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It’s winter. Our gardens, even those in milder climes, are in dormant mode.
So, instead of posting pics of flowers, I thought I’d give garden gates a try. Let me know if you find these gates winsome. If you do, I’ll do a followup post of more garden gates!
To enlarge, click pic!  😉

Let’s stroll along a garden path
And just enjoy the day
No thoughts of worries fill our minds
We’ll just wander on our way.

Forget about life’s problems
You’ll see that they will keep
Just walk with me a little ways
Nature’s blessings we will reap.

Let’s find some joy in little things
We’ll talk of nothing much
Just wander down the garden path
Sweet flowers we shall touch.

We’ll find a spot to sit awhile
And watch the clouds float by
We’ll listen to the song of birds
And sigh a pleasant sigh.

When at last the day is over
And home now we must go
Take the memory along with you
For the days you’re feeling low.

~”Garden Path,” by Charlotte Anselmo~

Photos by Eowyn

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0 responses to “Gates

  1. Beautiful.

  2. Pure delight…

  3. Beautiful! Thank-you, dear Eowyn, for starting off a dreary, foggy January day with somethng so lovely. After all the Christmas excitement, January can be quite dull to many. This is a welcome spot of brightness.

  4. oooh…I’ve always been a fan of gates and these were a delight.
    Whether for keeping critters in or out (sigh…my gates are
    decidedly utilitarian 🙂 ) or marking the boundaries for mystery
    and adventure or a peaceful place to sit or wander and reflect.
    Loved the poem,too…many thanks .

  5. really nice… 🙂

  6. Beautiful! Thank you so much, Eowyn! You’ve given me a great theme to play with. Video to follow! LOL

  7. I love gates. I have one photo of a gate locally that I just love to see every time I pass it – it’s so quaint!

  8. Thanks for posting these BTW!

  9. I thought I saw someone post videos and/or photos in comments, but I can’t figure that out. Is that possible, or am I thinking of something else? I would love to share my gate to go along with this story!

  10. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for the beautiful garden gate pictures! Wonderful!


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