Gaddafi Was Sodomized Before Execution

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The video below is composed from still photos and is extremely gruesome. It shows what appears to be Libyan rebels sodomizing Muammar Gaddafi with a sharp wooden stick.
I’m posting these horrific images on FOTM for this reason:
The men who did this are precisely those whom the world laud as being part of the “Arab Spring” and who will create a new “democracy” in Libya.

Still sanguine about Libya’s future?

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0 responses to “Gaddafi Was Sodomized Before Execution

  1. It’s an old Islamic tradition.
    And in this case, I guess you could say Col. Daffy got as good as he gave, and I have yet to lose 5 seconds of sleep over his fate.
    After all, I define justice as when people get what they deserve.
    The downside is that the Libyan people have, much like the Egyptians, traded the frying pan for the fire.

  2. Muslim animals killing another Muslim animal, because that’s what they do.
    Gaddafi got justice at the hands of unjustified murderers.
    These Muslims show the real meaning of the Koran penned by a pedophile and degenerate.
    No order, no mercy, no humanity, just evil.

  3. As much as I hated Gaddafi and when I was stationed at RAF Upper Heyford in ’86 when we sent EF-111’s in support of the bombing of Libya, I wanted nothing more than to see a 2000lb bomb obilterate him. Maybe I’m getting soft in my middle age, justice yes, torture and mutilation is a bit much. Capture him, give him a double tap to the head, bury him and be done with it.

  4. John McCain’s words on the ground in Libya-“These are my people” your’e right sage- there is a grand conspiracy to take us into the New World Order and create a Universal religion. We need to stuff Congress in alcatraz and run muslims the hell out of the United States of America.

  5. Well…Ooooook. That was not necessary. Ugh.. Nevertheless, if they are to rid the planet of the guy, be done with it already… Just, like Tom said.
    All the extra BS with added torture and disgusting acts such as this just are not right… It may ‘be’ their tradition… but good Lord… blah…

  6. Gaddafi never deserve the treatment he was put through.

  7. This is the kind of law that Bama wants to rule the US with. Remember that when you vote! Semper Fi.

  8. Expect no better should they capture you or your loved ones
    …you might expect worse because of your faith and nationality.

  9. good on you ….! you are all such self righteous pricks!…you have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to go to some one elses country and play POLICEMAN!!!…WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?….GODS ON EARTH?
    your own country has been turned into a flying circus by Martian thieves, your SRM media has been usurped so that you wouldn´t know the truth if it fell into your lap, and your army, marines and airforce have been highjacked by Martians and sent off to other peoples countries to EXTERMINATE WHOLE NATIONS AND ETHNICITIES and you come on here and laud this BARBARIC BEHAVIOUR!!!!!???????$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$….you are PAWNS!!!!
    every single one of you should be ASHAMED OF YOUR SELVES…how DARE YOU……….
    DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS ANYMORE….so immured in violence and ignorance….!

    • ima shore, take a deep breath….remember, you are living in the 25th most livable city in the world, get outside, enjoy some sunshine, and relax a little. Then get back when you can debate without such absurd extremes.

      • Well said, DCG! I sure hope ima shore takes your advice. I’d hate to see him have a stroke. LOL
        Hey, ima! Try to go easy on your capital lock key and all those exclamation marks. Your keyboard can’t take the abuse.

    • Dayem. Just Dayem.

  10. Actually, as to the issue that Dr. Eowyn pointed out, this is horrible, and the same men that condemned Gaddafi are behaving as cruel as he behaved in his lifetime, which is unconscionable. Hatred is evil as it takes it many, many forms. . .

  11. Have you people read about the good things Gaddafi did while in power? Just google it and you will agree with me that he should have been treat a little bit better.

  12. ICC was willing to take him off the hands of this killer gang who think that anyone black is a hired goon by gaddafi. As a matter of fact the post Gaddafi libya may just be heading where Somalia is now.
    NTC will not be able to handle the crowd with those Frence donated weapons.
    I weep for you Libya.


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