Garry Trudeau insults rape victims


Doonesbury comics will call vaginal sonogram abortion law ‘rape’

DailyMail: Political satirist flaming liberal Garry Trudeau calls a Texas law requiring a vaginal sonogram before a woman can have an abortion rape in a new storyline of his Doonsbury comic that comes out this week.  The comic this coming week follows a woman in Texas as she goes through the hurtles the state put in place for women who want to abort a their pregnancy.
Already the strip is generating a row and some newspapers have opted not to publish the comic strip this week. Others are pulling the Doonsbury from the newspaper and posting it online.
The law, which was passed by a Republican-majority Texas legislature and signed into law by Gov Rick Perry last spring, requires woman who wants an abortion to have a sonogram that will pick up the heartbeat of her fetus.  Abortion doctors say that in early-state pregnancies, that almost always requires them to penetrate a woman’s vagina with a 10-inch sonogram wand.
Trudeau told the Washington Post, that requirement amounts to rape.
‘The World Health Organization defines rape as “physically forced or otherwise coerced penetration — even if slight — of the vulva or anus, using a penis, other body parts or an object.” You tell me the difference,’ he said. 
In the comic, a nurse tells the woman at the clinic: ‘Sorry miss, you’re first trimester. The male Republicans who run Texas require that all abortion seekers be examined with a 10″ shaming wand.’  A doctor, about to perform the procedure then says: ‘By the authority invested in me by the GOP base, I thee rape.’
I’ll tell you the difference you ignorant liberal – a rape is forced violence, usually involving intimidation, to denigrate and physically and emotionally harm a woman.  A vaginal sonogram is a medical procedure administered by a professional who is dedicated to protecting the well-being of humans.
A new low for this man….while pushing his liberal agenda he insults rape victims.  Disgusting.

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Thanks for an informative description of the procedure…
I just hope TSA doesn’t get any bright ideas on
how to protect us some more (THAT would be rape !)
Trudeau has always been a feminist advocate …and hard-core
feminists believe that all heterosexual intercourse is rape…
of course he doesn’t understand that he ,therefore, is a rapist.

Richard T. Fowler

I subscribe to this site because I appreciate some of the articles. For example, the one today about wearing a cross at work is most welcome, and the news it reports is shocking and extremely important for others to hear about. I think I am about as pro-life as a person can be. This position often alienates me from others of various moral stripes, including sometimes others who also consider themselves pro-life, but consider me to be too extreme. I generally am thankful for these kind of efforts by states to discourage abortion. And I am appalled by much of… Read more »


And left/liberals are complaining about Rush Limbaugh…

Dr. Eowyn

“Abortion doctors say that in early-state pregnancies, that almost always requires them to penetrate a woman’s vagina with a 10-inch sonogram wand. Trudeau told the Washington Post, that requirement amounts to rape.”
By Trudeau’s definition, getting a pap smear is also rape because the gynecologist inserts a metal speculum into the woman’s vagina, which spreads the vagina open and allows access to the cervix to collect a sample of cells from the outer opening or os of the cervix.
Gary Trudeau is a POS

Scott S.
Scott S.

I’m an absolute Conservative on most issue, but I have to agree with the bad guy on this one. I was in the service suffering from stomach flue and they wanted to ‘force’ me to an rectal swab test. I told them “no” and when they insisted and said they would go get someone to ‘help’ them I stated, “What are you going to do? Rape me?!?!” Needless to say the exam didn’t happen and I went back to duty, still sick. However, my pride and dignity was intact. With that said, I have to agree with Trudeau on this… Read more »


I am still confused about why this sonogram is considered “rape”. I have read both of the men’s comments above that agree with Trudeau on this issue, and I understand both men’s stance. What I do not understand is the fact that these sonograms have been a requirement for pregnant women long before they were a requirement for women seeking an abortion. Any woman that goes through a pregnancy in today’s world will be and have been required to have this early sonogram. Where were the rape screamers then? Oh wait, I get it….it’s only rape now that It is… Read more »