FYI: Newt/Hermanator Debate Tonight

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CSPAN will be broadcasting it at 8:00 pm ET.
It will also be broadcast live in the Atlanta area on AM 750 WSB radio, as well as live streamed on the Internet here.
LOL – Why the Texas TEA Party would schedule this debate to be on the same date and time Alabama and LSU kick off is anyone’s guess.
You will find a write-up in the Al-Jazeera Urinal Constipation here.

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0 responses to “FYI: Newt/Hermanator Debate Tonight

  1. Same time as the football game? That sucks!

    • DCG,
      Yeah, I’ll be watching the game, too.
      ROLL TIDE!

      • K, not the outcome we wanted 🙁
        heard Newt did a great job in debate. Cain did ok considering his background. Did u catch any of debate?

        • DCG,
          LOL – I was so wrung out after that game I went straight to bed.
          It was the game I expected it to be.
          Too bad Bama missed all those FGs.
          I think we are going to see these two teams go at it again. 🙂

  2. Caught the whole thing. Y’all missed a stunning debate by two gentlemen, one a politician the other a businessman’s businessman. No shouting, no rude interruptions, no mud-slinging, no “gotcha” questions, no cheap shots, no pandering of special interests… so what the heck did they talk about if not all that? Well, the stuck to the issues and actually had guts enough to discuss taxes and entitlements IN DEPTH and with honesty. It was brilliant.

  3. I think that was why there was a Problem, THEY wanted a MUDDY, BRAWL, not a actual debate. I loved it. I Already know who I am voting for any way. AND cannot wait for them to get to OBAMA. That will be the good one and hopefully they put him in his place.

  4. Could anyone tell me what “ping back means?


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