GEICO Actor Unloads On Obama

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R. Lee Ermey is a retired U.S. Marine Corps drill instructor and an actor. You may remember his breakout performance as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket. He has also been in commercials, including one for GEICO Insurance. 
Recently, Ermey was at a benefit for Toys4Tots and the USO. In this video, at about 2:50 he rips into Obambi.

Semper Fi, Mr. Ermey!
~Eowyn & Steve

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0 responses to “GEICO Actor Unloads On Obama


  2. You go sir!!!
    Full Metal Jacket….ah, loves me that movie!

  3. Semper Fi RLE.
    One of the core values of all Marines: Honesty.

  4. TROLL alert…I posted this on Twitter & lib said FU, it was shameful for him to bash O at fundraiser. Reminded troll how libs used kids to push thru HCR, politics is their game. FYI in case troll has the guts to actually post here…

    • Thanks for the warning, Debbie!
      Indeed, we did get several trolls during the night. We’ve also been under continual troll attack for several days now.
      Come on, all you ugly Obama Orcs! My hobby is troll-Orc hunting!

  5. LOL – I guess ol’ R. Lee won’t be doing any more ads for the Government Employees Insurance Corporation.
    Oh, well – it’s not as though he needs the money – if the IRS doesn’t clean him out in the anal audit we all know is coming his way.

  6. You tell ’em Mr. Ermey!
    And please tell us what we can do to fix America.

  7. Is there a double standard? A voice over guy leaves a private voicemail and is hounded by the right and fired by GEICO and this guy makes a public statement encouraging the overthrow of the commander-in-chief, and the left debates nuance while GEICO is okay with it?


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