Gag: Amy Schumer to play Barbie in Sony's live action film

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I wonder if they’ll film this movie in Spain? That’s where Schumer said she’d move to if Trump was elected. Course, like many celebrities, the hypocrite never did move.

Mattel must be so proud...

Mattel must be so proud…

From Daily Mail: Amy Schumer has landed the lead role in the upcoming Barbie movie, Deadline reported. Sony’s live action film based on the beloved Mattel toy is due out in 2018.
According to the site, the film will be a ‘fish out of water’ story in the mould of Splash of Big. It is set in Barbieland, a world inhabited by the many different version of the doll – more than 180 – whose names, personalities and professions are defined by the particular outfit they wear.
However Schumer’s Barbie – who isn’t ‘perfect enough, is a bit eccentric and doesn’t quite fit the mould’ – is an outcast.
She then goes on an adventure in the real world, before returning to save her hometown, armed with the knowledge that real beauty is on the inside, and the key to happiness is freeing oneself from an unattainable standard of perfection.
The site claimed the film had gone through many writers and incarnations, before a funny female empowerment plot caught Schumer’s eye and she signed on.
In her 57 years, more than one billion Barbies have been sold worldwide, cementing her place as a pop culture icon.
Read the rest of the story here.
Let's hope Schumer doesn't do this in the movie to prove she "doesn't quite fit the mould."

Let’s hope Schumer doesn’t do this in the movie to prove she “doesn’t quite fit the mould.”


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0 responses to “Gag: Amy Schumer to play Barbie in Sony's live action film

  1. Pork-chop Princess Barbie?

  2. Oh how i long for the old Hollywood where at least they appeared to be good role models.

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  4. This will be New. I have never seen a FAT Barbie before!

  5. She should be starring in a Miss Piggy film; there is a strong resemblance.

  6. Looks like a snake on her bra. More like a “Bra-bie” movie than Barbie.

  7. No wonder Ken ran off with a Monster High girl. He got a load of new Barbie in her birthday suit.

  8. Perhaps folks are starting to eat healthy home made food instead of the packaged garbage sold by multi-nationals. Is this their way to fight back, “Barbie is fat”?

  9. Another movie I won’t be wasting my $ renting! Thank you, DCG!

  10. Schumer is another MILF—another Moron I’d Like to Forget!

  11. Oh great, now the libtards are going to ruin Barbie! Barbie showed up the same year I did. Don’t ruin her!

    • Molly, by my lights she was weird or ruined when she was introduced. To me she appeared slightly better off than a concentration camp victim, and one could never have a normal relationship w/someone so fragile. I guess I’m still a bush bunny, even after 73 years….

  12. Ha-Ha-Ha. In the pic she looks like she was trying for a 6-pack stomach but overshot and got a 12-pack. She’s probably sitting down cause she’d fall off of those hooker shoes. Hell would be being reincarnated as her thong.

  13. They just broke everything we have been taught on who Barbie was.
    Next, it will be Rosie playing Ken.

  14. After seeing the light saber pic , only one thing can be said : ” She didn’t get those round lips from eating square meals ” !!!

  15. Joseph: I loved Barbie. I had the whole family and the friends even the dog.
    Everyone was skinny back then. Remember the 70’s?

  16. Lets all hope the world gives Amy her due and boycott ANYTHING she participates in. She really set the world on fire with her Bud Lite commercials. Wonder how Old Navy is faring? Foul mouth Barbie anyone??

  17. Vulgar Barbie and Slutty Barbie will be released just before the movie.


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