Gaystapo Calif high school principal bans Chick-fil-A from campus

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Ventura High School
CBS Los Angeles reports, Sept. 11, 2014, that a high school principal in Ventura County in southern California, has barred a booster club from selling a popular Chick-fil-A sandwich on campus because of the chain’s position on gay marriage.
Val Wyatt, the principal of Ventura High School, told the Ventura County Star that the football booster club could not sell Chick-fil-A sandwiches at Wednesday’s back-to-school night because the restaurant’s beliefs could offend some students and their parents: “With their political stance on gay rights and because the students of Ventura High School and their parents would be at the event, I didn’t want them on campus.”
The club helps pay for everything from food to uniforms for the players and does not charge students to play football.
Ventura High School’s football booster club expected to raise about $1,600 for the school’s football team as the Ventura Chick-fil-A restaurant had volunteered to donate the 200 meals, after having already donated $21,000 to Ventura schools.
Every principal has the discretion to invite community groups or businesses onto their campuses.
Ventura Unified School District Superintendent Trudy Tuttle Arriaga defended Wyatt’s action, saying: “We value inclusivity and diversity on our campus and all of our events and activities are going to adhere to our mission.”
Chick-fil-A’s owner S. Truett Cathy, who recently passed away, was known for his conservative Christian beliefs. His son and now-president of the company, Dan T. Cathy, holds the same views as his father on homosexual marriage. In 2012, then-Chairman of Chick-fil-A, Dan Cathy, publicly denounced homosexual marriage, telling the the Baptist Press that the company was “guilty as charged” for backing “the biblical definition of a family.”


Note: The Left, being known for their peace-loving bleeding hearts, celebrated Truett Cathy’s death. See DCG’s post, “NO H8? S. Truett Cathy, Chick-fil-A founder, dies.


Student Graham Wallace says he agrees with his principal’s decision: “There are gay kids that go to our school, and for them it might be kind of weird.”
Parent Michelle Cisneros, however, does not agree. Cisneros and her daughter say they were so outraged by the principal’s decision, they complained to the school officials. Puncturing the principal’s and superintendent’s lie of “inclusivity” and “diversity,” Cisneros said: “Everybody is embraced. And Chick-fil-A should have been allowed to be here.”

Chick-fil-A is not being banned from donating, however. 

That means Principal Wyatt and Superintendent Arriaga are rank hypocrites.

Here’s contact info:

Trudy Arriaga

Trudy Arriaga

Trudy T. Arriaga, Ed.D
Superintendent, Ventura Unified School District
255 W. Stanley Avenue, Suite 100
Ventura, CA 93001
Val(erie) Wyatt
Principal, Ventura High School
Phone: (805) 641-5116
I searched in vain on the net for a pic of Val Wyatt, who has a bare-bone profile on LinkedIn with 0 connections. Interestingly, the website of Ventura High School has disabled the link to its “Campus Photos.” If you click that link, you are brought to a blank page with the word “Whoops!”
But I did discover that Val is short for Valerie. Val Wyatt is a woman.

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0 responses to “Gaystapo Calif high school principal bans Chick-fil-A from campus

  1. I love it when the info is included to drop a line…
    In your effort to be certain no one is offended, you have offended virtually everyone! Emoji
    It is a sandwich… It was DONATED… You ladies have made it a national issue! Emoji
    Please, rather than worry about what chicken sandwich is given to you FREE…, teach Johnny and Suzi to spell “chicken”. Emoji
    The road to HELL is paved with Political Correctness, and you ladies are “two more cobblestones” in road. EmojiEmoji
    Have a great day and Eat More Chicken! EmojiEmojiEmoji
    ( darn… the emoticons were the best part…)

  2. It amazes me how Liberals like this woman feel justified in shoving their beliefs down the throats of others. Schools have become the breeding ground for these nonsensical left leaning views. They will disrupt 1000 students and their beliefs to over accommodate 2 students. It’s ridiculous!!

