Gay "Kiss Off" protest against Chick-fil-A was a bust

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The news is the stuff of headline-writers’ dream:

“Chicken Lips Are Scarce”

“Great gay kiss-off lays a gigantic egg”

So screams a New York Post article by Andrea Peyser on yesterday’s “Kiss Off” protest launched by homosexual activists across the United States against the restaurant chain Chick-fil-A. Peyser writes:
This was billed as the greatest protest since Occupy Wall Street. Thousands of scantily clad gay men and lesbians said they’d lock lips in a coast-to-coast red-hot make-out session.
They were to blast anti-gay-marriage comments made by Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy. But gays preferred staying home to watch “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”
Tumbleweeds could have rolled through the Paramus Park Mall in New Jersey yesterday as a symbol for the lack of stamina in the national kissing campaign.
From Georgia to California, protests drew yawns, not saliva.
Even in Atlanta, the home of Chick-fil-A, only two dozen kissers showed up. And there was a similar lack of necking in Chicago, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and San Francisco.
Susan Duclos of Wake Up America, Aug. 4, 2012, observes that “The size of the two events are not the only compare and contrast moment though, the pictures also tell a story of a very different type of crowd. One showing quiet but massive support while the other an in-your-face type of mentality.
Below are three pics to compare and contrast.
The first pic (below) was from Friday’s Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day (Via Twitchy), which is typical of the scene at other Chick-Fil-A restaurants across America

Now contrast the Chick-fil-A supporters with these two pix from yesterday’s Gay Activist Protest “Kiss Off” (Via PJ Tatler):

There are more Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day pictures over at Twitchy (scroll down for dozens of them), and more photos taken on the “Kiss Off” Day over at PJ Tatler.

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0 responses to “Gay "Kiss Off" protest against Chick-fil-A was a bust

  1. Fail!
    With a t-shirt like that who wouldn’t be on their side…

  2. Wednesday we got a glimpse of America’s Silent Majority…It was awesome!

  3. I am 67 yo. I woulder how that BOY would feel if I put him over my knee and slapped his butt for wearing that shirt.

    • As big and strong and arrogant as he is, I’d say he’d need a beating with a far more painful implement than a hand.

  4. Should have called it the “blow chunks” day. How could anyone keep their food down with all that going on.

  5. Guy with the T- shirt needs a matching shirt like Obama is wearing in the photo at the top of the thread …..

  6. LOL – Yeah, 2.8% of the population ain’t going to generate much of a protest.

  7. So uncalled for… a group of very insecure protestors making something negative out of someone’s belief—- everyone is entitled to his own opinion… but why call Jesus nasty names…

  8. There really are less of them than there are us. The MMM has brainwashed the public into believing just the opposite.

  9. Steven Broiles

    Of Course the whole episode is disgusting beyond words, but let’s re-cap what happened in a relatively quick and as painless a manner as possible. The owner of this corporation was asked, off-the-record, what he personally thought about an issue, either gay rights, gay marriage or homosexuality in general. He spoke his mind.
    The leftists made hay out of this as quickly as they could, and several mayors of cities fell lock-step into obedience to the Party Line because they feared for their own hides. Supporters of Chick-Fil-A rushed the stores to show their support and now the lefties retaliated once again, only this time their weaknesses were showing: Not only in numbers, but they couldn’t pack the punch they were hoping to.
    This is the pathology of cancer: The disease has gone into remission, but it ain’t done killing the patient yet. And that patient is US: The culture and people of America, of The West. The cancer has shown itself before: With abortion, with the Boy Scouts, with the Church, etc., etc., etc. And it will show itself again.
    Meanwhile, how QUICKLY the so-called conservatives forget! How quickly they forget that their erstwhile hero, George W. Bush DID NOTHING to help us win the Culture Wars. And how quickly they will march off the cliff, like the lemmings that they are! Does ANYONE with anything resembling a brain really believe that Mitt Romney will do a SINGLE THING to help the Culture Wars be won?
    Remind me not to hold my breath!

    • @ Steven Well done Sums it up

    • Doesn’t matter what Mitt Romney will do anywhere near as much as it matters what Obama will do if he wins as 2nd term. This election is at least as much a referendum on Obama as 2008 was a referendum on Dubya. Given O’s clearly antagonistic actions against Christians, not to mention the fact that the window of opportunity for repealing Obamacare will be well closed by 2016, we would be fools indeed not to do everything in our power to remove him from power asap!!!

  10. The demonstration was a failure in a larger scope than the obvious lack of participants. I see the refusal of homosexual couples to participate in such a blatant ‘in your face’ demonstration as evidence that they understood that such a public display would be counterproductive to their cause, since they would be seen as ‘freaks’ trying to force their ‘values’ in a manner which even heterosexual couples consider inappropriate in a public setting.
    Those who stayed away helped their cause by not turning a private, respectful relationship with a partner into a public spectacle, and that is deserving of respect.
    The activists in the gay community are obviously completely of touch with the reality of the average homosexual couple. Back to the drawing board, folks! You failed!

  11. I just don’t get these stupid gay activists. The way they go about their protests, i.e. shock tactics they employ, kiss ins, and all around scantily-clad, cross-dressing buffoonery. Don’t they realise they are shooting themselves in the foot by raising our level of disgust?
    Stupid people they are. Counter-productive morons.

  12. “Chick-Fil-A Breaks World Sales Record
    perspective: neutral
    from the ‘Business World’ topic
    source: TownHall
    Date: 02-Aug-2012
    The left’s attempt to damage Chick-Fil-A completely backfired yesterday. Not only did customers wait for hours in line to “eat more chikin” but many Chick-Fil-A locations ran out of food.”

  13. But. But. It’s all for a good cause!

  14. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this encouraging post! From the blasphemous t-shirt about Our Lord, the gay marriage agenda is full of hatred. When my husband was in line at Chick-Fil-A last Wednesday, the personnel were giving water to the gay protestors on the lawn because it was so terribly hot. Ultimately, Jesus’ love prevails! I always remind myself of that fact!

  15. Victoria,
    Can’t say that I appreciate you’re overall conclusion, but by far that most thoughtful comment on this post. No group should be characterized by the actions of a few. I am glad that you recognize this. This blog runs with the New York Post (rag) scantily clad comment smear campaign. How can gay people respect conservatives when they stop to that level?

    • NYP a rag? Hardly. Remember the “rag” that exposed the Edwards affair?
      How can conservatives respect those who call us “haters” for having a religious belief/values and wear a “C” t-shirt? Classy and tolerant at the same time…

    • No group should be characterized by the actions of a few? Tell that to those opposed to the Second Amendment.


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