Gay Superheroes Inspire Homosexual Marriage

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New York Times: Midtown Comics, a hub for New York City comic book fans, has been the site of many news conferences, book signings and midnight sales.  On Wednesday, the store had its first wedding.
In honor of the release of “Astonishing X-Men No. 51,” in which the mutant superhero Northstar marries his boyfriend Kyle, Midtown Comics will present the wedding of Scott Everhart, 39, and Jason Welker, 33, a couple from Columbus, Ohio, who were selected from more than 50 applicants.
“They really stood out as super-fans,” said Thor Parker, the social media and events director at Midtown Comics. The couple met online and had one of their first dates at the 2011 Free Comic Book Day, an annual event to promote the comic book industry.
“It was my first attempt at doing online dating,” said Mr. Welker, and it worked: he abandoned his account on Findfred, a gay dating site, after about two weeks “because the first date went so well.”
The couple had been talking about marriage this spring, but Ohio does not allow same-sex marriages. Then Mr. Everhart, a site manager at an adult day care center, stumbled onto a notice about the Midtown Comics event. “I didn’t say anything to Jason until they notified me and said they were interested and going to interview us,” he said. “That’s when I broke the news to him and kind of proposed at the same time.”
“It’s a huge step for us as a couple, but also for us in the community,” said Mr. Welker, an architect. The men plan to have a follow-up ceremony in Ohio for friends and family who could not make it to New York on such short notice. “My brother will be really angry with me if he doesn’t get to be my best man,” Mr. Welker said.
The new issue balances the usual superhero drama (has a teammate betrayed the X-Men?) with the lead-up to the ceremony and the event itself.  Tangles in the plot include uncertainty about seating arrangements at the reception because of tensions between the X-Men and the Avengers. The special guests include Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, whose drink is chilled by Iceman.
There are also some surprises from characters, not to be named here, who are not supportive of the union. “I do not recognize the validity of the ceremony vows,” says one character who refuses to attend the wedding.  Two other heroes have this conversation: “I’m a progressive guy, but it’s a lot to take in, huh?”  “I’m happy for Northstar and Kyle, but I can’t stop thinking about what my grandma would say about all this.” (Would she pause at Northstar being a mutant, Kyle being black, or both being men?)
The acceptance by comic fans of Northstar and Kyle’s union and of the Midtown Comics event has been, by all accounts, positive.  Gerry Gladston, one of the store’s owners, said that when they announced their search for a gay couple, there were a handful of negative messages, but the supportive ones drowned them out.
Mr. Gladston concurred: “We’re proud to take this opportunity to promote equality and tolerance, which is the message of the X-Men themselves.”
This post isn’t so much about the homosexual wedding (hey, it’s legal there, whatever) as it is about the absurdity of the comic book content.  What kind of kid wants to read about the tensions of seating arrangements at a wedding?
And I’m curious.  They have characters that are not supportive of the union?  It will be interesting to see how tolerant the comic book is of those who have a different opinion on homosexual marriage.

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0 responses to “Gay Superheroes Inspire Homosexual Marriage

  1. It never ends………

  2. “The acceptance by comic fans of Northstar and Kyle’s union and of the Midtown Comics event has been, by all accounts, positive.”
    Translation: The response was not as positive as we thought it would be so we’ll “fudge” the numbers a bit.
    “Gerry Gladston, one of the store’s owners, said that when they announced their search for a gay couple, there were a handful of negative messages, but the supportive ones drowned them out.”
    Translation: We either deleted their comments, buried it or spammed the hell out of it so that only the positive comments remained.
    Deleted: Site owners will remove a content which is either; Abusive, does not fit their agenda, or from a spammer. As a site owner you are well within your right to do that (ITS YOUR SITE!) just don’t lie about your actions.
    Buried: If a user receives enough “Dislikes” your comments become “buried” in other words your comments is automatically “hidden” with a message “this comment has been buried” though you can still see the comment but you have to click on the users name to expand the comment.
    Spammed: Like “buried” people will call a comment as “spam” (this is the left’s favorite weapon) the site host will remove a content if enough people complain that the content is from a spammer, (Selling junk, re-linking etc…)
    I find it funny that these people always claim that the world is on their side but they always have to keep lying about their actions, the left love their subterfuge that’s for sure.

  3. I really want to find out which comic character is against this “Holy matrimony” As usual I personally believe Marvel will pick out the most unlike Marvel characters in their huge repository to wear the scarlet letter(s). Heaven forbid if its someone like….Spiderman…hmmm maybe Captain America, you know because he got that god awful America thing going.
    I would ask my nephew but he is an Anime nut…:-)

  4. My sentiment exactly.
    I loved comic books as a kid, as did my little brother. But back in the 60s and 70s, the books were still purportedly written for kids, rather than older teens & adults. As an industry, they seemed to jump the shark in the 90s several times (pick your title; they all did it), and have now become completely unreadable. I wouldn’t buy a new one for my two sons any more than I’d buy them “Hustler”.
    This latest self-indulgent stunt is a last gasp for relevancy from a dying art form.
    Comic books now literally cost ten times what they did when I was a child (has anything else gone up by that amount, other than college costs?), the covers have resembled soft-core porn for years now, and the story lines… ….
    …Man, I feel old.

  5. I can’t take any more. Please stop.

  6. Alrighty then… overboard, way too much. It’s just a friggin’ comic book, Marvel. Even PBS (People’s Broadcasting System) said this about Bert and Ernie: “Bert and Ernie are best friends. They were created to teach preschoolers that people can be good friends with those who are very different from themselves. Even though they are identified as male characters and possess many human traits and characteristics (as most Sesame Street Muppets™ do), they remain puppets, and do not have a sexual orientation.”


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