Gaffe MoJoe Biden's Words Return to Haunt Him

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Joe Biden made these comments in 2007 concerning then President Bush and Iran.
Well gaffe moJoe, do you stand by those words now.
Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Gaffe MoJoe Biden's Words Return to Haunt Him

  1. I didn’t know this joker knew the word “Constitution” sure as heck hasn’t been in his vocabulary in the last 2 years,he will soon find out what it means,many of them will.

  2. They have NO CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY to do MANY things they are doing. Why is it they only bring out the constitution when it steps on THEIR toes and nullifies THEIR power! It is only an ego thing for them. They don’t care about what is constitutional or not. If they did…we would still be FREE!

  3. Too funny…he’ll change his story now and say another stoopid thing.

  4. This says it all. The video should be sent to every sitting member of Congress. They won’t do squat………Better yet, send it to all the Tea Party and Veterans Groups and “cc” it to the members of Congress.

  5. Joe needs to go back to school – he is in the Senate – Congress can only impeach…..poor dumb Joe.


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