Gay man bullies female Chick-fil-A worker; gets fired

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This guy is despicable.
Yesterday, a man named Adam M. Smith — who’s the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Vante, a medical supplies manufacturer in Tucson, Arizona — used the drive-through lane in a local Chick-fil-A to voice his objection to the restaurant’s “hate-filled” “anti-gay” “corporate policy.”
The only problems are:

  • Chick-fil-A doesn’t have an anti-gay corporate policy. But the restaurant chain’s chief, Dan Cathy, son of founder Truett, did exercise his Constitutional right to free speech in an interview with The Baptist Press on July 16, 2012. Cathy said, “We are very much supportive of the family – the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that.”
  • More importantly, what this man Smith did was to choose a bully’s cowardly way to express his objection. He harangued a powerless young female minimum-wage employee who was assigned to take customers’ orders at the drive-through window. She is not a spokesman or a corporate officer of Chick-fil-A and she most definitely is not Dan Cathy.

Smith is so proud of his bullying that he videotaped it and posted it to YouTube. Though he claims not to be gay, his demeanor and voice are totally gay, as you can see and hear for yourself:

Happily, this story has a happy ending.
Smith forgot that posting videos to YouTube means that anyone can see it, including his employer, Vante. Investor’s Business Daily reports, August 2, 2012, that Vante has fired the arrogant posterior orifice. This is a statement issued by Vante:
“Vante regrets the unfortunate events that transpired yesterday in Tucson between our former CFO/Treasurer Adam Smith and an employee at Chick-fil-A. Effective immediately, Mr. Smith is no longer an employee of our company.
The actions of Mr. Smith do not reflect our corporate values in any manner. Vante is an equal opportunity company with a diverse workforce, which holds diverse opinions. We respect the right of our employees and all Americans to hold and express their personal opinions, however, we also expect our company officers to behave in a manner commensurate with their position and in a respectful fashion that conveys these values of civility with others.
We hope that the general population does not hold Mr. Smith’s actions against Vante and its employees.”
Click here to send a “thank you” message to Vante! 😀
H/t Adrienne’s Corner and our beloved Hardnox.

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0 responses to “Gay man bullies female Chick-fil-A worker; gets fired

  1. He’ll probably sue, as he seems like the type.
    Kudos to the company for having the stones to fire his butt.

  2. Pays to be both nice and sensible, dude.

  3. Karma…!

  4. I’ve tried twice to send Vante a thank you message, but couldn’t get through. Their website must be swamped! LOL

  5. Homeschool Mama

    Wow! Give that girl a raise! She handled that like a trooper. She literally gave a cup of cold water to “one of the least of these.” Way to show how great Chick fil A restaurants and employees are.

  6. Excellent! Thank you, Terry!

  7. “I’m a nice guy, by the way”…..No, Adam, you’re a douche-bag. Now you’re an unemployed douche-bag. That was hard to watch. That was a sweet girl, you could tell she was close to tears, yet she was polite. I can understand if Mr Smith wants to boycott CF-A. People on the other side are boycotting JC Penneys, General Mills, IKEA, Ford, Oreos, etc. What they aren’t doing is bullying the minimum wage cashiers half way to tears. Another thing they aren’t doing is using their power as elected officials to threaten a company’s lawful right to set up business in a city – (Chicago & Boston) because of the owner’s personal opinion.
    What I will say personally, is I cannot, for the life of me, understand why all these various companies’ owners and CEOs, on either side of any issue not directly related to that company’s interests, feel the need to open their big stupid yaps and sabotage their businesses.

  8. This guy is such a egotistical tool. He’s got to be one of the most ignorant CFO’s I have ever seen. Why take a teenager to task over the CEO’s personal views? Now that he is unemployed, I’d suggest he catch up on his reading, starting with “The No Asshole Rule” by Robert Sutton. Kudos to Vante: apparently they DID read it and acted promptly to eradicate THIS a$$h0le !

  9. Well, I just got through to their mail, at 10 pm 8-2, it might be “clearing out’ by now. I wrote them a nice note and also suggested they might want to apologize to that young lady in person. (I didn’t say this, but I’m sure they have a job that pays better, as well……Hmmm?) Thanks for the email link, I was happy to say “Way to go, Vante!”

    • lowtechgrannie

      Great suggestion, Christine. The grace under pressure and customer service skills she shows in this situation make for a great video job resume!

