Gay People Are Gods: Protecting LGBT Communities Is a Divine Right

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The author, Mark Charles Hardie, is a candidate for United States Senate in California (2016).

Huffington Post: It was night time. An openly gay man was walking alone down 10th Street in the crime-ridden section of Long Beach, California. Wearing neon red parachute pants, a bright pink polo shirt, the latest Air Jordan shoes, and sporting a white Kangol hat, he looked like a cross between Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince. It was the early 1980s.
I was nine years old, and I knew this gay man from around my neighborhood. He was the first gay person I’d ever met.
As this man walked towards the intersection of Orange Avenue, suddenly he was bum rushed by ten local gang members. They formed a tight circle around him, knocked off his hat, and punched him around like boxer Floyd Mayweather punching Manny Pacquiao.
The gay man stumbled to the hard concrete and the gangsters began to violently stomp him into the cement; yelling and screaming with blind rage.
“Stay out of our hood, you flaming ‘F’!” The gangbangers used the demeaning F-word to refer to members of the gay community.
While I watched the gay-bashing, my nine year old mind could not process the nature of the bitter homophobic juggernaut that compelled these hardcore thugs to beat down a helpless homosexual man.
In my neighborhood everyone knew that “snitches get stitches” and “if you open your mouth, a gun goes in your mouth”. These colorful ghetto code phrases mean that one must never intervene in a fight and never report crimes to the police. In my low-income housing project, the police were considered enemies and the gang members were considered friends.
Terrified by the savagery and afraid of these hoodlums, I ran away from this episode of anti-gay violence. Meanwhile, the gay man was thug-jacked and booty-crushed. No one intervened and I heard the man nearly died.
On the same night of this beating, I watched a video tape of Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous “I have a dream speech.” I distinctly remember Dr. King oozing moral courage and socio-political power as he continually described his compassionate dream of equality and justice. A tear rolled down my face as I listened to the speech.
Today, as I reflect upon the pain inflicted on this particular gay man, I am inspired with a new dream — not only an aspiration for LGBT equality — but a dream of gay empowerment. For without power there can be no true security or freedom of choice.
I have a dream today that gay people and lesbians will have a vested and inalienable right to universal marriage equality backed by the power of law. Gay marriage is not only a civil right to be enacted by governments, but it is a fundamental human right bestowed by the almighty hands of God.
Today, in a major step towards fulfilling this lofty dream of social justice, I submitted an innovative proposal to the offices of California State Senator Mark Leno and California Assembly Member David Chiu.
My proposal calls for the creation of “California LGBT Police Departments” throughout the Golden State. These police departments, funded by the state, would be staffed exclusively by gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender police officers. The goals of these proposed “LGBT Squads” are to better serve communities while minimizing troubling incidents of anti-gay violence.
I believe it is important for heterosexual people and homosexual people to love and respect one another regardless of sexual orientation or transgender identity. However, it is also vital for LGBT communities to wield police power backed by the force of law. In other words, we must not only demand “gay rights,” but we must also demand “gay power.”
As I think back on the savage episode of anti-gay bashing I witnessed as a small boy, I now understand that LGBT communities worldwide must be empowered with the weapons to fight for justice.
This essay is humbly dedicated to the memory of Matthew Shepard (December 1, 1976–October 12, 1998).

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0 responses to “Gay People Are Gods: Protecting LGBT Communities Is a Divine Right

  1. Call me a bigot if you want, but I disagree with the “equal rights to gays” because it’s been proven that being gay in over 90% of the people is by CHOICE and not by genetic design. (There are some genetic circumstances, but they are very few). My point is, we should not have laws for what we “chose” that is outside the natural occurrence that God gave us, which is man and woman as a married couple. The bible SPECIFICALLY states to “shun” the “gay” activities. (Meaning don’t do that).
    Giving equal rights to Gays is like giving equal rights to bank robbers. Both lifestyles are “choice”. You say, “But being gay isn’t illegal”. I say, “It used to be and still is in several countries around the world”.
    I’m sure all of this makes me sound like I’m just a terrible person, but I am too old to care what people think of my lifestyle, and the views and beliefs I bestowed to my family. I know I’m at least NOT WRONG about this. It may not be kind, but its not wrong. I do not support, and never will support gay marriage because the bible doesn’t. If that makes me a bad man, so be it.

  2. LGBT police departments ! I wonder how many different locker rooms and shower rooms will be needed to satisfy their ” diversity ” ? Can you imagine the uni’s ? Every color of the rainbow , and then some .


    this is sick and disgusting.

