Gallagher's Nightmare

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6 responses to “Gallagher's Nightmare

  1. This is a composite three pictures. I was going poise the sledge hammer over another individual but I didn’t want to be indefinitely detained as a suspect under S 1867.

  2. hitechgrannie,
    So, that’s how that strange image of 2 robed figures got onto the Google Street View! You’d think, with all the Internet buzz about that apparition, Google would have removed that image by now. Geesh.
    P.S. Who’s Gallagher? LOL

  3. Who’s Gallagher? Oh no you di-int! LOL! I loved his shows. 🙂

  4. Why would someone pick on Gallagher, or is there some hidden humor here? If there is, I really don’t get it.

    • Just the association of Gallagher and sledgehammers. I wasn’t picking on him. I like Gallagher, too!


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