Geithner Gets Grilled – On the Record

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It took a tough lady from Toledo to get the job done!  Bravo!
H/T Kelleigh

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0 responses to “Geithner Gets Grilled – On the Record

  1. Turbo Tax Timmy, Paulson, and Bernanke should be behind bars.

  2. Dave, you nailed it. I want them in Leavenworth like Terry Lakin was.
    No Club Fed with personal trainers and cooking classes for them .

  3. “Tim the Tax Cheat” should have never been put in this position. He can expect much more of this. The money that has been syphoned from the taxpayers hopefully some can be recouped. Even if its not,the satisfaction in the end will be,seeing everyone of these crooks dealt with,accordingly. Now,I must send this around to everyone I know.

  4. How I wish we have more Congress critters as Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur! She’s darn impressive, despite being a Democrat. 😉
    First elected to the House in 1983, Kaptur is the longest serving woman in the House. Though liberal to progressive ideologically, she’s “holds moderately conservative views on abortion. In January 2007, she was the only member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus to vote against funding for stem-cell research. Kaptur has expressed support for the Stupak-Pitts Amendment” to Obamacare. “Kaptur is a staunch opponent of free trade agreements. She helped lead opposition to the North American Free Trade Agreement, Permanent Normal Trade Relations for the People’s Republic of China, and fast track authority for the president. She has consistently supported military spending bills.”

  5. lowtechgrannie

    Thanks for the info, Eo. She sounds like a Tea Party candidate!


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