  4. “the creation of ‘California LGBT Police Departments’ throughout the Golden State.”
    Like this?

  5. L.M.A.O. , Doesn’t he look tho thweet ? Too bad ” Michael ” has a bigger bulge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I don’t care if anyone is gay. I don’t care if it is a choice, genetics, or the damaged water we now consume. Just have some dignity and keep it behind your bedroom door. I feel the same for any kind of sex, it is personal.
    Being such a small minority and being so vocal and demanding will not gain you much, and certainly won’t change how people think.
    I have worked with sèveral gays, and everyone kept it personal and with dignity. It wasn’t a secret and they never felt intimidated, they were just classy about it.
    With all that is going on in the world and our country at stake, is this really a priority for survival right now?

  7. Kevin J Lankford

    Being gay is just one of many reasons solitary victims are singled out for senseless beatings, muggings, shooting, the whole gauntlet of crimes that happen to all. Being gay can just as easily be a coincidental factor.
    I do believe law enforcement already treats all incidents the same, and probably with equal emotional detachment.

  8. Has this person ever heard of Sodom and Gomarrah? This is a spiritual issue it is not now nor has it ever been a legal issue. Marriage is an institution created by God Almighty, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth and everything therein. God Almighty is the life of every living thing and the breath of ALL mankind. God destroyed the earth with a flood after the first three-thousand years because of mankinds wickedness. He saved Noah and his immediate family. During the next three thousand years and before the birth of Jesus Christ, he destroyed the city of Sodom and Gomarrah because of its wicked ways. Lot could not find ten people in this city worthy of saving, they were so evil. Three thousand years after the flood, God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to save the world. It has only gotten worse, especially in the last sixty some years. It is now approx. three thousand (by the Bibilcal calendar) years since Jesus’ death on the cross. It is once again time for God Almighty, the Creator, to destroy the world again with fire and brimstone. Why? For the same reasons he did before, the evil and wicked ways of man kind. Nine thousand years plus a one thousand year reign by Jesus himself equals ten thousand years.
    What God has created, let NO MAN put asunder! Think maybe that means marriage. May the Lord come quickly!

  9. Of course, good intentions… look out STR8 folk.

  10. The article states: “Gay marriage is not only a civil right to be enacted by governments, but it is a fundamental human right bestowed by the almighty hands of God.”
    I state: What is it that the increasingly accepting world of this sinful behavior, which is clearly prohibited numerous times in Scripture as being an abomination to a Holy God, does not understand? Oh, never mind; those who accept this “lifestyle choice” have, in their own little ignorant and reprobate minds, designed a god to their own liking! The judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah will be considered ‘light’ compared to what these people are soon to face. Love the sinner; hate the sin? I think not…

    • Read Henry Makow’s articles on this subject . You may not like what his opinion is : as to who is pushing this ” agenda ” …..Your Choice

      • Thank you for referring us to Mr. Makow. I Googled him and I now have a new favorite to read. However, this is also the reason the gov’t has to control the internet. They can’t have us lowly souls sharing info like this.

      • I’ve followed Henry’s site and writings weekly for…..oh 15 years or so. Lots of sanity and rational articles to be had in there. From the postings I read it sounds like Canada, like the UK, is further down the rabbit hole than the US, but I’m sure Zog will make us all one big happy global satan worshiping family soon enough

        • ZOG is Zionist Occupation Government and is not a true statement. Please make sure you read my post on Friday entitled, ZIONISM: WHAT IT IS AND WHAT IT IS NOT by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum. We really have to stop playing into the improper usages of the word, and especially since that damndable UN started it.

      • Henry and I are certainly at odds re: Zionism, etc. I am a Jew…enough said about that.

        • Jesus died for you to.

          • MA, what does that mean? I mean Jesus was a Jew also if I remember correctly.

          • Why did you write that to elihew, MA in MO?
            Elihew is our brother in Christ — a Jew who has converted to Christianity. Praise God!

            • No offense intended. I assumed his comment to mean “I am Jewish leave me alone.” We all know what ass-u-me means. Sorry. Love the ‘Coming Home’ picture. It is beautiful
              Having said that, I will repeat what I have written before. My father was very anti-Jewish. He was also a believer. Our entertainment growing up was listening to Herbert W. Armstrong, Hargis, etc. on the radio every night they were on. So my question for years has been “How can Jesus be Jewish, the Jews killed him, Hitler killed the Jews, the George Soros’ and Henry Kissinger’s (I hope we can agree that these are not nice men) of this world are Jewish, but yet we, as born again believers, are suppose to support the nation of Israel and support the Jews, but yet the Jews are crooked, etc. etc.?” I have always been confused by this and probably always will be. My sister, Wilma (God rest her soul) and I had many discussions about this. I am beginning to understand but I have a long way to go.
              The first Jewish person I ever met was a young Jewish lady that I admired greatly. It was the early seventies, we were both in the secretarial pool, and to me she was beautiful, smart, dressed well, etc. thirty-five years later my boss was a Jewish man and that did not work out so well. He was everything my father had always said about Jews.
              Again no offense intended.