  3. I betcha if a muslim bakery wanted to donate cupcakes to the school’s booster club, the principal-fool and STUPID-intendent would be on their knees to greet them. Discrimination against Christians is rampant and a serious mental disorder. I hope that principal and superintendent are “boosted” out of Ventura.

  4. If I were in the school, I would not be giving a dime to the booster club until the sandwich was brought back because the radical homosexual agenda being pushed in the schools ( and just about everywhere else) is offensive to me. I would also be demanding the idiot submit a written apology to the Booster club AND Chick-fil-A. Let me guess, the principal is a lesbian.

  5. Well, they really are indoctrinating students, as usual. News flash kids: not everyone will agree with everything you believe. You’re going to run into this in real life. Grow some thick skin before your precious little snowflake melts.

  6. Trudy Has replied…
    Arriaga, Trudy (
    Such an unkind message. As a Christian, I would never send such hateful words.
    Sent from my iPhone
    I replied back…
    You’re a Christian? HA!

    • Christians are known by their actions, the actions which were chosen, that is, to Take the Money from the restaurant while denying them any presence due to their properly Christian stance in regards to marriage etc. is a sure sign of a hypocrite, and a back-biter, if she claims to be Christian, let her prove it, for as it stands her actions indicate she is nothing more than a pharisee, and decidedly someone who other Christians should not even share a table with. She should understand that her actions do not give Glory to God, but rather render service to the devil, she has every opportunity to repent and make up for the mistake, she should do so.

  7. Are the students allowed to bring in McDonalds and Burger King faggot
    and gay burgers?

  8. High school principal in Ventura County- You’re not a political activist, politician, judge, or Congressman. You’re a freakin nobody school prinicipal. You give out detention. Time these loser school officials were fired or forced to do what they were hired to do- mainly EDUCATE and not try to create law from the prinicipals office. Freaking moron!

  9. I’d like to go on record to say we shouldn’t be denigrating the word “gay” by attributing it to the homosexuals. They stole that word for the express purpose of making homosexuality and sodomy sound less evil and more acceptable to the 98% of America that DON’T swing that way. Regardless of the name it’s called by,it’s STILL a SIN,so why not just call it homosexuality?

  10. I’d show up with a bag full everyday and give this communist bitch the finger as I walked by.

  11. Ladies,
    I have always believed that one should respect other people’s opinions and beliefs. “Live and let live” is a driving force in my life. So when I read a story about two selfish intolerant, politically correct liberal people like you it makes me sick. Someone expresses their opinion that marriage should be between a man and a women ( which I also believe) and you turn him into a bigoted hater. And take an act of community charity and good will towards “your” students and pervert it for your own self serving ideology. I can only hope others see you as I do and quit supporting your indoctrination of their children and school system with a one sided bias that goes against so many of the principles our country and society are based on. Shame on you. You literally make me sick.

  12. Here is the email I sent them both:
    Trudy T. Arriaga, Ed.D,
    Your school’s leader & your support of her decision to not be inclusive by banning a popular restaurant from donating to the sports teams is reprehensible, hypocritical & small minded. How does banning Chik-Fil-A from participating in your school functions promote fairness & tolerance? It doesn’t. You and Principal Wyatt don’t like their beliefs. The restaurant’s beliefs are biblically based, therefore the actions taken by Principal Wyatt & you are anti-Christian. You both may take pride in that, who knows.
    This is a fascinating display of the left’s unbelievable ability to go beyond the boundary of common sense. Your administration’s actions are further evidence that the liberal agenda is deeply ingrained in the educational system, the NEA & the state’s EA.
    Now that the truth has been revealed about your intolerance and bigotry, I truly hope there are repercussions for your proactive hypocrisy.
    Steve Marks

  13. The toad at the NFL that told RG3 he could no longer wear his t-shirt with a slogan that included Jesus, probably educated at this school!

  14. We’ll take your money, but we want nothing to do with you! This is the idiotic non-logic of “Val” and other individuals like her. Please cut your bangs Val, so that we might see your eyes clearly.


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