Gallup Poll: Conservatives outnumber liberals 35% to 26%

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Why do conservatives feel so marginalized and besieged when we actually outnumber liberals?

A new Gallup poll found that, in America, conservatives still outnumber liberals by at least 9 percentage points of 35% to 26%, but the trend is not in our favor, with the number of conservatives decreasing and the number of liberals increasing since 2011.

In response to Gallup’s question, “How would you describe your political views — very conservative, conservative, moderate, liberal or very liberal?”:

  • 35% of U.S. adults said they were “very conservative/conservative”.
  • 26% said they were “liberal/very liberal”.
  • 35% said they were “moderate”.

Other findings:

  • Political party: 73% of Republicans, 18% of Independents, and only 13% of Democrats describe themselves as conservative.
  • Age: Older Americans are more conservative — 43% of Americans 65 and older, 29% of those age 30 to 49, and 30% of those age 18 to 29.
  • Gender: More men than women are conservative — 40% of men vs. 30% of women.
  • Race: Whites are more conservative — 39% of non-Hispanic whites, 22% of Blacks, 29% of Hispanics.
  • Education: Those with some college education are less conservative — 38% of Americans with no college, 37% of those with some college, 33% of college graduates, and 38% of those with postgraduate education are conservative.
  • Geographical region: 39% of people in the South, 36% in the Midwest, 31% in the West, and 30% in the East are conservative.
  • Income: 36% of Americans with $30,000 to $74,999 income, 35% of Americans with $75,000 or more, 32% of less than $30,000 income are conservative.

Americans are also more polarized, with fewer identifying themselves as moderates. Gallup says:

Americans’ assessment of their political ideology was unchanged in 2018 compared with the year prior. Although conservatives continue to outnumber liberals, the gap in conservatives’ favor has narrowed from 19 percentage points in Gallup’s 1992 baseline measurement to nine points each of the past two years. Since 1992, the percentage of Americans identifying as liberal has risen from 17% then to 26% today. This has been mostly offset by a shrinking percentage of moderates, from 43% to 35%. Meanwhile, from 1993 to 2016 the percentage conservative was consistently between 36% and 40%, before dipping to 35% in 2017 and holding at that level in 2018….

Americans with strong conservative leanings include seniors and adults aged 50 to 64, men, residents of the South and adults with no college education. All of these groups lean conservative by more than 15 percentage points; whites, adults with some college education (but no degree) and residents of the Midwest lean conservative by at least 10 points.

Americans with strong liberal tendencies include Democrats, adults with postgraduate education (15 points more liberal than conservative) and blacks (9 points more liberal).


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10 responses to “Gallup Poll: Conservatives outnumber liberals 35% to 26%

  1. All polls are about the numbers, and they all lie, Gallup has been around for a long time and seems the most credible, but not so accurate, I believe in my poll, “seeing-and- reading is believing”, and FOTM tells me so.

  2. Why, when the demographics are broken down, do these polls never include conservatives with post graduate degrees? Is there some law which states a conservative can not have a masters or doctorate?

  3. Kelleigh Nelson

    Problem is big time voter fraud, so many repubs won, but weeks after the election lost. Even if we outnumber the commies, we aren’t all getting to the polls as watchers and taking care of business. It’s not going to help us unless we work as hard as the pond scum swamp creatures.

  4. The more college a person has had, the longer time to be brainwashed. People with advanced degrees are not smarter than others, they just think they are. Most that I have met are woefully ignorant about the real world, and just rely on the nonsense from inbred professors. Those with bachelor degrees still have a chance to be saved, but higher degreed people are pretty hopeless. Exceptions might be those with technical degrees like engineering where the social justice warrior professors don’t have enough time to brainwash them.

  5. If the American public knew what was really going on, the difference would be much greater. Look at a membership list of the Council on Foreign Relations and note how many are in MSM.

  6. The leftists are gaining steam because most busy working people get their news from the MSM and never hear the truth. For generations, public schools, colleges and universities have been deliberately dumbing down and propagandizing our younger generations, while piling massive debt on their backs. So, of course, free college, healthcare, basic minimum income, etc., appeals to them.

    • I can KINDA understand how the free schooling (indoctrination/brainwashing) would appeal in light of the overwhelming cost of “higher education”,but it doesn’t appear they consider the fact that their free College is basically years of free garbage. SO-they don’t have to pay for the College I/B;it’s like if I gladly accepted someone’s offer of 3 free truckloads of used Kleenex,because THEY’RE FREE!!! Free means absolutely NOTHING if what you get is worthless-no matter HOW much of it you get.

      • But, if they’re dumbed down, they won’t realize how worthless their free “education” really is. Just listen to the college students arguing FOR socialism ….

  7. The AshkeNazis at an early stage of America, made sure to grab & control the media.
    ‘Who controls the media, controls the mind” James Douglas Morrison (LC’s biggest star)

  8. I’d expect the number of liberals would increase as liberal leadership imports as many people as than can and then instantly attach them to Auntie Sam’s tit. If you pay poor people you’ll only end up with more poor people and the recent imports couldn’t care less about assimilation. Just keep giving me stuff.


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