              • Thanks, MA, for the clarification. While I know that not all Jews are “progressives,” corrupt, and downright evil, as a racial/ethnic group, Jews are more intelligent, with studies showing their group (there are stupid Jews!) average IQ score is as much as 1-1½ standard deviation units above the average population IQ. Being more intelligent, if they are inclined to evil, they also do great damage. I think that’s what prompts some to over-generalize and leap to the conclusion that all Jews are evil.
                At the same time, those who come to the defense of Jews against the Joo-haters must also be mindful of the very real and terrible harm the evil highly-intelligent Jews (like George Soros) inflict on humanity. Their great wealth and great power lend them a visibility that also prompts some to, mistakenly, over-generalize.
                Given the high visibility, power, and the real harm evil Jews intentionally and deliberately cause, it is not easy for us to keep in mind that not all Jews are evil, just as not all Gentiles are evil. But we must.

              • MA;
                No offense taken brother. Because of ethnicity and advanced aging (I’m now 72 and can hardly believe that!) I’ve grown rather accustomed to the confusion that results from the perceived ‘contradiction’ in faiths! I know you meant well by your statement!

              • Just had another comment on this subject…Do you know that the vast majority of American Jews are VERY secular humanist? Atheistic, Agnostic, whatever! They just don’t have any religion; and they seem to hate their heritage. I could never understand that myself.
                I certainly agree with you that there are very many ‘bad’ types (as you mentioned – Soros, etc). They’re also known for being very liberal of course. I mean, voting for Obama? Twice?!
                At the risk of wearing out this subject; ‘Believing’ or ‘Messianic’ Jews are held in great derision, by both Orthodox (Hasidic), and even by many ‘Observant’ Jews.
                One of my favorite verses in Scripture (you and Dr. Eowyn will like this!) is Romans 2.28-29. “For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, nor is circumcision that which is outward in the flesh. But he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that which is of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the letter; and his praise is not from men, but from God.”
                So, Born-again Christians are more Jewish than they thought!!! 😉

          • I appreciate your concern; but I am a Messianic Jew; a ‘Christian’ Jew. BTW, all the first Christians were Jewish…

        • If memory serves me correctly , so is Henry .

        • Elihew, make sure you catch the Zionism article on Friday…it explains a lot, and how people are so easily duped regarding what Zionism really is. That’s why I’m not a fan of his either.

          • Why thank you for the heads up…I’ll catch up on that. All I know is that anti-Semitism is growing exponentially in Europe and America; especially on the college campuses. RE: Henry; I checked out his website and was quite shocked with some of the subjects and language used! I guess I’m old fashioned!

        • Ditto elihew. I am no fan of Henry Makow. In fact, I lost a lot of time on his website yesterday, looking at one hateful diatribe after another. “The protocols of the learned Elders of Zion,” is a 113 year old false narrative, filled with plagiarism and lies. It has become nothing less than an instrument of genocide, cherished by Hitler and islamists alike. And now it has become popular again with the help of liars like Mr. Makow.

          • Henry Makow is a bundle of contradictions. He is a cultural conservative, for which I am grateful. In fact, he has often published links to FOTM posts on his website, for which I am grateful. He and I differ on Islam: He thinks it’s all a “Zionist” plot, which of course is a pretty patronizing attitude because it assumes Muslims are so stupid they can be duped by those clever Jews into their imams spewing hatred and jihadists committing mayhem. As if we don’t have the authority from the Koran itself of passages goading followers into violent jihad. Long ago, I asked him in an email why must it be an either/or, why we must choose between evil Jews vs. evil Islamists. I never got an answer.
            For a cultural conservative who maintains that satanists are behind the pop culture rot, it is curious that Makow is an atheist. I’ve also asked him that question and said I’m praying for his conversion, to which I never got a response.

            • Thanks for the clarification, Dr. Eowyn.
              Due to what you just said, I’ve just begun to pray for Henry Makow’s conversion. That makes 2 of us. The more people on this blog that pray for his conversion, the more pressure will be brought to him, the more people will come across his path with the life saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.
              So FOTM tribe, let’s all agree together in prayer for the conversion of Henry Makow.