  10. Terry, thanks it will be my pleasure to e-mail this dude. Oh I will kill him with politeness, but he will know he has been schooled. Veritas, too bad the college most probably won’t fire him. He’s educating our youth? oye. I want to write Chik Fil A and tell them what a poised awesome young woman their employee is. This guy could take some lessons from her. He’s too emotionally unstable to be in a position like he had.
    It’s really nice to see such good news for a change. There is a just God.

  11. Life’s biggest question is whether or not you’re happy – not with others, but with yourself,obliviously Mr congeniality had a problem with reality.

  12. Annonymous And Curious

    I’ll agree that this guy gave his oppinion to the wrong employee (that employee just works there; not the one who made the rules for Chick Fill A), and shouldn’t have uploaded it onto Youtube where it invades the employee’s privacy. However, does the company he worked for in anyway have a contract with or represent Chick Fill A? Or Did he say the name of the company in the video? If yes, then he was terminated for good cause (You don’t say bad things about your company, the buisness “represented” by your company, or mention the company’s name when you have a hissy fit). On the other hand, wheather you agree or disagree, if the company has nothing at all to do with the the Chick Fill A restaraunts, then he should never have been fired and should have legal rights to get his job back. On a last note, the employee who was filmed can sue if she never gave permission.

    • Ditto.
      We should make Grouchy our official whumper! 😀

    • Grouchie’s explanation is awesome and he has real world experience to back him up. Most executives are hired under a “personal services” contracts, which includes a “morals clause” in it, which is binding, saying the name of the company or not. He showed his face and that’s enough.
      This is what I found online:
      “Watch out for a so-called “morals clause.” No matter how boring your personal life may be, if the company wants your actions to be saintly 24 hours a day, you could be violating the morals clause if you get a speeding ticket or get caught sneaking a mini-bottle into a college football game (not that I’ve ever done that!).”

  13. Thank you Dr. Eowyn, Adrienne’s Corner and Hardknox for this informative post! The CEO of Chick-fil-A and the corporation itself has not in any way publicly insulted anyone who is “gay.” Their communication is clear: they support marriage between a man and a woman as set out in the Scriptures, and uphold the family unit! I laud “Vante” for discharging this idiotic CFO. I also tried to get through to them but could not. Yes, they must be swamped with supporters!

  14. I applaud Vante for taking the correct, swift action necessary in terminating Smith, re:his vile video. Smith is not only an embarrassment to himself, but would have been an embarrassment to Vante, if allowed to remain in an executive position. The liberal tyranny that abounds in this country has basically become a “sacred principle.” They can harass, lie and commit illegal and immoral acts without any consequences while suppressing every freedom of individuals who do not agree with them. Liberals have become an unconscionable force against everything that is constitutional,decent and moral and it must be stopped. Vante has taken the first step by terminating this moron indicating that corporations will not allow this type of behavior to run amok within their corporate hierarchy. Kudos to Vante, for their values and displaying good, old fashion American common sense.
    As far as Smith is concerned, I have this to say, “Good luck with your mouth,”….and trying to find another executive postion. You might want to lay in a supply of duct tape and give up film making.”
    Maybe if you apologize nicely, you could become a minimum wage worker at Chic-Fill-A. Dan Cathy is, afterall, an equal opportunity employer.

    • I suggested to Vante, when I got through to them, that maybe they should not only apologize to the young woman, but hey, maybe a job at better wages than she’s getting? Hmmm? Obviously there’s an office somewhere around, otherwise this jerk wouldn’t have his stupid lib mug all over YouTube.
      I got thru late last night, about 10pm. Hope they’re not bogged down by haters! I’d like to think it’s all “kudos to you” type stuff, but you gotta figure a large percentage are lib trolls telling them they’re homophobes too, so let’s try and get all our like minded ppl and get them to leave good feedback. “Mail bomb” them w/ yays instead of haters! Hey, you KNOW the libs are mail bombing them! Plus there are phone numbers etc, right there and who pays long distance anymore?? LOL

  15. Good Work, Terry!!!! 🙂

  16. hey Adam M. Smith, did you get a free glass of water in the unemployment line?

  17. tssssssssssssskkkkk
    What a sucker…..’can’t stand the hate’………
    This anti hate thing is basically being carried by the most hateful people out there. No wonder it was invented by the ‘good’ people from the ADL


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