Gals, be careful with public toilet seats!

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This is a Public Service Announcement:

CBS Cleveland reports, June 22, 2012, someone put super glue on a toilet seat in a women’s restroom in the Walmart store in Monticello, Kentucky.
Police were called to the store because a woman sat on the toilet seat and was stuck for more than an hour, glued to the seat. The unidentified woman was taken to the hospital after emergency responders were able to get her off.
“We are looking at it,” Chief Ralph Miniard of the Monticello Police Department told WAVE-TV. “Right now I wouldn’t be prepared to say if it was accidental or intentional.”
Walmart has yet to comment on the case.

Use a disposable paper toilet-seat cover!

Our society is chock full of sociopaths. So ladies, be careful the next time you use a public restroom. Guys, too!
If they ever catch the person who did this, I hope they superglue his/her face to the toilet seat.

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0 responses to “Gals, be careful with public toilet seats!

  1. Wish more restrooms had paper covers. Most don’t.

  2. Makes a strong argument for Depends.

  3. I would’ve thought somebody would see the weird texture on the toilet seat, and I sure as heck would SMELL the superglue, especially if there was enough to glue somebody’s butt down! Also, if I use too much superglue near my eyes the fumes make them water.
    (Not trying to be crude, but men SOMETIMES sit down too and could use the warning, not just women.)

  4. TerryTerry, are there now two of you?
    Double ASCAOTS!

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this “warning” post! It is amazing how people wish to hurt other people, isn’t it, and in this way! Julia, you have a good point! I would have immediately smelled the super glue because it is so strong in small quantities anyway! Nevertheless, it must have hurt her terribly! I can’t help but wonder what our Guardian Angels think who see such stupid and mean activities! It is a wonder they still stay with us!

  6. I would never, ever sit on a public toilet seat–hubby has seen too many people in the office who caught undesirable things from them!

  7. Yeah, this has happened before.
    If they ever catch people that do this, they should make them lick the toilet seat until the glue is gone.

  8. Super glue is colorless, so she wouldn’t have seen it. But something does not seem right here. I have used it often to mend various things. It dries rapidly. The woman would have had to sit down very soon after it was put on the seat for it to stick like that.

  9. “If they ever catch the person who did this, I hope they superglue his/her face to the toilet seat.” hahaha well said !


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