake the southern town of Marja – continues to drag on, prompting McChrystal himself to refer to it as a “bleeding ulcer.” In June, Afghanistan officially outpaced Vietnam as the longest war in American history….

The Telegraph‘s Foreign Editor Adrian Michaels thinks that the Rolling Stone set up McChrystal:

There isn’t very much in the Rolling Stone article requiring an apology from General McChrystal…. If he does resign, it should not be because of perceived slurs against the White House. They’re not there.
…[McChrystal] has been the victim of journalist hype. It is the magazine’s editors that call the White House “wimps”, and it is the author that uses almost every f-word in the piece, gratuitously, gratingly, and not while quoting anyone. The only f-word used by someone else is a Brit saying how much some people love McChrystal’s habit of showing up on patrol.
Let’s be clear: Barack Obama may still want McChrystal to resign. The general gave long, close and after-hours access to a journalist and also apparently made no complaints when Rolling Stone sent him a pre-publication copy. That this represents poor judgment, and that this is not the first instance of his poor judgment, is indisputable.
But of the inflammatory quotations and asides, I think it is safe to say they’re mostly ill-judged wisecracks. One in particular from a McChrystal aide about Joe Biden is specifically meant to be a joke. McChrystal also laughs about not wanting to open an email from Richard Holbrooke, and exhibits a reluctance to have a posh dinner in France. Some aides need to wash their mouths out. That really is about it.
There is very little in the piece that would back up the “runaway” angle. There is almost no difference in policy mentioned between the army and the White House. McChrystal comes off as one of the few people actually building bridges properly with Afghanistan’s difficult government. And it would hardly be the first time that a general and a president have not got on like a house on fire.

With McChrystal gone, our soldiers in Afghanistan are in even more peril, especially given the demonstrably incompetent administration in Washington and a Commander-in-Chief who can’t even properly pronounce the word “corps.”
Pray for our soldiers….

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0 responses to “Gen. McChrystal Resigns; Fired

  1. What a mess this is…
    Wonder how much of a role The Traitor’s admin played in this…think anyone planted a seed w/Rolling Stone? Gotta remember they play Chicago politics. At this point, and with all the failures of the admin, I believe anything is possible.

  2. DCG,
    I would not put anything past Osama and his gang of thugs. However, McChrystal may well have been fed up with Osama and decided on his own to go public. This would be a disaster for Osama considering McChrystal was one of his staunch supporters during the campaign.
    Now I know he has been of late criticizing Osama for his handling of the war in Afghan and it is possible the administration decided he was becoming an embarrassment to them and set him up…anything’s possible

    • True…McChrystal probably was fed up w/the disgrace of a CIC we now have in office. Guess we’ll never know all the details unless McChrystal comes out w/an autobiography in the future…
      Wonder how the lefties are going to handle this newest development, that Petraeus is his replacement. Just a couple years ago he was “Betray Us” and now back in charge under The Traitor…

  3. William D. Cummings

    The U. S. policy in the middle east is following the mandate of the populace which is to get out of war. Obama is doing what he was elected for. McCrystal has designs to perpetuate conflict and other leaders and countries are well aware of his John Wayne arrogance. The war in the Middle East and killing should end NOW, and if the gun-happy general can’t follow the administrations and peoples will, he should be disgraced and fired. Same for anybody else that refuses to do their assigned task. No general should possess the means to create policy, only the people through elected officials can do this. Obama set the attack-dog up perfectly and allowed him to morph into his true shape-shift, a self-righteous killer on the loose. HOORAY!!

  4. Cummings,
    Your stupidity requires no reply.

  5. I posted the following at NB a little while ago:
    “Just the idea of a man like Gen. McChrystal, who has risked his life for this country numerous times, being dressed down by a former community organizer whose only real accomplishment is prowling Chicago neighborhoods, stapling 8.5 x 11″ sheets of BS on power poles, and walking the streets with a clipboard and bullhorn pissing off the mooch, leach and tick classes, makes me want to choke, hurl and puke.
    Barack Hussein Obama is unfit to hold the office of POTUS, much less the position of CIC, and is unworthy of occupying the same room as Gen. McChrystal, as he one thousand times the man Obama will ever be.
    I may still have some respect the office itself, but I hold nothing but dripping contempt for the incompetent punk currently occupying it.
    God help this country, as I truly do not see how much lower we could sink than this.”