            • Oh yeah, the ‘protocols’ was exposed for the hateful trash that it is many years ago; but surprisingly there are many who take it as gospel (oh, forgive my analogy!).

    • You said exactly what I was thinking. Attaching God to their sin will never make it right or acceptable, God could not have been more clear on Sodomy than what he’s spoken in scriptures. The bible the gay community uses must be missing the majority of it’s pages, those they didn’t agree with so they pulled them out. 😳

  11. So he thinks there should be a homo police farce in Kali?
    I’ve seen photos of the San Fransicko police….. they’ve already got one!
    (the pic of the ‘chief’ with her oversized hat is hilarious)
    I think Markie Maypo (remember him? … “I want my Maypo!” he wailed) must have been patterned after a Libtard….. or a homo….. or some other ‘disenchanted’ minority member.

  12. Son of the Rabbit People

    He watched an obviously gay man being brutalized by a gang of totally unsympathetic guys, ran in terror, then watched MLK’s most famous speech the very same day. Then he cried because he was a little boy and couldn’t understand all this and yet somehow did.
    Isn’t he laying on the melodrama a little thick?

  13. “LGBT Police?!!!” Can you imagine what that would lead to? We are talking about fascism to an extreme.

  14. Shades of “A Cockwork Orange”!!!!!!

  15. Author uses too many cliches in his account of the queer getting thugged. Did he research if there was a police report of the incident?
    Always, always verify stories before accepting them as real and true.

  16. Did anyone else notice the way the mugged homosexual was dressed? I can only assume “he” was trolling for a beating and got more than he bargained for. Common Sense 101-you DON’T go for a stroll through a neighborhood dressed like THAT without expecting what “he” got. “He” was not just a homosexual,he was a STUPID homosexual.

  17. I’ve lived too long!

  18. How does one go about ‘cashing out’ of this world?! Oh, I don’t mean what that sounds like…what I mean is that “I’ve had enough, and I just can’t take it anymore.”! No, that sounds too melodramatic. Never mind….I’ll see you all tomorrow…Eli

  19. That’s easy, Eli…..
    First, take a trip to Long Beach, Californicate…..
    Wear some neon red parachute pants (are those the ones that MC Hammer used to wear?)….
    …. bright pink polo shirt……
    ….. a white Kangol hat (whatever the Hell that is)…
    and then take a stroll down Orange Avenue, humming a happy tune…..
    Shouldn’t take too long.
    (I, too, have been around for a long time. I used to read a lot of science fiction stuff….. but today’s “reality” is beyond even that!)

  20. what an idiot! next thing you know, he’ll push for muslims to have sharia law in CA because it’s their ‘allah-given right’. Anyone who votes for this fool needs their head examined.

  21. Frankly, this sounds like a man who is taking his orders from devils. What he proposes is nothing short of a psychotic zealotry which would lead to a drastic increase in sex crimes and disease as likely wouldn’t be seen in history… if the “gaystapo” had full police backing or ran departments themselves, we would see happen to normal striahgt folk what stalin did to dissenters, what mao did to those who opposed him, what pol pot did to those that disagreed. This would in no way help anyone, and would serve to destroy and annihilate the lives of many.

  22. This world today is such a screwed up mess that it breaks my heart for the children . I don’t care about the adults they made their choices live with it ! They ( 2 men 2 women ) can’t have children with out something from the opposite sex ! God loves the person but hates the sin so to say God gave them the right to be gay and marry is blasphemy against a Holy God . The body of man & woman are made to work together and create life , minus nothing or plus something . If your homosexual ” not gay” keep it to yourself and not broadcast it ! Drug addicted people , alcoholics , porn addiction , sexual addition , husband & wife sex , YOU DONT NEED TO GET ON A PLATFORM TO DEMAND YOUR RIGHTS ! You don’t have the rights you want . “Live work pay taxes this is everyone’s right”!

  23. The article and scrolling was all a big waste of time.
    Obama is out to lynch the 47 Congressmen who are trying to save the World. from Nuclear Iran.

    • “The article and scrolling was all a big waste of time.”
      Not only are you getting all of FOTM’s content free, nobody is putting a gun to your head to read any of our posts. What a nasty ungrateful person you are.
      Unless you apologize to DCG, you are no longer welcome on this blog.
      St. Mike-be gone!

  24. Interesting perspective. You saw a wrong as a nine year old, so that is why you use that as a reason to justify something else that is seen by others as wrong. I appreciate your candor.


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