  6. Just in: Fired!

  7. Just want to point out that opinions are neither true nor false.

    • Opinions are statements about VALUES: what’s good or bad, right or wrong; what we think should or should not be. But the FACTS upon which we base our opinions are either true or false.
      As an example, my opinion is that cigarette smoking is bad for us. That’s a value judgement, which I am obliged to provide justifications/reasons. I explain that what I mean by “bad” refers to health, and I make the empirical or factual statement that “Smoking leads to bad health.” I am then obliged to provide FACTS (scientific studies and statistical data) showing smoking’s strong correlation with such diseases as cancer (lung, throat, etc.) and heart disease. Those FACTS are either true or false.
      If my FACTS are true, and you share my VALUE of good health, then you’ll agree with me that “Smoking is bad for us.”

  8. William D. Cummings

    It is my understanding that the current strategy in Afghanistan was the brainchild of McChrystal. He was supplied with his requested troop surge to the dismay of left-wingers, by Obama, with the stipulation of a date in 2011 for withdrawal out of that country. It appears that the “good” General was failing in his own game plan and needed an honorable way out. So he committed hari-khari. Any intelligent person in any chain-of-command scenario, be it private or military knows that strong personal criticisms of powerful people above your pay grade will eventually lead to what happened to McChrystal. Since we know that the General wasn’t born yesterday, the next question would be, “why did he commit suicide”?

    • Or it may be that McChrystal can see the handwriting on the wall of the coming crash of the Obama presidency, and is jumping ship before he’s dragged down into the vortex.

  9. Willie D,
    McChrystal only got about half the troops he requested, and it took Obama forever and two weeks to finally send them over.
    The talibastards were not only reading about it all in the newspapers, but in between bouts of rolling on the cave floor and laughing their turbans off at the ineptitude of the former community agitator pretending to be an actual CIC, were no doubt planning effective counters to an undermanned force.
    After all, they had plenty of time to prepare.
    Good thing Obama wasn’t CIC in WWII, else we would be posting in German or Japanese, depending on which end of the country we resided in.

  10. William D. Cummings

    Good Point, but, why would a government employee subservient to all political parties and subject to any and every administration since joining the military, care about the possible negative vortex of the current one. Especially since an in-house power only lasts at the minimum for 4 years. If he was unhappy, why couldn’t he just resign without the public slurs and keep his career intact?

  11. William D. Cummings

    To Dave:
    It is a known fact that no country has ever defeated the Afghans, and in fact, congress held up the request for troops. Not Obama. Besides, he was elected on a ticket to end conflict, not perpetuate it. It was a stretch to deploy troops scheduled to come home from Iraq, into Afghanistan in the first place.. The country we are fighting has done us no harm and we shouldn’t even be in the vicinity. Bring the troops home to their families who need them.

    • the reason the fraud held up sending troops,was he was purposely waiting for the poppy crop to mature! Yea,William bring them home to get the muslim POS out of our country before they kill many,many Americans. You have obviously shown your colors here,and they are not American values.

  12. William D. Cummings

    To Tina:
    What American values do you possess that I am lacking? Please elaborate. The current state of affairs was in place before this administration took office and the war situation falls into that category, along with other important issues like world economics and foreign policy. What category does the poppy field misinformation fall into.?

  13. William,don’t forget the commies have been in control since 06! you really don’t want me to elaborate,I’m so damned mad right now,it would not be pretty.

    • William D. Cummings

      To Tina:
      I am not attempting to upset you., just share opinions pertaining to what others feel of the McChrystal situation. Forgive me if I am the cause of your anger. It is only a discussion in which none of us plays an integral part, so, we, you and I, can only give what amounts to our feelings, which can be construed as opinions. Nothing more. Nothing less. What happened in ’06?

  14. The Afghan war is hopeless. What moron would think that a western country could tame a 100% muslim country? The only reason American troops are there is to be slaughtered, compliments of our muslim cic. McChrystal knew this.

  15. russell collins

    Winning the war can very easy, but moral fabric of america would be tarnished, number is to stop the funding from drugs.reeducation, bring jobs and prosperity, when people are are eating well and watching their children grow up, they tend to be more peacful, get more m illitary support from other muslim countries, because most of the recruits are coming those other so call nutral countries. we can also do one better, foget about collateral damage, we could win this war without any loss of life on our side, our morality prevents us from wholesale destruction, but if we were ever bent on conquering the world, then god help them all. we have tremendous fire power, but we use only a tenth of what we have in our arsenal. quit saying the world cant be won, what we see now is greedy government official taking advantage of the war to use tax payer money. the war can be won. because we beleive in jesus christ.
    remember WWII, When all seemed lost. we set the world free, not our government, but the men in women who fought the battle on the ground and air.


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